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Snorkeling & Swimming with the company of Dolphins

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Diving & Snorkeling Experience

Red Sea Eco-Village Resort

Egypt, Africa
7 nights
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The Combadi Insight:

We are very excited about this one. Not only you get the chance to swim with wild dolphins in the Red Sea, you can snorkel to meet sea turtles, take part in a camel trek and finally come back home with a suitcase full of memories.

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Swimming & snorkelling with dolphins in Egypt's Red sea. A treat to all sea & underwater life lovers. Aren't we all? A travel experience suitable for all the family bringing you close to these beautiful creatures. And to top it all, an opportunity to experience an overnight Dolphin safari. A beautiful setting for an unforgettable escape from your routine back at home.

Come and stay at the beautiful eco-village beachside resort from where you can take day trips out to a Marine Park Reserve, a local offshore reef to swim with wild dolphins.

In addition, we also offer the option to take an Overnight Dolphin Safari to spend the night on the boat and have more time with the dolphins at one of the more remote reefs of the Southern Red Sea. This is a unique experience to have a longer period of time at sea with more opportunity to meet the dolphins, such as early morning and late evening. The Onboard Adventure Dolphin Safari in November offers even longer at sea, when we spend 3 nights and days on the boat.

No diving experience is needed.

The Eco-village resort offer a high standard of accommodation and has been hosting divers and snorkellers for 20 years, renowned for their work with marine conservation in this area of the Red Sea. All accommodation has easy access to the beach and restaurant.

Eco-Village Resort holiday includes 7 nights accommodation, all meals, 3 day boat trips to the marine park reserve to swim with the wild dolphins and unlimited snorkelling around the pristine coral reef at the resort beach.

After a 5 hour flight direct from the UK or main airports in Europe, we will meet your flight whatever time of day you arrive.

You will travel by air-conditioned car or mini bus to the Eco-Village near Marsa Alam where you will be greeted and shown to your accommodation. There will be a meal or a snack waiting for you in the restaurant, depending on the time of day.

On the 3 Dolphin Swim day trips you will be transferred at 9.30am (40 min transfer) to the dive boat with other divers and snorkellers. Lunch on boat and return back about 4pm.

7 day programme includes

  • 7 nights accommodation, all meals served buffet style, excellent cuisine, free unlimited chilled mineral water, teas, coffee and soft drinks throughout the day and afternoon cake.
  • Airport transfers and transfers to the Dolphin Swim boat.
  • Services of dolphin swim guides and local hosts who will look after any logistics of the holiday, including a snorkelling briefing and safety talk.
  • 3 day trips to swim with wild dolphins including lunch on board.
  • Snorkelling excursion to see sea turtles (almost guaranteed as they live in the area) and dugongs (these are much more rare, you may be lucky!).

On the other days you can choose to snorkel on the coral reefs from the beach of the eco-village. The zodiacs take you to other parts of the reef in the area from where you can snorkel back, or you can take extra trips to the dolphins, scuba dive or just relax and enjoy the peace of the desert and sea.

Additional excursions include horse riding, camel treks, desert trips and city tours which can be pre-arranged or booked on arrival (subject to availability). Luxor is also possible to do as a day trip from the resort to see fine examples of ancient Egyptian cultural history. The Overnight Dolphin Safari is a fantastic opportunity to spend more time with the dolphins, and can be included as part of your Eco-Village Resort holiday.

You will be given an orientation and a snorkelling practice on your first day to get comfortable with your mask and snorkel if you need to. There will be a safety talk and opportunity to snorkel in the bay close to the resort. Resort guides are available if you need them and various extra excursions can be pre booked or arranged when you are there.

On 3 days each week we travel in well equipped dive-boats with upper and lower shaded decks, toilets, a salon and galley to the reef (in the Marine Park Reserve) and then swim with the dolphins in the sheltered bay.

You need to be able to swim, but no diving experience is needed. You will be using a face mask, snorkel and fins. The Eco-Village Resort has a PADI-certified dive school, where it is possible to book introductory courses or for qualified divers you can dive at the many local world-class dive sites. Equipment may be hired on site.

The U-shaped coral reef lies in calm turquoise waters off the Egyptian coast, one hour by boat. It has been designated a Marine Park Reserve so it is a protected area. A group of up to 200 Spinner Dolphins rest, play and raise their young away from the strong currents and dangers of the open sea. If the dolphins are outside the bay, our small (RIB) boat drivers will take you to them and drop you into the water beside them so you can watch them underwater and interact with them. This reef is a popular spot with divers so there is usually several other dive boats there and likely to be other swimmers in the areas where the dolphins play.

The area is famous for the spectacularly beautiful coral reefs and very popular with scuba divers. You will also have plenty of opportunity to snorkel and be active in the water or take time relaxing on a sunbed on deck. While snorkelling you may see dolphins, turtles and rays or the very rare dugongs which live in the area. You can also enjoy the colourful coral and fish of the reef.

Lunch is prepared on board in the galley. Ideal for families, small groups & individuals.

