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Discover Oman's beauty

Ultimate Arabian Travel Experience

Explore, Oman
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The Combadi Insight:

Having been on this travel expedition, we are talking first hand here.. Experiencing sea turtles lay their eggs under the stars, swimming in canyon lakes, sandboarding on the sand dunes, driving a 4x4 in the desert are just a few of the memories we brought back home. Don’t lose your chance to get your memories.

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Having personally been on this tour, I can tell you one sure thing about it. If you are looking for an in-depth exploration of Oman's deserts, mountains, seaside you are at the right place. Main highlights and memories that come to mind was experiencing the birth of tiny sea turtles on the beach at midnight, arriving and spending the night at our luxury desert camp and swimming in a majestic sink hole. Feel like it has been too long...

Your private tour guide with lengthy travel experience has a distinct passion to showcase his country to international visitors. A value for money tour experience, which is both innovative and highly personalized. Simply, we offer you an Oman tour experience with a difference. Create a lifetime of memories by experiencing Oman’s magnificent land, people and history.

An extensive product range is available which allows the visitors to select either one of its comprehensive package tours or can tailor-make their tour in Oman to meet specific requirements. Whether you want to discover the culture, hike through the mountains or swim in the wadis, your specialist guide will tailor your tour accordingly.

Tours can last as long as you like, from a short half day City Tour through to an extended specialized program. All we wants is for you to have the experience of a lifetime.

Being a small company means each visitor is treated in a highly personal and professional manner. There are no tight deadlines or convoy of vehicles, which must stick to a definite route. If there is something of interest falling outside the normal tour path then we are flexible and will happily adjust the program so you don’t miss a thing.

Day 1

Start your adventure tour of Oman. Leaving Muscat in the morning we will visit Nakhl - Wadi Bani Awf (walk and swimming in the wadi) - travel across the mountains to the fascinating village of Bilad Sayt. Then we will travel on to AL Hamra and then continue up the mountains to the peak of Jebel Shams, the Mountain of the Sun. Here we will stay overnight at the cabins or traditional Omani tents and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of being at the very top of Oman.

Day 2

After breakfast we will have time to enjoy the fantastic views of the canyon which considered some of the best in Oman. This canyon is known as the Oman Grand Canyon. From there we will continue the tour and travel to Wadi Ghul, visiting Misfah village an incredible mountainside village. Spending the night at a hotel in Nizwa.

Day 3

After breakfast we will visit the traditional Nizwa Souq where there will be an opportunity to purchase and see many traditional Omani things. After this you will take a tour of the famous Round Fort, one of the finest forts in Oman. Next we will travel to the golden Wahiba Sands desert arriving in the afternoon in time to watch the sunset across the dunes. We will stay overnight at the traditional permanent camp.

Day 4

The following day we will cross the Wahiba Sands. There will be many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of this landscape. Once we arrive on the coast we will continue along the coast to an amazing natural desert forest of Gaph Trees where we will set our own camp.

Day 5

After breakfast we will visit a Bedouin family for you to experience the very traditional lifestyle and then travel on to Ras Al Hadd and to Turtle Beach where we will spend the night at the permanent camp and enjoy the hospitality of the Omani people. Ras Al Jinz is one of the few nesting places of the giant green sea turtle and at night you will have the chance to see these majestic creatures come ashore and lay their eggs by the light of the stars.

Day 6

After breakfast we head off again on to the seafaring town of Sur for a visit, after lunch we will drive on to Qalhat and the famous village of Tiwi. At Tiwi we will visit Wadi Shab which is considered one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman. You will have ample time to hike through this wadi and enjoy exploring and swimming. Again the scenery is spectacular and certainly an experience you will remember forever. After walking and swimming in the Wadi we will drive to the spectacular Bama Sink Hole. This Sink Hole is the best in Oman. The water is crystal clear and the setting outstanding. After enjoying some time there where you will have the chance to swim we will travel to the township of Quriyat and then through the mountains back to Muscat where we will drop you at your hotel or transfer you to the airport.

Tour includes all meals, refreshments, accommodation, entry fees & Experienced Omani Guide.

Oman Land & Culture

Oman’s coastal capital city is Muscat. It is a diverse country offering you a unique opportunity to explore its beautiful landscapes. We invite you to experience our ancient Arabian history lying deep within the country.

Oman occupies the southeastern coast of the Arabian peninsula. It has coastlines on the Gulf of Oman to the north and the Arabian Sea to the south.

The magnificent, rugged, rocky, mountains, Dhofar Mountains in the south and the Hajar Mountains which stretch for 700km from Musandam on the north coast to Ras al Hadd on the east coast. These mountains offer spectacular wadis (river beds), caves and cliffs. The landscape is simply breathtaking.

The golden brown vista of the dramatic desert including the Empty Quarter and Wahiba Sands which runs for 200 km from Eastern Hajar to the Arabian Sea. These inland sand seas, offer massive dune waves rising to 200 – 300 meters.

You will experience spectacular landscapes in the heart of Oman. The contrast of rugged mountains, dramatic desert dunes, green oasis and sandy beaches. You will experience all of this.

Oman Climate

Ideal weather from October to-April. Moderate throughout the day to cool at night [upper 20's C] and dry in most areas. Warmer Months from June to September Hot [30-40C] and humid on the coast. The southern region experiences monsoon rains between June and September each year. The mountain areas will be cool during the day and cold at night in winter and pleasant during Summer – usually 10 degrees cooler than other areas of Oman.

