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Greek Self Improvement Holiday

Skyros Life Coaching

Skyros, Greece
7-14 Days
€ 790 combadi price


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Holiday Type
Fixed date/Solo friendly
Running Period
2014: Sept. 13th - Sept. 20th 2015: Feb 17th - Feb. 24th

The Combadi Insight:

Feeling the weight of your life's pressure? Learn to cope by listening to your mind, body & soul! You'll receive valuable life lessons in the picturesque island of Skyros!

Holiday Code: AQ4

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This unique self-improvement holiday in the Greek island of Skyros gives you the tools to discover your full potential and change your life for the better! The 7 and 14 day life coaching programs offer advice for career and relationship issues, including health, sexuality, family life and finance!

Depending you your choice of life coaching holiday you'll be situated in either of two venues:

Skyros village is the picturesque main village of the island characterized by traditional square houses with white-washed walls. Built on a hillside in order to repel Mediterranean pirates, the village is accessible only by foot through narrow, cobblestoned streets. The courtyard is shaded by fig and pomegranate trees and offers a panoramic view of the valley and the Aegean below. A long, sandy beach is also only a pleasant ten minute walk away. You'll find the rich history of Skyros, which dates back to the bronze age, showcased in the local archeological museum.

Near Atsitsa Bay, participants and staff are accommodated in huts situated inside lush gardens, shaded by pine and fruit trees. Atsitsa's simple beauty creates an intimate natural connection that will detach you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You'll always find time to swim, sunbathe, walk through the forest and enjoy the bay's tranquility.

Skyros is traditionally warm and open - doors are left unlocked, children play unattended in the streets and weddings are celebrated by the entire community. Nearby, a different century is populated by fashion conscious youth experiencing the island's vibrant night life. Skyros literally lives in two centuries at a time! As one participant wrote, ‘Skyros is sunshine for the soul’.

Check out the Itinerary tab for a list of available courses and dates!

Your day begins with early morning yoga lessons followed by breakfast. Courses begin in the late morning and run for three hours per day, for five days. During two week holidays, courses continue after two course-free days.

Typical itinerary:

07:15: Early morning yoga. 08:30: Breakfast and community affairs 10:15: Courses 13:30:Lunch and siesta/beach time 18:00: One-off events and activities 20:00: Dinner in the village & explore the nightlife

Successful Relationships - Be yourself more often, connect more with others and feel more confident and relaxed when you communicate – whether at work or at home! - June 7th - 14th
- 780 EUR

Raise Your Game - Make changes to your life! Whether it is just a couple of tweaks to the way you live, or a deeper reevaluation of what you want! - June 14th - June 27th - 1320 EUR

Mindful Living - the exploration of the practice of present-moment awareness, kindness and whole-hearted living. - June 28th - July 5th - 820 EUR

Creative Confidence - Re-focus your life or your relationships and have a fun and a creative time doing so! - July 5th - July 18th - 1450 EUR

Present Your Best Self - Enhance your presentation skills by building on your unique personality and innate confidence to present your relaxed and authentic self.
- July 19th - July 26th - 880 EUR

3 Steps to a New Beginning - Recognise the catalyst that will start you moving in a new direction, Get a vision of the future that would be right for yoy, find your way forward to a new beginning. - July 26th - Aug 8th - 1570 EUR

Choose Life at Any Risk - Become more aware of how you hold yourself back, and the origins of these concerns and fears. - Aug. 9th - Aug 22nd - 1570 EUR

Making It Happen - A fun, inspiring and motivating way to plan your business. Recognise your personal values and put them at the heart of your business. - Aug. 23rd - Aug. 30th - 880 EUR

Being Ourselves - See why and how people limit themselves and then focus on explaining your potential to be more of yourself. - Aug. 30th - Sept. 12th - 1510 EUR

Follow Your Dreams - Look into your dreams, gain awareness and insight into the many issues that concern you and finding valuable clues to a better understanding of yourselves and your desires. - Sept. 13th - Sept. 20th - 820 EUR

Greek Island Life - The Skyrian Goat Festival is one of the most unique and internationally famous celebrations, again involving the entire island community. It is totally spontaneous, often outrageous and totally devoid of commerciality. Join in, contribute and experience something truly unique. - Goat Festival. Feb 17th - Feb. 24th 2015 - 750 EUR

All life coaching includes daily morning Hatha Yoga Lessons! You'll improve your physical, emotional and mental levels, and reach your full potential while respecting your physical limits.

Price per person for twin shared room and two meals a day (usually breakfast and lunch, but sometimes dinner instead), participation in your main course, yoga and activities.