The Eco-Village Resort

The Eco-village resort offer a high standard of accommodation and has been hosting divers and snorkellers for 20 years, renowned for their work with marine conservation in this area of the Red Sea. All accommodation has easy access to the beach and restaurant.

Location of Resort

The environmentally friendly buildings within the Village are ideally suited to the desert location, designed to be cool and airy. They have 24-hour electricity and water desalination. There is a spacious restaurant serving delicious buffets including a variety of international cuisine, three meals are served each day and mid afternoon cake with unlimited tea, coffee and soft drinks. Vegetarian and special diet options available. Beer, fruit juice, snacks and ice-cream can be bought on site.

There are 3 styles of accommodation at the beachside eco-village resort which are surrounded by the many magnificent coral reefs that attract both divers and snorkellers.

Best times to go

We have year round availability on the 7 night holiday at the resort. Please note: We do not book part weeks or just dolphin excursions.

Generally the spring and the autumn are best for beautiful sunshine and pleasant temperatures. It tends to get very hot in July/August and January/ February can be a bit unsettled.

Flights from UK and other European cities

Fly to Marsa Alam, Egypt (40 min transfer to resort). Or Hurghada (3- 4 hours transfer to resort, additional transfer fee ) or Cairo and then an internal flight (daily) to Marsa Alam.


Egypt is in the arid desert belt and is very hot during the day, cooling at night in summer and warm during the day but cold at night in winter (mid November – March). In winter wetsuits are necessary, and warm clothes recommended for boat trips and evenings. Watch for dehydration due to low humidity. Drink far more water than usual and add salt to meals.

Average temperatures in °C

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Air 20° 22° 24° 28° 32° 34° 37° 39° 37° 34° 26° 22° Sea 20° 20° 21° 22° 24° 25° 26° 28° 28° 26° 24° 22°

Clothing In towns and desert communities modest clothing is required that respects the Muslim culture. In the resorts however, dress is informal. In the summer months a sun hat, sunglasses, long sleeved cotton shirt and sun block are necessary even though you may have a cool breeze at sea. When snorkelling it is advisable to wear a white T-shirt to reflect the UV rays. In the winter months, you will need warm clothing in the evenings.


Although the currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound we suggest that you bring Euros cash because most prices are in Euros and they are accepted everywhere. At the resort you can pay in Euros, by credit card and with travellers cheques – there is a 5% charge on credit card transactions and 1.5 % on travellers cheques. Please note debit cards are not accepted on site. All purchases in Egypt are subject to 10% sales tax on top of the shown price.

Cash can be withdrawn from a cash machine at a neighbouring resort and although we can assist in providing transport, it is recommended that you bring all necessary cash with you.

Eco Policy

In the water: We are deeply committed to preserving the coral reefs and marine life. You will be asked to comply with the local regulations pertaining to this. Bottled Water You can purchase your own water bottle which can be refilled with free cool mineral water at various points around the resort to minimise plastic waste.

On land: Please use washing water sparingly and refill your drinking bottle from the water stations. Staff: We work with local Egyptian companies for all our programmes who employ local people and work in environmentally respectful ways. The buildings at the ecovillage are built with local stone in the traditional manner by local artisans. There are no swimming pools – please enjoy the warm clear sea.

Red Sea Diving Safari have received awards in 2002, 2003 and 2005 for promoting Nature Conservation both under and above water in their building concept, service, comfort and safety of their guests.

Food & Drinks

Guests will be supplied 3 meals a day with cake in the late afternoon. The food is basic but wholesome. Guests are asked to tell us in advance if they are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements. Soft drinks, mineral water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate are included free and Egyptian beer is available at approx. 2 Euros. Bottled drinking water is freely available and the bottles can be refilled at the water stations in every dining area and shelter (saves on plastic pollution). Also available: Ice cream, fruit juice, espresso, crisps and souvenirs can be purchase from the cafeteria. All the extras should be paid for in Euro cash at the end of your stay.

**Medical Advice **

Please bring any personal medication, a basic First-Aid kit, insect repellent, rehydration sachets and sun-block. The resort has high standards of hygene but short-term diarrhoea can occur because of the different diet and water in egypt. Clean your teeth only with bottled water. Always check the seal is still intact. At the onset of diarrhoea drink as much fluid as you can to offset dehydration, avoid alcoholic drinks, take Imodium or something similar and rest. Symptoms should clear up in less than 12 hours. Grapefruit seed extract, available from Health Food shops is an excellent preventative. Seasickness tablets are recommended if you think you might need them. The sea is calm when the boat is still in the reef, but it rollls a little when on the open sea.

The Ecovillage has a comprehensive medical kit and an ample supply of emergency oxygen. Guests should take great care with minor cuts and scratches as the coral polyps can aggravate and cuts can easily turn septic. Ask the staff for antibiotic powder and make sure that the wound is dried between swims. Dehydration is easily avoided by drinking far more water than usual.

