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Coach Rugby. Spread the word in Ghana.

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Rugby Coaching Volunteer Project

Accra, Ghana
4 weeks - 12 weeks
€ 1,380 combadi price


Save €20 to €50 when booking via Combadi

Holiday Type
Fixed date/Solo friendly
Running Period
2014 Start dates: 4th Oct, 1st Nov, 6th Dec; 2015 Start dates: 3rd Jan, 7th Feb, 7th Mar, 4th Apr, 2nd May, 6th Jun, 4th Jul

The Combadi Insight:

A unique & intensely satisfying volunteer project. By a rugby ambassador in a country looking for the next challenge. Be part of something amazing taking place here transforming young peoples' lives.

Holiday Code: AI2

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Volunteer in Ghana as a rugby coach, giving children the chance to experience rugby in a fun yet structured environment. You'll provide young players with the opportunity to develop their skills while at the same time making a positive impact in the local community!

Volunteers will be working in two areas - at the Accra Rugby Club, and in the surrounding schools. Rugby is not well known in Ghana, and you will coach, train and identify committed and talented players. At the same time, you'll build cultural friendships and help strengthen the game's presence in Africa.

As a rugby volunteer, you'll be working in schools, introducing basic rugby concepts for kids aged 12-16 during physical education. You can also create after-school clubs for players that are more interested in the game. At the same time, you'll be scouting for promising players that will be able to play with the Accra Rugby Club! Depending on the time of the year that you volunteer, you can even train yourself, with senior Club members.

Ghana is a rich and beautiful country, packed with culture, history and warm people. Ghana also offers many travel hotspots for you to visit, including the rainforests of Cape Coast, the mighty Lake Volta and the elephant watering-holes of Mole National Park.

Spending a sports gap year or career break in Ghana is the perfect way to coach athletics in a truely amazing and colourful African country. You will also meet other gap year and student athletics volunteers in Ghana and come home with some unforgettable gap year memories.

Length of Stay:

Volunteers should try to commit for as long as possible, preferably for 8 or 12 weeks. This ensures better management of the project and also helps you get the most from the social activities and group travel opportunities on offer.

**Typical Hours: **

Monday-Friday; 2-4 hours a day; There might be occasional work at weekends but, they're usually free for personal time and travel. Please be aware that some public holidays may cause disruption to times / days during your volunteer project.

Price is per person for 4 weeks - each extra week add 180 EUR.

  • Accommodation: Communal House; Basic but comfortable; Dormitory style rooms (4-10 people per room); Shared toilets and showers.
  • Food: 3 meals a day; Basic but nutritious local foods.
  • Airport Pick-Up: Included on arrival date. Ask us for details if you are arriving early.
  • Training: Full project induction and local orientation given on arrival.
  • Support: Pre-departure help and advice; Local in-country team; 24 hour emergency support.
  • Donation: Part of your fee is used to buy decent equipment for the project and community you work with.

Project Assessment Before you see a sports project on our website, a lot of background work has gone on. We have met with local organisations, vetted in-country staff, conducted rigorous safety assessments and thoroughly evaluated the benefits of the project, both for you and the community. Only then do you get to see the project and book your place, safe in the knowledge that the project is well-structured and beneficial to the local community.

Help Choosing Your Sports Project If you are not sure which sports project or country to choose, our sports-mad Travel Advisors are here to help. They are a friendly bunch, have all travelled extensively and can offer lots of advice on choosing the right sports project for you. This makes the task of deciding to volunteer in a foreign country much less intimating, and far more exciting.

Pre-departure Advice Once you have booked your sports project, you will be assigned a dedicated Travel Advisor to offer essential pre-departure advice on vaccinations, visas, kit lists and more. They will also be on call to answer those last minute questions like “how many pairs of socks do I need?” and “can I take my mobile phone with me?”

Help with Flights and Insurance We do not include flights and travel insurance in our project fee. This avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. It also gives you flexibility to plan any travel before or after your volunteer project. We do, however, offer lots of help through our leading flights and insurance partners, providing you with an easy booking facility and the best prices around.

Airport Transfers Landing in a foreign country for the first time can be daunting. This is why we ensure our in-country staff are there to meet you on arrival. There’s nothing like seeing a friendly face when you walk out of a new airport. And once we have given you a warm welcome, the in-country staff will take you back to your accommodation where you can meet the rest of the team and other volunteers.

Arrival Orientation We will take you through a comprehensive orientation and project induction. This will introduce you to useful amenities and local customs, and it will also show you how to stay safe while volunteering abroad. Our team also has lots of handy travel tips if you are thinking of exploring the country in your spare time.

