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Schools and Community Project

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Tanzania Gap Year Volunteering

Schools & Community Experience

Tanzania, Africa
6 - 12 weeks
€ 6,267 combadi price


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Holiday Type
Fixed date/Solo friendly
Running Period
Early January every year

The Combadi Insight:

Not only you will give back by getting the chance to improve teaching facilities & learning conditions for thousands of children in need of education. You will also live with the community & get a completely new perspective. Last, but not least, participate in excilarating activities ranging from trekking explorations, white water rafting and scuba diving courses. Simply a travel experience of your lifetime.

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Babati has a population of approx 30,000 of which around half are under 16 years old. Thousands live in extreme poverty and although attendance is free, half of all children do not go to school, either because families cannot afford uniforms or books or because theyare needed at home, helping with chores, looking after siblings or tending the family farm. The schools struggle to provide quality learning; class sizes continue to rise and resources are scarce.

Since 2008, Quest has been working with the Livingstone Tanzania Trust in a number of schools near Babati, developing education facilities and income generation schemes for the schools and wider community. Without a good education, children will nothave the tools to lift their families out of a life of deprivation or help themselves realize their potential. Join this project and be part of the fight for sustainable development through education.

Your role

  • Build and renovate educational facilities such as classrooms
  • Build and renovate school infrastructure such as toilets and kitchens
  • Learn Swahili in lessons and by working and living with the community
  • Create and develop school farms and sustainable sources of income
  • Hold informal teaching groups and organise plenty of children’s games

Your expedition

An exhilarating and mind‐blowing six week adventure through Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. White water raft, scuba dive, trek through the wilderness and discover stunning waterfalls, explore different communities and cultures, delve into the wild side of Africa on 4x4 safaris, track primates in the jungle, camp out under the stars and more.

What to Expect


Babati is located in Northern Tanzania on the shores of Lake Babati and close to Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro National Parks. The communities here are extremely poor and lacking many basic facilities we take for granted. Only 50% of children attend primary school in the country and even fewer carry on to secondary.


Working with Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT), you will be helping to improve education facilities in the Babati area. LTT work hand in hand with schools and communities so that the work we do is what’s needed most by them. No two projects are the same! Work includes basic construction: cement-mixing, carrying rocks and sand, making mud bricks… Build or renovate classrooms, reducing class sizes and allowing more children to attend. Improve school infrastructure such as toilets or kitchens. Work on sustainable agriculture projects that generate food & income for schools as well as being valuable learning tools for the children. You will also run school sports days, lead informal lessons – and get to know the kids who are never far away!


There will be the opportunity to relax in Babati at the lake or if you are energetic climb nearby Mount Kwar’aa, Spend one weekend on a ‘homestay’ with a local family (community approval permitting).

East Africa Expedition Itinerary:

Days 1-7: Arusha & Ngorogoro Crater, TREK Orientation & preparation for your first trek: a 4 day challenging walk around this volcanic landscape, with stunning views and a chance to spot some of the region’s most famous wildlife.

Days 8-13: Malindi, SCUBA DIVE COURSE Travel to the spectacular Kenyan coast. 5 day PADI Open Water or Advanced Scuba dive course. Free days for relaxing.

Days 14-15: Tsavo West National Park, SAFARI 4x4 safari in Tsavo West National Park: a chance to spot lion, elephant, leopard and much more. Camp overnight in the park to the sound of animals calling.

Days 16-17: Nairobi, CITY LIFE
Explore the hustle & bustle of one of Africa’s most important hubs.

Days 18-23: Kitale, Mt Elgon and Sipi Falls, TREK Cross into Uganda on foot on a 4 day trek around the contours of Mt Elgon. A real adventure into rural Africa, the trek finishes at thebeautiful Sipi Falls, where you’ll relax and rest weary feet.

Days 24-26: Jinja, Kampala, WHITE WATER RAFTING After an afternoon to relax and prepare, spend a day rafting on the source of the Nile. Big rapids and beautiful scenery: a day for adrenaline junkies! Transfer to Kampala: free time, pick up souvenirs.

Days 27 -31: Rwenzori, COMMUNITY WALKS Spend 4 days trekking through the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. Walking through coffee plantations and farmland, you’ll learn about different ways of life in the ‘Mountains of the Moon’.

Days 32-35: Queen Elizabeth N.P. Lake Bonyonyi, SAFARI Looking across the Rift Valley floor, you’ll get close to diverse wildlife, including 20 types of predator and the world’s most concentrated ‘bloat’ of hippos! Take a dip in the crystal waters of Lake Bonyonyi.

Days 36 -40: Kigali, Nyungwe Park, HISTORY, PRIMATE TREKS A sobering but valuable opportunity to learn about the 1994 Genocide before heading to the hills for final treks through Nyungwe Forest …the walk is full of surprises and will leave you plenty to boast about.

Days 41-42: Kigali, END OF EXPEDITION Farewell party, fly home from Kigali or independent onward travel

Includes all accommodation, volunteering permit, food, activities, in‐country travel & support, local tipping, Quest Leaders, personal travel insurance, 24 hour UK support, medical back up, contribution to your project to cover short‐term costs and long‐term ongoing support. Excludes international flights and Tanzania entry visa.


You will be eating local food such as rice, maize meal and vegetables. There may also be the opportunity to eat pasta, meat and fish on occasion. Shopping will be done by the team at local markets. On the expedition you will also eat in local restaurants.


The project takes place just after the rainy season, so the weather is likely to be hot during the day with a reasonable chance of rain. The evenings and nights will be warm.


You will have one leader with you for the Project and 2 leaders on Expedition. They are there to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, and to give maximum reward to all involved. We are very picky about selecting our Leaders and you can guarantee that they will be some of the most capable & passionate people you’ll meet. All Leaders receive our in-depth Quest training annually. All leaders are trained in first aid and crisis management, and Expedition Leaders have a minimum of Summer Mountain Leader Training.


Quest Overseas provides all volunteers with a fully comprehensive pre-departure pack, which contains information on countries to be visited, the project background, kit needed, cultural awareness etc.

Quest also provides Pre-Departure Training in the UK for all team members. It covers Responsible Travel, Cultural Awareness, Health & Hygiene, Risk Assessment, Teamwork and Onward Travel. It also gives you the opportunity to meet the rest of your team and leaders before going overseas.

Vaccinations & Anti-Malarials

Quest Overseas keeps up to date with the latest recommendations on all medical considerations relating to your time with us. We will provide you with a full list of the immunisations required and information on malarial prophylaxis before you depart.


You will be working long days and using muscles you never knew existed. It is important to have a good level of fitness to begin with so that you can acclimatise to the work and temperatures. For the expedition it is vital that you prepare with long hill walks in the UK.


Very basic with bush showers and kitchen. No electricity or running water. Sleeping will be a mix of camping indoors and outdoors. Secure accommodation with day and night guards.

FAQs How much does it cost & where does my money go? Project: £1150 Project & Expedition £4150 60% payment for your trip, this is what gets spent overseas during your trip. Includes travel insurance. 25% staff, both UK and overseas. 15% office costs, project and expedition research, boring admin.

Donation: £850 This goes straight to Livingstone Tanzania Trust and every penny gets spent overseas on the Tanzania Project.

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