Please get medical advice before booking if you are pregnant, over 60 years of age, have endured an injury or operation, or have any doubts about your fitness or ability. We may ask to see a letter from your GP if there is any doubt. There is a doctor on the main site (Shagra) and a modern hospital in Hurghada (approx 4 hours transfer). Please ensure you have fully comprehensive Travel Insurance.


We recommend you bring Euros or £ sterling cash or traveller’s cheques. Please settle your account at the end of your stay. The only likely on-site purchases are ice cream, beer, equipment hire, diving courses, extra boat trips and excursions, T-shirts & sweatshirts and souvenirs. On-site and excursion prices are in Euros, and the local shops will take any currency. On-site payments should be made in either Euros/£sterling cash or travellers cheques. There is an Egyptian Marine Park reserve environmental tax of 15 Euros per person per visit to Dolphin House reef (from 6 years old). There is a 5% charge on credit card transactions and 1.5 % on Traveller’s Cheques on site, and debit cards cannot be accepted. All purchases in Egypt are subject to 10% sales tax on top of the shown price.

Passports must be valid for 6 months after your departure date from Egypt. This is the requirement set by the Egyptian consulate. CONTACT THEM IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERY REGARDING THIS. Visas are purchased at kiosk in airport on arrival and cost 15 €US

**Scuba Diving **

Scuba diving for qualified divers can be booked on site. You will be asked to show your qualification card so bring it with you. Introductory Dives for unqualified divers and beginners are available and can be booked on site. If you wish to learn to dive it is best to book for 2 weeks. The PADI Open Water course will qualify you to dive anywhere in the world. Please ask our office for details.

**Sharks **

There are sharks in the Red Sea and you may be lucky enough to see one. Around the reefs you may spot small Nurse sharks, Lemon sharks, and Black or White Tipped Reef sharks. They are not dangerous to people and we have never had any incidents with them, though the divers swim with them almost every day. The incident in Sharm el Sheik was in fact due to the divers there “baiting” sharks which caused uncharacteristic behaviour as they thought the humans had food! This practice has been banned with a huge penalty for anyone caught. This does NOT happen in the southern Red Sea.

Things to Bring

  • Valid Passport
  • Personal Medication
  • Dive Qualification if you intend to Scuba Dive
  • Travel Insurance
  • Photocopy of the photo page of your passport
  • Wetsuit (March & Apr and Oct & Nov), mask, snorkel & fins. Although you can hire these it is better to have your own that fit you properly (no child sizes for hire) It helps if YOU have snorkelled before or practice before you go to feel confident in the water with mask, snorkel and fins. There are guides who can teach you on arrival, but prepartion means you can be with dolphins immediately!
  • Strong soled wet-boots or trainers to wear in the sea to protect your feet (optional)
  • Binoculars
  • Disposable underwater camera
  • Beach towels ( or can be rented at 1 euro per day )
  • Bathroom towels (Towels are supplied in en suite chalets but not in Tents and Mandarah Huts, however if you
  • forget a white towel we can ask for one from Housekeeping at no extra charge)
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Long sleeved items
  • Sun protection cream
  • Imodium and/or grapefruit seed extract in case of stomach upsets
  • Snacks
  • Personal First Aid kit, mosquito repellent
  • Anti sea-sick tablets
  • The ecovillage sells beer and wine, you may also want to bring duty free with you.
  • Euro cash or travellers cheques (prices on site are in Euros)

There are few shops locally so you need to bring everything with you.

Equipment rental: (Payable on site. Sizes are Small/ Medium/ Large for Adults only) Full wetsuit per day: 7 Euros. Half wetsuit per day: 4 Euros. Mask & snorkel per day: 3 Euros. Booties per day: 3 Euros. Fins per day: 3 Euros.

**Tips **

We recommend a tip of about £20 per guest or the equivalent in Euros or local currency per week. There is a collection box for tips for the dive guides and staff in the cafeteria or reception, which is divided between the shore based staff. Boat crews and drivers are not included, you may wish to tip them personally on the day.

**Transfers **

The transfers to the Ecovillage are from Marsa Alam airport or Hurghada airport where the Wild and Free driver will meet you outside the terminal building, holding up a Wild and Free sign. He will transfer you to the Ecovillage. The journey takes between 30 – 60 minutes from Marsa Alam or 3.5 – 4 hours from Hurghada. We suggest you bring some snacks for the journey. He will offer you a cool drink.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: You must have comprehensive travel insurance.

**Vaccinations **

No vaccinations are officially required for travelling to Egypt. However, we suggest that you check with your GP as to what they recommend.


An Egyptian visa is necessary for visiting Egypt. If travelling on an EU passport, visas can easily be obtained at the airport on arrival. If you are travelling on a non-EU passport you must arrange your own Egyptian visa prior to arrival. Non-EU passport holders should check with the Egyptian consulate.

I want to thank you for the best holiday I have ever had. I don't have the words to express how much I enjoyed any single moment of my holiday - from the location to the staff it was perfect. Sara, Brighton UK

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