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Lets Get Active in Slovenia

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Adult & Family Active Holiday

Multi Activity Travel Experience

Slovenia, Europe
7 Days
€ 579 combadi price


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Best months: May - September. Inquire for availability.

The Combadi Insight:

We‘ve looked around for an activity holiday suitable for families, couples and virtually everyone who wants to have fun experiencing nature. Here it is, located in Slovenia, a country rich in culture and beauty. Get the whole family involved with a long list of activities.

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Get ready for a week-long adventure holiday in beautiful Slovenia, a rich natural wilderness where you'll enjoy six extreme activities back-to-back. The green meadows, lush forests, vineyards & emerald rivers of the north-western valley region of Slovenia are an ideal setting for this rafting, kayaking, canyoning, mountain Biking, hiking and climbing holiday!

From active solo travelers, to couples and adult groups and families, you'll meet many like minded adventurers that share your enthusiasm for extreme holidays. You'll be given all the necessary standard accessories and equipment for each of your experiences, but check out the more tab to see what little you'll need to bring yourself! Tour safety is of the utmost priority - that's why all guides are professionally trained with international instructor licenses. They'll make sure that you'll be enjoying all your extreme activities with the utmost safety.

Families are also welcome too, as activities like kayaking, mountain biking and hiking can be modified to suit children's experience level. Inquire for details on available family programs that will accommodate young adventurers.

It is strongly recommended that travelers are physically fit and have acquired relevant travel insurance that covers outdoor activities.

Choose from any six outdoor activities that are scheduled over six days, from Sunday to Friday.

Base price per person for 7 nights in self-catering hostel.

Alternative accommodation options:

  • Apartment: 608 EUR
  • Bed and Breakfast: 730 EUR
  • Hotel (Half Board): 791 EUR

Prices are based for a minimum number of 3 people and a maximum number 16. Prices are the same for both adults and children.

  • For smaller group sizes, prices can vary, based on the number of persons and the required dates.
  • A 20% deposit is required and the balance will be payable 8 prior to arrival date.
  • Please confirm payment method (BACS, or Cheque) at time of booking

NOT Included

  • Return transfers from Ljubljana (Slovenia), Klagenfurt (Austria) or Trieste Airport (Italy)
  • A booking fee of 31 EUR is payable per booking invoice for your holiday.

Cancellation costs

You can cancel your booking free of charge within 7 days and your payment will be refunded in full. There is a 50% penalty for cancelling 60 to 30 days prior to departure, while bookings cancelled less than 30 days prior to departure cannot be refunded.


Ride the emerald green rapids of the Soca River while dodging limestone boulders over two different courses! The first course begins at the Boka waterfall and finishes at Srpenica! The second course starts at Zmuklica and ends in Srpenica. You can also take an extended trip from Zmuklica to Trnova ob Soci, but only when there's sufficient water in the river. Alternatively, you can take a kayaking trip which better suited to lower water levels.

All guides are professionally trained with IRF (International Rafting Federation – www.internationalrafting.com) Instructor 4/5 licenses.

  • Equipment included: Helmet, anorak, life jacket, neoprene suit (3mm) and neoprene shoes.
  • Mandatory Personal equipment: Swimsuit and towel


Outdoor Freaks are especially keen to promote kayaking to the many visitors who come to visit the Soca River valley. Since rafting – the old mainstay of river tourism often leaves much to be desired in terms of pure water experience. We use special sit-on-top kayaks which are very beginner friendly whilst still offering sufficient challenge for more experienced kayakers. Our trips are also excellent for families with small children as parents can enjoy the river safe in the knowledge that the kids are in the hands of an experienced guide on a two seater kayak.

For more experienced clients our instructors can also tailor the kayak session accordingly. All instructors have the international Kayak Instructor II and III license.

  • Equipment included: Kayak, helmet, paddle, spray deck, life jacket, anorak, 3mm neoprene suits and neoprene shoes.
  • Mandatory personal equipment: Swimsuit and towel


Canyoning has become a thrill seekers phenomenon over the last decade and involves jumping into crystal clear plunge pools and sliding down or abseiling steeper and longer waterfalls. Canyoning is a unique sport which is a pure adrenalin rush combining heights and precipices with the anticipation of a plunge into a crystal clear pool carved by the erosive action of water over millions of years. In secluded and often spectacular locations, Canyoning provides an intimate small group experience whilst at the same time enjoying the unbelievable wonders of nature. We offer professionally guided tours in canyons with a medium and higher level of difficulty such as Fratarca, Globoski Potok or Mlinarca, so a knowledge of abseiling is necessary and always verified prior to your trip. However, clients who are new to abseiling are assigned to an experienced guide who supports them throughout the trip.

  • Equipment included: climbing – canyoning harness, figure of eight, twin belay rope, helmet, 5mm neoprene suit with integral hood and 3mm neoprene socks.
  • Mandatory personal equipment: Swimsuit, old trekking or sports footwear and towel.


