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Life & Soul Discovery

Wellbeing Travel Experience

Salzburg, Austria
1 - 7 Days
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The Combadi Insight:

A unique experience that embodies all the Come Back Different stands for. Improve your wellbeing, re-discover your soul and your life's priorities, set new goals, start your living your life again as you always wanted. We all benefit from a self-discovery, give it a shot & you will simply never feel the same ever again.

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A unique experience offered in this beautiful hotel located in the Austrian Alps. Not just a refuge away from our life's routine, but also an opportunity to discover your inner map & life essence and learn how to improve & change your life to the better. Get away from it all and discover the Fire of your Life.

The First Fire-of-Life Hotel

Hotel Ritzenhof is the first Fire-of-Life hotel. Based on the Fire-of-Life by Autonom Health we’ve created a holistic concept of rhythm, high-value nutrition and sensitive dealing with stimuli. The Fire-of-Life enables us to respond to your individual wishes and needs. It gives us the competence recommending the appropriate treatment and activities, according to your actual constitution.

Our attempt with the Fire-of-Life is - Raising awareness on your own health and therewith achieve sustainment and improvement of the well-being. - Providing a straightforward, fast and long-lasting access towards health. - Developing your strengths and minimize the risks. - Developing a sustainable and conscious way of life together with you

Based on scientific analysis, you can share the positive experiences and advantages with us:

  • Advancement of the ease of life.
  • Increase of vitality and well-being.
  • Feel all senses and sensuality.
  • Long-lasting improvement of your own life style.
  • Break-out of objectionable patterns.
  • Sensible handling of situations of stress in daily life.
  • Improvement in time management.
  • Help in arranging all areas of life.

Concept of Fire-of-Life

The Fire-of-Life is your inner map and direction sign at the same time. As a result of an easy and scientific 24-hours measurement of your heart rate variability it illustrates your lifestyle and actual state of health. A portable ECG (14 grams, 3x3 centimeter) is recording more than 100.000 heart beats and thousands of breaths.

Your personal Fire-of-Life picture will be generated out of this massive amount of data. It empowers you to understand and interpret the language of your heart.

The Fire-of-Life is the basis of the conception of Hotel Ritzenhof. Because of training and experience with our own bodies, we are aware of all our work and actions, which makes us responsible. Therefore, we are able to offer an ideal and sustainable health management.

We are offering 3 packages of the Fire-of-Life experience:

Fire-of-Life „Ignite“

Foment awareness and curiosity You display your actual state of health and vitality in a scientific and objective way, having a close look on the major indicators like sleep, regeneration, capacity and reserves. The measurement is a snapshot analysis and the professional coaching is providing suggestions for a sustainable lifestyle and well-being.

The package “Ignite” includes - Fire-of-Life measurement at home or on-site by request - Analysis and professional coaching on-site Euro 188,00

Fire-of-Life "Burning"

Foment awareness and curiosity and feel success You begin to deal with your health in a sensible way and have a closer look on the positive effects in your Fire-of-Life. Our professional coaching provides easy tools and methods for everyday life. These tools help to develop strengths, minimize risks and optimize your lifestyle.

The package “Burning” inludes - Fire-of-Life measurement at home or on-site by request - Analysis and professional coaching on-site - Fire-of-Life measurement at home after 4 weeks (including the HRV-recorder as a loan and self-adhesive electrodes for 1 measurement) - Professional coaching on the phone with discussion of the positive results Euro 295,00

Fire-of-Life "Blazing"

Foment awareness and curiosity, enlarge knowledge and feel success You are familiar with your actual state of health and concentrate on your Fire-of-Life. In the workshop you learn about the interactions and coherences of activation and regeneration. Living a day in your ideal rhythm of life shows you your strengths.

Benefits Fire-of-Life and animation

  • Three Fire-of-Life measurements
  • First measurement at home during daily life
  • Second measurement at the end of your stay shows a possible way into sustainability
  • With a third measurement at home after 4 weeks you can check your personal success
  • Two personal coachings during your stay
  • Professional analysis of your measurements
  • Workshop in the group for a sustainable cognition of your senses
  • Spa treatment adjusted to your needs (app. 50 minutes)
  • Guided sports program adjusted to your individual needs (Nordic Walking, running, mediation, hiking, Yoga,…)
  • Professional coaching on the phone with discussion of the positive results for the third measurement

