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Volunteering as a football coach in Argentina

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Football Coaching Volunteer Project

Buenos Aires, Argentina
2-12 weeks
€ 1,000 combadi price


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Holiday Type
Fixed date/Solo friendly
Running Period
2014 Start dates: 4th Oct, 1st Nov, 30th Nov; 2015 Start dates: 3rd Jan, 7th Feb, 7th Mar, 4th Apr, 2nd May, 6th Jun, 4th Jul, 8th Aug, 5t

The Combadi Insight:

Till we found this project, we had thought that we had covered the volunteering projects. Clearly we did not. Get the chance to be the coach in Argentina where football is much more than just a sport. It's a way of good life.

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Volunteer football coaching is a great way to experience Argentine culture and passion for football while creating a huge impact on the local community.

Usually to be spotted in the World Cup finals, it’s no wonder Argentina’s most popular sport is football, with over 3,300 football clubs situated around the country. With football legends such as Tevez, Messi and Maradona and recently, Aguero to name but a few, Argentinian kids have a lot of role models to aspire to.

You will be helping disadvantaged kids develop their skills, providing them with access to structured training and teaching them values and commitment towards the sport.

Coach and play football in Argentina and you'll have the experience of a lifetime, whether on a gap year or simply during your holidays.

Volunteer football coaching

Volunteer football coaches will be working at the grass roots level and with schools and clubs, in football sessions taking place during the afternoon, Monday to Friday. You'll be coaching young kids, 4-16 years old who come from disadvantaged neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Volunteer football training

In addition to the football coaching you will have the opportunity to train daily with an amateur team comprised of students and part time amateur players (hoping to make it to professional status). You will have the opportunity to train with the team taking part in all sessions include drills, strategy techniques and possibly the chance to play at a competitive level.

The players are between 16-20 years old meaning that you can make friends and enjoy the social side of football in Argentina.

Experience requirements

We welcome football volunteers with various levels of coaching experience. If you have played on a regular basis, understand the game and have a basic grounding in coaching principles you can volunteer as a football coach in Argentina.

Gap Year Football in Argentina

Coaching and playing football on a football gap year in Argentina is a great way to experience the argentine passion for football and a totally new culture. By volunteering in Argentina on a football project you will soon make life long friends from your gap year football coaching opportunity

Length of Stay:

Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the program for 8 to 12 weeks. This timeline ensures better management of the project, and will also help you immerse with social activities and take part in group travel opportunities. However, it is also possible for you to stay from 4 to 12 weeks.

Typical Hours:

Usual football sessions happen during weekdays, for 4 to 6 hours daily. There will be 2.5 hours of training with the local football team in the morning and around 2 to 3 hours of coaching in the evening.

There is also the likelihood that matches and tournaments will take place during weekends. Please also take note that observance of holidays may disrupt the normal schedule of our football sessions.

Price is per person for two-weeks - each extra week costs 190 EUR.



  • Homestay accommodation
  • Basic but comfortable
  • Shared rooms
  • Shared toilet and shower with homestay

Food: - Breakfast is included - Budget £8-£10 per day for lunches and dinner

Airport Pick-Up:

  • Included on arrival date
  • Ask us for details if you are arriving early


  • Full project induction
  • Local orientation given on arrival


  • Pre-departure help and advice
  • Local in-country team
  • 24-hour emergency support


  • Part of your fee is used to buy decent equipment for the project and community you work with.

NOT Included:

  • Anything not specified in the detailed itinerary or “Inclusions” section.


You will get the opportunity to coach football hopefuls from Tuesday to Thursdays, 2PM until 5PM. Mondays and Fridays are normally allotted for coaching the underprivileged children from 7PM until 9PM, in the shanty areas. This type of schedule will provide you with more time to explore Buenos Aires and the nearby attractions.

You will be a part of an organized team. Your initial task is to assist the seasoned coaches in setting up drills and exercises for the team. You are free to impart your skills to improve drills, suggest new tactical movements, and introduce passing and team play strategies. This will give you a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the game and the players.

This football coaching project is affiliated with professional clubs. There is a big possibility that coaches from these clubs will seek for your inputs when selecting and scouting for talented young players.

You will also witness local competitions and tournaments. This way, you will gain insight on how the sport binds the community together and how the country loves football.


Training sessions are conducted daily, Monday to Friday from 8:30AM until 11:30AM. There are around 20 to 25 players in each team.

Hola amigoos! Just got back to the UK and reality after a epic trip out in Buenos Aires, can safely say that it's one of my favorite places in the world. So many things make this city great be it the food, women, wine, or footy. They've got all departments covered nicely! Before embarking on this trip (my first solo) I was slightly hesitant as to what to expect, safety in South America and what I could really draw from it to possibly add to a CV. However, all these hesitations floated away! I got involved with a Sporting Opportunities project where I was coaching at famous football club in the city. Met some absolute top notch lads who gave me a cool Argentina experience, had a good support network if needed, and a tidy reference on the CV. Along with this I stayed at the famous Milhouse Hostel/nightclub... possibly the best I've been too, with many epic but distorted memories! Overall message if you have any doubts about going travelling solo I wouldn't worry to much about it. However, it is good to get involved with a program which gives you a bit more purpose and solid networks and Sporting Opportunities was ideal for this. Buena Suerte James Kennedy

I had an amazing experience and the team in Argentina are fantastic. Thanks Alejandro for really showing me the true Argentine way of life. I look forward to visting again someday and seeing how the kids have developed the Messi skills! Jason Evans

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