Mountain biking in the pristine mountains around Bovec is special, as the valley’s unique climate allows biking from March to the end of November. All our guides have full UCI compliant certification. We also rent high-end mountain bikes, from regular XC hardtails and full suspension all mountain bikes to freeride rigs. Our fleet exceeds 20 bikes so we are sure to have one to suit your requirements. We also operate a bicycle gear shop and service centre. Trips are tailored to suit the size, experience and skill of our guests around Bovec and surroundings

We meet and start from our office where each person gets a Specialized Hardtail MTB with front suspension. Our Trail Route

  • From office to Plužna Village (uphill) on road, quite steep!
  • Quick visit to Virje waterfall
  • From Plužna to Oaza miru (down the gravel road)
  • From Oaza Miru to Boka Waterfall following main road – stop at the Waterfall for pictures
  • Cross Soca River and towards Cezsoca passing the land of Narnia – very popular with children!
  • From Cezsoca to Jablanca – cross the river again and towards Kal Koritnica

Route options from Jablanca

  1. From Jablanca to Vodenca (hanging bridges) and back to Bovec passing Ravelnik, The church of St. Mary, Crna ovca and back to Bovec centre. (17km)

  2. From Jablanca to Kolovrat, past the church of St. Lenart with a steep uphill climb towards and passing Plajerjeva skala and back to Bovec centre. (25km)

The second option is more demanding; however, many families like the fact that the tour can be shortened at different points…sometimes they just ask the guide when in Cezsoca if they can stop there, rent the bikes till the end of the day and chill out by the river and come back in the evening…we are flexible. This biking tour is very picturesque and offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities..!! Duration: Circa 3 hours

  • Equipment: mountain bike, helmet, protection (knee and elbow pads)
  • Mandatory personal equipment: appropriate clothing and footwear


For many the journey is what is important and not the destination and there is no better feeling than lacing up your boots for a walk in the great outdoors. Whether it is listening to birdsong and enjoying summer colours, tramping through autumn leaves or crunching snow on a cold winter’s day; hiking awakens the senses and is a truly invigorating experience. In the Soca basin bordering Triglav National Park and nearby Julian Alps we have an infinite range of hiking possibilities; from trails leading to natural sights and strolls in the valleys, to wanders in the Alpine foothills and more demanding ascents in the higher mountains.

Around Bovec our hiking trips are structured around the ability and fitness of the group and include beautiful paths along rivers and streams often leading to waterfalls as well as trails sometimes involving light scrambling at higher altitude such as leads to Svinjak, the Bovec Matterhorn. Many trails are also steeped in history with remnants from the bloody battles and fortifications of the Soca Front during the First World War.

Prominant landscape features include glacier-shaped valleys, mountain plateaus and high altitude mountains above the tree line. Triglav National Park has an abundance of pure waters, deep cut gorges, remains of virgin forests and a wealth of mountain flowers. Typical park animals include red deer, ibex, chamois, brown bear, eagle, lynx and numerous reptiles and bird species. Based on fitness level of the group and individual preference our hiking trip will include one of the following excursions around Bovec or in Triglav National Park:- Suspension bridges trail – Bovec

This trip comprises a loop trail across traditional suspension foot bridges. We’ll see a WW1 outdoor museum, the old Kluze fortress, rivers Soca and Koritnica and much more. This is a perfect family walk, because it can be shortened without leaving out the fun part. During the walk we can stop off for a dip in the waters of the Soca river which offers the opportunity for some leisurely relaxation for all of the family…

Soca trail – Bovec

This popular theme trail includes about 6-8 hours of walking, but you can choose to walk only a part of it if you wish to condense the trip so it is suitable for younger children. The complete route lies entirely in Triglav National Park and we can stop for lunch in a gostilna along the way, where you can taste the local dishes like the local Soca trout, polenta with golaž, jota, and krafi. The full trail offers spectacular scenery and is fairly strenuous and is ideally suited for adult groups and active families with a good level of fitness.


In the Trenta valley there are two climbing areas equipped for free climbing: Trenta, Pri Pavru, and Zadnjiški Ozebnik with several longer routes. In the vicinity there are two more climbing areas around Vršic Pass and also Kal Koritnica, a climbing area just before Bovec. We can use any of these climbing areas; however, the guide decides where to go on the day depending on temperature, sun and shadow and clients ability and requirements. We provide full climbing equipment as follows:-

  • Equipment included: Harness, helmet, rope, 8 carabiners
  • Mandatory personal equipment: Sports clothing and climbing shoes, approach shoes, tennis shoes or trainers
  • Instruction: Experienced and licensed climbing instructor

The climbing seasons lasts from spring to autumn, but the Kal Koritnica routes can only be climbed in summer. Except for Zadnjiški Ozebnik, all the other climbing areas are great for family climbing. The experience begins with a 20 minutes theory session, introduction to climbing and safety. If it is your first time climbing the climbs are very short. When one person climbs he/she is secured by the guide and the others learn by watching, listen to theory, learn knots etc. If the climbers have a good aptitude they learn how to secure each other and can climb for longer periods operating two at a time. Our routes are perfect for beginners and well as those with some climbing experience and with the exception of Žvikar all climbing areas are located in Triglav National Park.

Choose from the following climbing areas:

  • ŽVIKAR | 10 routes | Grades from 5a to 7b+ | height 7 – 25m | 20 min walking distance
  • KAL KORITNICA | 33 routes | Grades from 4a to 7b | length 7 – 35 m | 15 min walking distance
  • TRENTA | 15 routes | from 4a to 7a+ | length 25 m
  • TRENTA BOULDER | 27 routes | from 4a to 7b | length 8 to 16 m

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