Benefits Living and Dining

  • 7 nights in the Superior room “Setting Sun”
  • Energy-boosting breakfast from our rich buffet
  • Invigorating soup and crisp salad for lunch
  • Home-made afternoon cake
  • Fresh fruits, nuts, tea and soft drinks at the bar in the Spa area
  • 5 course dinner
  • Use of the new Spa area with pool, various saunas and big beauty treatment area
  • Bathrobes, towels and thongs during your stay
  • Free entry to the Injoy Fitness Center during the official opening times
  • Parking lot free of charge _Euro 1.196,00
  • Fire-of-Life Measurements, consultations, animation & professional analysis of your measurements
  • Accommodation, meals, services & benefits as listed in the itinerary section

Spa Resort By The Lake

Hotel Ritzenhof in Salzburg – the first Fire-of-Life hotel: a place of strength, harmony and regeneration. The Spa Resort Hotel Ritzenhof in the Austrian Alps, with it’s special concept, is situated directly at Lake Ritzensee in Saalfelden in Salzburg County. The enjoyable and hearty atmosphere of this exclusive lakeside Spa resort impresses with quality, esthetics, natural order and therefore arises no rush.

Whether Spa, sportive activities, pure relaxation or the pleasant combination of everything – well-being is ensured in the modern, light-flooded atmosphere of our Spa resort in Salzburg, Austria.

Hotel Ritzenhof

The new Health and Spa Resort in Saalfelden is embedded in an idyllic environment between the Ritzensee and the impressive mountain ranges of Salzburg. Surrounded by green meadows, woods and the castle, the resort is entirely devoted to the values of the Fire-of-Life: Health and sustainability.

The offerings of the extraordinary Spa Resort in Salzburg are focusing on the essentials. Guests are offered selected experiences: Exquisite materials in architecture and Cuisine, balanced treatments in the Spa and an impressive scenery. This is life – a great place for joy.


  • New construction 2010 – 2 buildings, connected by a subterranean passage
  • 73 rooms and suites (160 beds)
  • 4 restaurant (3 restaurants for our in-house guests, 1 á-la-carte restaurant)
  • Location: directly at Lake Ritzensee – direct access to the lake with 12 hectare recreation area by the lake, situated right in the city of Saalfelden
  • Parking lot free of charge at the hotel
  • Spa with emphasis on sustainable regeneration
  • Infrared cabin with anti-ageing-light-therapy
  • Bio-Sanarium with sound therapy
  • Steam bath
  • Outdoor Sauna with direct access to the lake
  • 2 chill-out-rooms
  • Solarium
  • Special Sauna essences
  • Vitality bar

Rhythm Life starts with rhythm, with the beating of the heart. It will be with you every day, being the product of the coactions of various items.

Rhythm is a basic element in many things. The sun is subjected to an interplay with the night. In music it’s much more important than the melodic. In fact, it can vary within itself, but the recurring cycle is preserved. Should we loose the timing ourselves - the piece of music would not sound complete - this usually makes itself noticeably obvious 
 Sensitive Dealing with Stimuli

We all know about the stimulus satiation of modern times: colored, flashy, bigger and louder. For being able to concentrate on your own Fire-of-Life, we’ve integrated the sensitive dealing with stimuli into the concept. Therefore, at Hotel Ritzenhof dominates a targeted subtlety in colors, architecture, decoration and atmosphere. It is about focusing the essentials, not the distractions.

This sensitive dealing with stimuli is the key to recreation and the impulse for a holiday with sustainable regeneration. 
 High-value Nutrition

Within the hectic pace and stress, a health-conscious diet and enjoyment are becoming secondary as well as lower quality. For having fresh, seasonal and regional products without damaging supplements on the menu, our Cuisine is an integral part in the concept of the Fire-of-Life.

Hotel Ritzenhof offers a unique and meaningful choice. You have the possibility in having a close look on your actual physical condition and performance – easily during your stay. Together with you, we define possible steps for a sustainable well-being, based on a scientific method: the heart rate variability – transferred into a fire-like picture. If you are interested in the Fire-of-Life programs you receive a HRV-recorder.

The measurement takes 24 hours and doesn’t constrain you at all. The Fire-of-Life picture is a snapshot of your actual vitality and answers many questions of different areas of your life:

  • What’s my real age? (actual biological age)
  • What strengths and resources do I have? (achievement potential, training defects)
  • Where are my limits? (vulnerability for stress, risk for burn-out)
  • How capable am I? (body and mind)
  • How do I deal with stress? (Ability of regeneration, stress management)
  • How fast do I recharge my batteries?
  • When am I most active?
  • Where do I have unused resources and potential?
  • Which diet is best for me?

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