Accommodation and Meals Accommodation and meals are included in all of our sports projects. Our volunteer houses are comfortable and very sociable places to live while overseas. In some destinations, you may be able to upgrade to alternative accommodation. Just contact us for details.

In-Country Staff Your safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us. That’s why we have dedicated in-country teams to look after you throughout your sports project. Our staff live nearby, can be reached 24-hours a day and will check-in with you throughout your project.

24-Hour Emergency Support In addition to our in-country staff, you will benefit from our international support network. You will be given emergency contact details before you leave which you can call in the event of a crisis. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ongoing Project Support For every sports coach who volunteers with us, we make a donation to our sister-charity in the UK – United Through Sport. This donation funds sports and educational initiatives in the countries our volunteers work and creates sporting opportunities for thousands of disadvantaged children.

Our Sports Alumni All our sports volunteers automatically become members of the Sporting Opportunities Society (SOS), our international alumni of sporty volunteers. This lets you stay in touch with friends easily, get involved with fundraising events and enjoy discounts on future sports projects with us.

Recruiting Sports Volunteers In order to provide a reliable flow of volunteers to our projects overseas, we have to spend a chunk of money on recruiting people like you. Our projects simply wouldn’t survive if we didn’t. And you can soon see that it costs to maintain a website, an office, phone lines and a team of dedicated Travel Advisors to answer all your questions!

Optional Teaching in Ghana In addition to your coaching role, you will have the opportunity to teach classes, or assist in teaching classes, in one of the sports academies or schools based in Accra. This will give you another impacting experience while allowing you to make a difference outside the world of sport. With a western education, you will be able to contribute massively to the standard of tuition that the students receive. Subject areas include English (language and literature), math, science, journalism, business, IT, RE and a whole variety of extra-curricular activities.

Other Options in Ghana It is likely that there will be a whole variety of other activities you can get involved with while you are away. Because we have focused in-country teams, they will be able to inform you of other opportunities both inside and outside the capital. This gives you a unique chance to combine projects and experience the country in a whole variety of ways.

Equipment Donation for Ghana We are dedicated to sustainable development. This is why part of the fee you pay goes towards buying decent equipment for beneficiary organisations in Ghana. You will often use this equipment during your project and it is always left with the community when you leave. In some cases, an equipment donation may not be appropriate so a financial contribution is made instead.

Social Life in Ghana Our social life is unrivalled and we believe it is important to give volunteers the chance to unwind and have fun while they are away. Our in-country team therefore organises a variety of activities to bring volunteers together, to share their experiences and, above all, have a good time. Some of these activities include visits to the best night spots, group meals, trips away and sports teams where you can to take on local competition.

Akpateshi FC If you fancy a game of footy while you are away, or simply enjoy the social side of football, you should join our volunteer team, Akpateshi FC. This gives you the chance to play alongside the other volunteers and challenge some serious African opposition. However, although the team has a competitive edge, the emphasis is on the social side of football and is aptly named after the locally brewed bush whiskey! If you play in the team, or simply become a supporter, you will soon see why Akpateshi FC is so renowned for its unpredictable matches and fiery social life.

Travel and Adventure in Ghana You will be encouraged to explore Ghana during your free time so you can sample some of its breathtaking sights and meet some of Africa's friendliest people. The capital, Accra, is full of great places to visit and you will meet both locals and other travellers at a variety of bars and restaurants that provide authentic African live music and dancing. There are also a large number of western-style pubs and clubs, including an Irish Bar, an American Sports Bar and a series of dance-venues very close to where you are living. And, if you fancy a football experience to remember, then prepare yourself for watching Hearts of Oak at the National Stadium where the locals wave flags, blow horns and dance on the roofs of the terraces!

Beyond Accra, there are countless places to visit. You could take a Sunday pleasure-cruise on Lake Volta (the biggest man-made lake in Africa) or you might want to visit the history-laden slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina. You may want to take a walk on the wild side with the elephants at Mole National Park or spot tropical birds in the rainforest canopy at Kakum National Park. Then there is the 60-metre-high Wli waterfalls, the Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary (where monkeys are preserved as 'sacred' creatures!) and the endless palm-tree beaches lining the Atlantic coastline! The captivating places, intriguing people and diverse landscapes will make Ghana one of the most enlightening experiences a traveller could wish for. Our in-country team will also help you build a travelling itinerary and give you plenty of advice on how to make your way through the country.


