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Simply Yoga & Meditation. In Paradise.

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Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Prema Shanti Travel Experience

North Queensland, Australia
7 Days
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You ‘ve just arrived in paradise. This yoga & meditation retreat is situated in a world heritage rainforest, along crystal clear beaches and lagoons & offers an abundance of activities for which simply 1 week will not be enough..

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The Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat, is situated in the heart of the worlds oldest rainforest, the magnificent World heritage Daintree rainforest in far North Queensland, Australia, where our program of yoga and meditation runs everyday.

At our yoga retreat centre you never miss out on your yoga and meditation practice, our yoga and meditation program runs 7 days a week, all year round.

With our stunning secluded beaches, only 2hrs drive north of Cairns, our crystal clear fresh water swimming lagoons, native wildlife, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, you awaken to the sounds of the rainforest birds calling you to meditation, you practice yoga on our polished timber floor in our purpose built yoga retreat temple.

The Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat provides you with the perfect ambience, for a unique rainforest yoga holiday. We offer you the complete holiday travel experience with a full range of spa treatments and massage available for you to enjoy and indulge.

The Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreats purpose built facilities, boutique rooms & unique location provides the perfect venue for an unforgettable yoga holiday adventure.

Your day begins as you awaken to the singing of the rainforest birds calling you for meditation. As you sit and still your mind, the amazing energy of the worlds oldest rainforest envelops you, the mind chatter recedes, your own innate sense of harmony and well-being re-asserts itself. You arise from meditation refreshed and relaxed, ready to start the day with a delicious healthy breakfast of fruit, nuts, yoghurt and muesli.

The rest of the day is free with an abundance of things to do or not - until the evening programme. Simply relax, go exploring the wonders of the ancient Daintree Rainforest, perhaps visit some of the local attractions or treat yourself with nurturing spa treatments.

The pristine beaches of the Great Barrier Reef are ten minutes away; this is where the rainforest meets the reef. Snorkel or scuba dive the reef, or simply relax on the beaches absorbing all the wonders of this paradise. Horse rides or bushwalks lead one right into the heart of the rainforest where sacred blue swimming holes await you, butterflies float past you and natures abundant orchestra of rainforest sounds are heard.

Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, crystal-clear blue lagoons, rushing waterfalls, and the abundant beauty of the Daintree rainforest, you quickly absorb the amazing energy of this ancient land, as you are enveloped by the wonders of natures creation.

In this environment, one quickly learns the "art of being.” An important part of your time here is to stop doing, and become "present”, experience the moment, in whatever leisure or activities you select. Nature provides the perfect background for you to rejuvenate, revive, and relax. Your yoga holiday will empower you with memorys you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Our accommodation caters for travelers, couples, singles and those seeking a unique healthy holiday experience, with our rooms facing out onto wide open verandas, surrounded by the magnificent natural beauty of the worlds oldest rainforest.

Guests can enjoy the unsurpassed ambiance created by the exquisite flora and fauna that surrounds the Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre

The advantage of our boutique accommodation is that our rooms are on site as part of the yoga and meditation temple complex. A walk upstairs and you are there for morning meditation, yoga, and meals. Providing it is outside of the daily schedule, you are very welcome to meditate or do yoga with in the temple at any time.

On site accommodation means you stay within the sacred energy and ambiance of the Prema Shanti temple, living, breathing and absorbing it.

Our deluxe cabin accommodation is several hundred meters away on another rainforest property adjacent to the Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre.

Cabins have air-conditioning, ensuite bathroom, private balcony, queen-size bed, DVD, TV, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, hair dryer, ceiling fans, mini bar, with high ceilings and fully screened, louvered windows which open directly to the rainforest.

Yoga Classes

The Yoga classes are suitable for beginners through to more advanced practitioners of yoga, we do not teach a particular style of yoga to our students. We have been influenced by, and studied many different styles of yoga over the past 20 years, which have contributed to our own unique approach, and individual style of teaching.

Our classes are designed around the personal abilities of each individual student to comprehend, absorb, and achieve. Our focus is on empowering our students, providing them with tools, that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. We demonstrate that through the physical practice of the yoga asanas (postures) deeper, more meaningful states of awareness are achieved. One moves through, and past any lingering mental, emotional, or physical blockages, allowing one's own innate sense of wellbeing and harmony to emerge.

The physical postures are used purely as tools to enhance one's own awareness of self. With awareness of self, comes increased self confidence, flexibility, peace, and clarity of mind. The Prema Shanti yoga classes are tailored to suit each individual's needs and ability.

Meditation Classes

Guidance and tuition in meditation is available to students who have never meditated before, with simple easy to follow instructions given, we take the mystery out of meditation, and practice silent comfortable sitting meditation.