Participants stay in rooms close to the Centre that combine modern comforts with a Skyrian ambience. Most are ensuite rooms or small apartments, with a touch of luxury; some are charming rooms within traditional houses. All have air conditioning, refrigerators and tea and coffee making facilities. Participants normally share a twin room. Single rooms are bookable in advance at £295. During September, when the Skyros Centre programme is run in Atsitsa, accommodation will be in our spacious stone villa or in two person bamboo huts situated in the midst of lush gardens and shaded by pine and fruit trees. Some single huts are available at a supplement of £175 per session. Shared twin rooms in the house carry a supplement of £75 per session.

‘Skyros is different because it is opening up participants to possibilities. What you take back from this island is more than you get from a typical holiday.’ Jewish Chronicle


Adapted from the villagers’ traditional diet, meals are based on fresh fruit and vegetables, natural yoghurt, grains and cheese. They are eaten on the Centre’s terrace which enjoys a panoramic view over the sea. Food is prepared by Vasso, about whom writer Michèle Roberts wrote, ‘Where is heaven? Here on earth, in Skyros, in Vasso’s kitchen’. The Centre is half board (usually breakfast and lunch). In the evenings there are plenty of options to choose from in the village, from traditional tavernas to sophisticated restaurants serving modern Greek cuisine (£7 - £12). When the Skyros Centre programme is held in Atsitsa, full board is provided.

‘If you like a challenge, go for the Life Choices programme. It will help you rethink your career, health and relationships.’ Bella

Daily life

The day starts with gentle yoga followed by breakfast. The main course is held between 10.30am and 1.30pm. After lunch one can stroll down to the sea or have a siesta. Late afternoons are reserved for the Music & Art sessions that range from singing and comedy improvisation to drawing and film making, walks in the countryside or a visit to the local museum. Timings may differ when the Skyros Centre courses are held in Atsitsa.


Skyros nightlife is relaxed yet with much to offer. There are bars with live music that are open until the early hours and tavernas with delicious food and inexpensive drinks. In the village‘s nightclubs one can dance the night away.

Flights to Athens

Take any flight to arrive in Athens the day before the Skyros holiday begins and fly home on the last day of the holiday. If you'd like to join the Group Transfer to Skyros island, our courtesy bus will collect you from the Athens Airport Tourist Bus Park at 7.00pm and take you to the Metropolitan hotel for an overnight stay in central Athens before next day’s coach and ferry trip to the island. For the return journey please book flights to depart on the last day of your holiday after 3 p.m.

To book your flights, book direct with your local airline provider, or for those of you in the UK you may contact The Flight Centre on 0113 243 4572 and ask for Laura. Tell her you are going on a Skyros Holiday, give her your dates of travel and she will arrange for you the best flights available. For all other international travellers, please check directly with the airlines or your nearest travel agent.

Flights to Skyros

Alternatively, you can take from London Heathrow the 22.15 hours Aegean flight to Athens which connects with the 06.15 flight to Skyros island on a 168-seater Airbus 320. Departures from Athens: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Departures from Skyros island back to Athens: on the same days at 07.20 hours.

This flight connection, which is available to passengers of other Aegean flights to Athens from numerous European cities, is the closer we have come so far to direct flights to Skyros island from European airports. Aegean handles the transfer of luggages from one aircraft to another.

If you go for these connecting Aegean flights, you need to make sure that your arrival in Skyros island is on the day the holiday begins or earlier and also that your departure is on the day it ends or later. This means you may have to spend an extra day or two in Skyros island before or after the Skyros holiday, which, incidentally, involves some extra costs.

You can check Aegean airlines online at http://en.aegeanair.com/

Reaching the Transfer Hotel

If the 7.00pm courtesy bus to the Metropolitan Hotel does not suit your time of arrival, take an airport taxi to the Metropolitan Hotel to join the transfer. Alternatively, use the hotel's hourly shuttle from Syntagma Square, in the centre of Athens to join the transfer. The Athens metro goes directly from the airport to Syntagma Square.

The Metropolitan Hotel, Athens

The Metropolitan Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in front of the Faleron Olympic Coastal Park, 35km from the airport and 5km away from Syntagma Square. It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and combines traditional hospitality and luxury with an outdoor swimming pool, a marble steambath, and a gourmet restaurant. (www.chandris.gr/athens)

Group Transfer to Skyros Island

The return group transfer includes one night's accommodation in a twin shared room at the Metropolitan Hotel plus return coach and ferry to Skyros island. Single upgrades at the hotel are available at a supplement of £45. Group Transfer: £155

Public Transport

If you are not taking the Skyros group transfer and if you are arriving on the island independently, you can take the Athens – Kymi coach from KTEL Evias, 260 Liosion Street.

