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Experience Total Weightlessness

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Parabolic Zero Gravity Flight

Unforgettable Travel Experience

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An unforgettable travel experience. Experience the feeling of total weightlessness in the company of the most professional & experience team out there. They will take care of everything, supply you with ample training & all the necessary. The only thing you need to do is let go & fly.

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The images of floating astronauts in total weightlessness fascinate everybody. This pleasure of weightlessness is not only possible on the international space station ISS, but also far lower - with a parabolic flight onboard a modified Boeing 727 in the United States.

How is weightlessness achieved?

The parabolic flight is an aerobatic maneuver that our customers also request during our fighter jet flights. Only small parabolas are possible there, and you can only "float" within the constraints of your seatbelts.

In the much larger Boeing 727 in the US and the Il-76 in Russia, it works like this: The pilot first gathers momentum and then starts a rapid ascent, which results in a force about twice the normal gravitational force of the earth. Afterwards the pilot pushes the controls forward, such that the aircraft follows a parabolic trajectory, and eventually ends up in steep dive. During this phase the pilot can achieve the required weightlessness by monitoring a G-sensor. One phase of weightlessness lasts about 25 to a maximum of 30 seconds.

In this manner, zero G parabolic flights are flown. Apart from total weightlessness, a few parabolas are also flown with the same gravitational pull as the moon, i.e. about 1/6th G.

We try to supply this optimal service at prices as low as possible.

According to our mission statement, this unique adventure should be affordable for anyone. The slender structure of our company allows us to avoid unnecessary costs that we'd have to pass on to you, the customer.

Enquire for price quotes.

Past Customer Testimonials

Carolina from Los Angeles

What an experience!!!!! Michael LOVED his flight, your pilot could not have been more perfect as a pilot/guide for this adventure! Please accept all my gratitude and congratulations for having such a professional, personable, and genuinely nice gentleman as the L-39 pilot. My husband and him spoke for a long time before the flight and it was absolutely fascinating!

Ian from Manchester

Hi Flavio,I hope you are well! Just a line to say what a fantastic time we had. Katia & all the people at the base could not have been more helpful - They even opened the base museum for us to have a lock around & afterwards Valerij (The base interpreter) showed us around the town.The flight itself was better than I had imagined! Yuri (The pilot) was a really friendly & professional guy - he let me fly it & also we went supersonic on afterburners!!

Julian from Melbourne

I want to thank you for my recent FANTASTIC experience flying the L-39 out of Los Angeles. My pilot was extremely professional yet relaxed and friendly. I knew I was in good hands. We spent a great deal of time discussing what I wanted to do during the flight, rather than him just flying around with me in the backseat. A very nice touch. The safety briefing was very comprehensive, and at no time did I feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

The aircraft itself was superb, very comfortable, a spacious cockpit with great visibility. Taxiing out, the feeling of anticipation was sensational, only to be surpassed by the opportunity to eventually take control of the aircraft under Barry's expert supervision. This was a truly unforgettable experience. Once again, thank you for providing me with this unique opportunity.

Are Your Offers Legitimate?

Our offers are absolutely legitimate. The flights are carried out in the knowledge and approval of the military and government and are in full conformity with the law. Our contracts with appropriate people on site allow us to market and operate these flights. The flights in question are real jet flights, not simulations or similar!

Which Requirements Must I Fulfill to Fly a Jet?

Flight skills are not required. Even as a layman you may take over the controls in the air and fly the aircraft yourself. For these purposes you will be briefed beforehand on the ground. The more flight experience a guest has, the more liberties he will have in the air. Through an intercom system you are in permanent contact with the pilot, and he can react to your condition during the flight.

Is It Possible to Travel as a Group?

Of course! Whether only one member of the group flies or everybody, we look forward to offering you a corresponding quote. Group members that don't fly can naturally watch the spectacle. Be sure to consider our group events and jet incentives if you intend to travel as a group.

What about the Safety of the Flight?

Military aircraft fulfill other safety requirements than modern passenger aircraft. It is in the nature of such flights that a certain amount of risk exists. However, we do everything possible to reduce these risks. Our flights are flown with top aircraft and top pilots. Many of our pilots are high ranking members of the military, some work as test and factory pilots at the Gromov Flight Research Institute on the legendary Zhukovsky Airbase, at the SOKOL aircraft factory in Nizhny Novgorod or with Aero Vodochody in the Czech Republic.

Our L-39 Pilots are amongst the best of their trade - as long standing L-39 instructors with extensive professional experience and in the team "Vyazma Rus", they have demonstrated their ability countless times. The MiG pilots have many thousands of flight hours and have trained on multiple aircraft, such as the L-39, MiG-15, MiG-23, MiG-25, MiG-29, SU-27 or even TU-134! The MiGs are state-owned and are flown often and regularly maintained. The L-39 referred by us are state checked and correctly insured.

MiGFlug has carried out military aircraft flights since 2004 and has never had a single incident.

On which Days will Be Flown?

Most of our flights - including the MiGs in Russia - can take place every day from Monday to Friday, as the pilots and aircraft are stationed on the bases. Of course there may be exceptions due to special events or holidays. L-39 Flights are often possible on weekends. Please tell us which date you wish to fly on and we will try to arrange a flight on that day.

How Can Anybody just Control the Aircraft? Pilots Normally Have to Train for Years!

Pilot training encompasses far more than just flying: Air combat, emergency situations, takeoff and landing, cognitive training etc. are abilities that are not required for a short flight as a guest. You don't have to go to war during your flight. Our pilots have extensive flight experience. Because our pilots regularly fly single seater jets, they are capable of flying all critical tasks like takeoff or landing themselves. In case of an emergency, the pilot will take over, and land the aircraft safely.

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