We vary our meditation practice according to the experience of the participants; we use such techniques as Yoga Nidra. (Yoga meaning union, or one pointed awareness, and Nidra which means sleep. This practice is a yogic relaxation technique using a guided meditation to relax.)The classes include Pranayama (science of breath.) methods, and simple Sanskrit chants to calm and still the mind.

Massage & Spa Treatments

Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre offers you a wide range of massage and spa treatments.

East meets West in these unique treatments blending Indian Ayruvedic science and tradition with modern techniques. The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda is a holistic and conscious approach to your own health and vitality. Ayurveda includes the use of herbs massage as well as diet and yoga to balance the body, mind and soul. Steeped in ancient wisdom reaching back 5000 years, it is just as relevant today.

A haven within a haven, where relaxation is perfected, allowing your innate well-being and beauty to blossom and shine.

Massages, facials, body brushing and wraps. Prema Shanti prides itself on providing unique, treatments designed around your individual needs.You will deepen, unwind and immerse yourself in a luxurious treatment especially designed to nurture, pamper, and rejuvenate.

The physical benefits of these ancient rituals are many and varied, and last long after the treatment ends. All products used are organic.

Day Spa and Massage

Relax and unwind with a rejuvenating and revitalizing massage and spa treatment, allowing yourself the ultimate in pampering indulgence.

Horse Riding Adventures

Enjoy the excitement of riding horses through the unspoilt beauty of the worlds oldest rainforest, suitable for beginners through to experienced horse riders

Daintree Entomological Museum

This museum features the largest collection of rare and exotic butterflies and beetles in Australia: from the giant dragonfly of the Daintree rainforest to some of the worlds most beautiful insects.

Noah Valley Mountain Treks

Set up to cater to people interested in experiencing the untouched ancient rainforest that you only get to see high in the mountains. Learn about native remedies and bush tucker from the informative local guide.

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours

Go on a unique rainforest tour where your feet don’t touch the ground. Fly through the air on flying fox zip lines stopping at five tree platforms to get a birds eye view over the rainforest, and out to the Great Barrier reef.

Ocean Safari Sailing Catamaran Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures

Experience the wonders of the Great Barrier reef with their highly trained team to ensure you a safe and memorable day, visiting Mackay and Undine reefs.

Ocean Safari Adventures

Go on an exhilarating ride from the shores of the rainforest to snorkel the spectacular Great Barrier Reef in only 25mins.

The Great Barrier Reef

Just 45 minutes off shore from Cape Tribulation is the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. This is the only place in the world where two World Heritage areas exist side-by-side. These coral reefs are unchanged by human interference and shelter myriad of fishes, anemones, corals and sea-ferns.


Only 5 minutes drive from Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre to beautiful white secluded beaches. Picture perfect white sandy beaches fringing the tropical rain forest and just off shore, where you can snorkel and scuba dive among the coral reefs.

World Heritage Listed Rainforest

The Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree is one of the most ancient and primitive rain forests in the world, dating back 135 million years. It is well worth taking a guided tour into the rainforest, iin order that you can appreciate what you are seeing. These rain forests were listed on the World Heritage List in 1988.

Look out for the elusive Southern Cassowary. An endangered species, the Southern Cassowary grows to 2 meters tall and can weigh 85 kilograms. The Daintree rainforest is a prime location for spotting these elusive creatures.

Cooper Creek Wilderness

If you want to see the best of the Daintree Rainforest, come to Cooper Creek Wilderness - the sacred heart of the 135-million year old living museum. Explore the rainforest's secrets with an experienced local expert. Tours provide exclusive experiences away from mass tourism and boardwalks. Only Cooper Creek Wilderness can guide you through World Heritage Rainforest on a natural trail.

Daintree Rainforest River Trains

Enjoy the wildlife of the World Heritage Daintree River aboard the world's only floating river train - a first in eco tourism. Choose a 1hr or 1.5 hr river cruise, and then the guided mangrove rainforest boardwalk on private riverfront property with free refreshments. TWO Naturalist Guides on every trip to double your wildlife spotting experience. Departs Daintree River Ferry Crossing. Booking essential.

Daintree Discovery Centre

The #1 eco-tourism attraction in the Daintree Rainforest. Outstanding interpretive displays, interactive kiosks, a fantastic new Aerial Walkway, Canopy Tower, Cassowary Circuit, Bush Tucker Trail, DVD theatre, library, coffee shop. Take a self-guided audio tour through unspoiled, pristine rainforest in comfort and safety. Enjoy the 45 page Interpretive Guide book.

Cape Tribulation Sea Kayaking Tours

Kayak around magnificent Cape Tribulation headland, experience an eco friendly guided mangrove walk and sample tropical gourmet refreshments, including fresh coconuts. No experience necessary, all equipment provided, free transfers from Cape Tribulation area, with both morning and afternoon trips. Sea kayak hire also available.

If a spiritual retreat in the heart of the rainforest sounds like a piece of Nirvana, then this yoga and meditation retreat comes close Lonely Planet

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