Responsible Travel Policy

Skyros provides holistic holidays which emphasize being rather than having, doing rather than consuming and cooperating rather than competing. All staff and course participants are made fully aware of our ethos and principles. Regular meetings give the whole community a chance to talk to each other and to give participants a say in the structure of their daily life. Participants are provided with pre-trip information on the host community and are given a Responsible Travel briefing including practical advice on social interaction with the local people. During the holiday there are opportunities to learn some local language and eat locally-sourced organic national cuisine.

The aim is to create an ethical mini-society which can inspire changes beneficial both to the individual and to the world in which we live.

Some examples of our positive commitment at each of our travel sites appear below - we are committed to an eco-friendly future and welcome creative ideas submitted by staff, suppliers and course participants.

Social Responsibility

In tune with this aim, Skyros encourages responsible integration with the local communities including the teaching of local history, culture and language or the sponsorship of events such as the Skyros mini-marathon. In Southeast Asia, guests are encouraged to give locals English lessons and we have local guides. In the same spirit, Skyros has contributed generously towards the purchase of computers for Skyros’ local school, new medical equipment for its Health Centre, the refurbishment of its school theatre and the protection of its forest. Skyros also supports the welfare of the Skyrian horses, dogs and cats, work of the island’s folk dance society and the local children’s Tae- Kwon-Do group.

Economic Responsibility

Unlike so many multinational holiday companies, Skyros uses locally owned and maintained facilities with policies in place that favour local produce and services. Guests visiting shops, bars and tavernas offsite are, likewise, directly benefiting the local economy. Locals are employed wherever this is possible – on Salsa dancing trips to Cuba, for example, each participant is matched to a local dance partner specifically employed for the purpose.

Environmental responsibility

Atsitsa is fully in tune with the natural environment. Motorised sea sports have never been introduced, kitchen and shower water is recycled, the showers are heated by solar panels and the external lighting is solar powered. We are also working with the local authority to bring further recycling to the island – plastic, glass and aluminium.

Skyros provides holistic holidays that emphasise being rather than having, doing rather than consuming, and co-operating rather than competing. The aim is to create an ethical mini-society which can inspire changes beneficial both to the individual and to the world in which we live.

Sustainable Living

In tune with this aim, Skyros encourages responsible integration with the local communities and has contributed generously towards several communal projects. It also stands for sustainable living. the latter requires the reappraisal of the promises made by our materialistic, consumer, technocratic culture. This means: consume less and ethically, use everything more efficiently, recycle when you can, meet your needs without compromising the abilitiy of future generations to meet their own. Make something rather than buy it. It also requires the re-evaluation of our own goals. This involves the development of all our potentials as parents, partners, colleagues, friends, members of our community and citizens but also as creative human beings. Going for it is like embarking on a journey to a better future. if you haven't started it already, start now in Skyros. .

An instant community with whom one feels as close and relaxed as with great friends. All in a hypnotically beautiful setting. Anon

Reasons to go: 1. I've been three times now and each time has had its own magic and memories. 2. A place to make new friends - to keep! Bo

We arrived with rounded shoulders from carrying the burden of a very difficult year. We left with our shoulders back, head held high, re-energized and ready to enter the battle ground again. Atsitsa worked its magic! Karen

It's always different. A deep experience this time and it has given me the trust in myself to deal with different circumstances with a peaceful heart and hope that life is manageable. Amanda

A true community spirit and experience with enough gaps in-between to really relax and be creative and full of joy. Martina

This holiday works wonderfully for people on their own or just wishing to get away from it all, for those wishing participate in everything or nothing. And they're virtually guaranteed to come away with new friends. Pam

Great holiday. Friendship, food, fun and a beautiful location and excellent teachers. Barbara

The trip I took to Greece with Skyros Holidays was one of the best in my life. I am 25 years old and traveled all the way from Minnesota, USA. I came by myself but was welcomed and made comfortable by all the staff. Each staff member (including chefs, course teachers, bar assistants and cleaning help, etc) were friendly, fun and professional. The food was fresh and the chefs accommodated to all different diets. The courses were inspiring and enlightening, as well as fun and entertaining. My overall trip and experience was amazing and I came back home a much better person. Frances James

A must for people who are struggling to find the perfect holiday, inspirational and soul searching. Unforgettable. Fliss

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