The accommodation is basic but comfortable and you will stay in a dormitory style room. The accommodation has a very sociable atmosphere and you will find it a great place to relax and unwind in the evenings. The accommodation is also centrally located to the placements. Shops and other useful amenities are either a short walk or taxi ride away.

How To Get There:

Flights Booking your flights is an essential part of your trip. That's why we have teamed-up with STA Travel. This means that once you have reserved your sports project with us, you will have a dedicated booking agent on hand to talk through your plans. Travelling after your project? Need a round-the-world ticket? Not a problem. Your booking agent will work with you to find the most suitable and flexible flights possible. And remember, the sooner you book your tickets, the better the price will be.

STA Travel is also one of the world’s largest flight providers specialising in adventure travel and can therefore offer some of the cheapest prices around. They have over 700 branches worldwide, which makes them easy to contact wherever you are in the world, and they also hold an ATOL licence through the Civil Aviation Authority. This means you can book in confidence, secure in the knowledge that your flights are fully protected.

NB if you choose to book your tickets through another flight provider, you must ensure that they hold a full ATOL licence.

Why are flights not included? By not including flights in our sports projects, it avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. This keeps the cost of your trip lower and also means you have the freedom to search around for the lowest fares and most flexible tickets that fit your travel plans. It also means you can benefit from the expertise of our preferred partner – STA Travel.


We take the safety of our volunteers very seriously. You must therefore book adequate travel insurance before you come away with us – you simply won’t be able to join your project if you don’t. Although policies vary, your insurance must include emergency medical expenses, personal accident cover, and repatriation. We also recommend that you book baggage, personal liability and cancellation cover.

To help you navigate through this confusing world of insurance, we have partnered with STA Travel to offer you a specialist insurance service. Your personal advisor will find out exactly what you’re planning to do, from coaching sports to jumping out of planes, and tailor a policy specific to your requirements. In addition to this personal service, some of the other benefits of booking with STA Travel are as follows:

  • Access to a network of over 700 branches in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Advice and assistance over the phone from a travel help facility, available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Access to a 24-hour multilingual emergency telephone number for medical help, hospital treatment and/or repatriation
  • A choice of 3 levels of cover to suit your needs – budget, standard and premier
  • A range of durations, from 4 days up to a maximum of 24 months
  • A simple extension service that gives you the flexibility to extend your 4-week volunteer project while in-country (up to 24 months!)
  • Cover for over 100 adventure sports and adrenalin activities, including black water rafting, bungee jumping, elephant trekking, heli-skiing, kite surfing, scuba diving, shark cage diving and sky diving
  • Peace of mind – STA Travel is an Appointed Representative of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

NB You must provide us with details of your travel insurance before you leave as you will not be permitted to travel with us if you do not have adequate cover. It is also advisable to book your cover as early as possible to make sure you are insured for cancellation of your trip due to illness, serious accident or any other insurable reason.

Why is insurance not included? Each of our volunteer’s plans are different, and while STA Travel can provide adequate cover for the vast majority of our travellers, there may be some activities or destinations that cannot be covered by STA Travel. It is therefore important to give you the freedom to choose the insurance that covers your plans and that you feel comfortable with. It also saves us from having to pass on extra admin costs to you.

Quick Facts:

  • Name: Republic of Ghana
  • Location: West Africa
  • Border Countries: Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast
  • Capital City: Accra
  • Government: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Population: 35 million
  • Language: English (and over 60 local dialects)
  • Currency: Cedi (GHS)
  • Life Expectancy: 56 (men) and 57 (women)
  • Poverty: 31% of population below the poverty line
  • Main Exports: Gold, cocoa, timber, tuna, ore, diamonds
  • Climate: Tropical; temperatures up to 30 degrees
  • Time Zone: GMT + 0

What an amazing 8 weeks had on the rugby coaching placement in Ghana. The kids were just so receptive to what I taught them and there is some serious skill in Ghana! I've made friends for life and this rwho experience really has set me up for wanting to become a sports coach in the future. Rob Davies

Training in the Ghana heat is a challenge but so worth it. My fitness has improved 10 fold. Working with the young rugby lads was excellent and seeing my team score a winning try has to have been a highlight. Ghana has some amazing places to see and if you like Baboons then a visit to Mole National Park is a must. Phil Hall

I made a difference by encouraging children and adults to believe that everyone has some degree of talent... and to believe in that talent. Stuart Garrett

What they don’t have in skill, they certainly make up for in speed and determination. Ghana also has some very promising youngsters and it has been really exciting, and a real privilege, to share my knowledge of the game with them. Doug Graham

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