The desert region is hot from May to Mid-September, during the day usually around 40 degrees.

Customs & Visas

There is no customs duty on personal effects brought into Oman.

All visitors (except those with Gulf Co-Operation Council passports) require a visa to enter Oman. Visas can be obtained on arrival for many countries, including those from EU, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavian, South American, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Brunei and Turkey can get 14-day visa at Muscat airport or border crossings. Passport and visa requirements may change. All visitors are advised to check their entry requirements with their embassy, consulate or travel agent.

Oman Health Overview

No vaccinations are required for entry to Oman. Visitors should ensure they are up to date on all routine vaccinations. Health and medical services in the country, particularly in mail cities, are of a high standard. Food and water is considered safe, but bottled water is advised outside of the cities.


There are many great locations for camping throughout Oman. Campers Outdoor tourists should bring with them long sleeved T-shirt and long pants for the night. Also, you will need short sleeved T-shirt, shorts & swimwear. Clothing needs to be comfortable and loose. You will need sun protection, hat and sunglasses. If walking in the desert it is best to wear footwear, which covers your ankles. When walking & swimming in the wadis best to wear footwear that can be used for both the walk and in the water.

Men and women need to be aware that they are in a Muslim country and therefore need to wear appropriate clothing in villages and when socializing with the local people. Additionally, changing clothes for swimming in wadis or at the coast needs to be done discreetly.

Bites & Stings Information

Mosquito Bites

If you are camping out and you are someone who mosquitoes love, the best thing to do is, at sunset when the mosquitoes become active, apply mosquito repellant, put on a long sleeved t-shirt, trousers and socks.

Oman Scorpions Scorpions feed on insects and other small creatures including other scorpions. They abound in the desert and rocky countryside all over Oman, but since they are nocturnal, are rarely seen unless people move rocks or logs, under which they hide.

There are many species of scorpions in Oman, some living in sandy deserts, others preferring the mountains. They may be black, pale, or various shades and colours, with slim or squat pincers.

In Oman, scorpion stings are relatively innocuous. The vast majority of stings, even if intensely painful, result in no significant complications. A single bite will result in no systemic effects. Reassurance, and a period of observation for an hour or two, are all that is necessary.

Rarely, serious effects are experience that would require medical attention.

Oman Spiders

All spiders are venomous, but few pose a threat to man. There are a number of potentially dangerous species in Oman, but serious incidents are rare.

The female red back is a beautiful, glistening-black creature with a brilliant orange or red spot on her abdomen. She can cause an intensely painful bite, followed by nausea, vomiting, and generalized muscle cramps for an hour or two. Thereafter, all signs resolve spontaneously, without treatment. These spiders build an amateurish-looking, untidy web under boxes or in dark corners of out-houses.

Spiders rarely cause any problems in Oman.

Oman Snakes

This information will help you to avoid Oman dangerous snakes (indicted by red or orange), while you still can carefully enjoy watching the harmless ones (indicated by yellow or green).

Many snakes commonly seen in Oman are not dangerous to people. Most snakes try to avoid people and never strike or bite people unless frightened. It is possible to be bitten and not to have any venom injected. It is also rare that the snake injects sufficient venom to cause serious injury to people. Very rarely is a bite fatal.

The best way to avoid all snakebites is to wear proper clothing especially legs and feet. Footwear should be high, covering the ankle and trousers are best if can be closed at the ankle. Look and take care where you put your hands and feet, particularly in wadis, gardens, woodlands and near rubbish and water. Remove litter, creeping plants and rodents from around your house and seal holes. Avoid walking outside at night without light.

In case of snakebite, wash the injury, and keep the bitten area still and below the heart level, do not run or engage in any physical activity. Do not cut or apply a constrictive tourniquet or apply extreme cold to the bite. It is important to stay calm and remove any rings, watches or tight clothing. If you can, try to identify the offending snake, get to the nearest hospital immediately.

I could not have asked for more and feel that we covered a lot of ground. The highlights are the local lunch near Nizwa on the first day, travelling up to Jebel Shams and of course Snake Gorge. Last but not least was getting to know you and our exchange of views on life, society and culture. Your expert guiding will no doubt encourage me to come back one day. I believe I've just skimmed the surface of your country, and shall of course let you know when I'm back. Christopher Felder, Geneva, Switzerland

We are still looking over our photographs from our holiday and talking about what a fantastic holiday we had. The best part of our trip was definitely Oman. Dubai was huge and busy and Bahrain was interesting but nowhere near as exciting and varied as Oman. Still we were glad to see those different countries. We all want to thank you for making our holiday in Oman so special. Your knowledge of your country and personal touch made the tour exceptional and I would definitely recommend this holiday to anyone. I'm hoping one day we may come back and see more of the country! Laurie Whittaker, Canada

Everything went very smoothly. We explored Omani mountains, swum in beautiful wadis and enjoyed breathtaking sights of lost villages and palm tree plantations. If you add to this a friendly and knowledgeable guide, you'll have the needed ingredients for a great time in Oman. Don't miss this opportunity to go off the beaten track and experience some of the best the Gulf has to offer.” _Pedro Queiroz, Portugal _

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