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Exclusive Tiger Shark Diving with a cage or without...

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Shark Diving Holiday

Charter Travel Experience

Bahamas, Caribbean
8 days
€ 2,480 combadi price


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Fixed date/Solo friendly
Running Period
Sep: 15-21 & 22-28

The Combadi Insight:

We were hooked the moment we saw that this shark diving expedition is with a cage or without... Get closer than you might even want to... It all depends on you. For the certified divers that are looking for a different and spectacular at the same time diving experience...

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Had enough of the cold winter?

Well, this is why we are bringinh you a Tiger Shark adventure of a lifetime on Tiger Beach. You will join this experienced & passionate crew and dive with the tigers. Both Cage Diving and Cageless Shark diving are possible here with these guys. One of the few operators in this area that gives you a choice to dive with the cage or without.

This is an exclusive holiday, carefully designed and tailored to accommodate 6 divers only per diving expedition. 7 day expeditions with wild dolphins! 7 Days of Diving!!!

Be part of a really special charter holiday. Dive in the company of tiger sharks, great hammerheads, Caribbean Reef sharks, huge lemon sharks and spotted dolphin encounters... plus regular live aboard scuba diving all with just 6 divers on a 65' dive vessel!

Yoy will be introduced you to Tiger sharks and Great Hammerheads as weel as many Reef Sharks up close and personal. Plus you'll get to snorkel and play with Spotted Dolphins, dive incredible sites complete with wrecks and more. Packing as much diving and shark encounters as we can into 7 days is what this is latest adventure is all about.

Day 1

Welcome to The Bahamas. Once you have arrived at our docks at Old Bahama Bay Marina, a Shark Free Marina, we’ll check you in between 5.00pm-7.00pm. Time to unpack and familiarize yourself with your floating home for the next week. Once you have settled in you are free to join your fellow divers at a local bar for some fresh Grouper Tacos, Conch Salad and a cool beer. Later tonight we’ll have an orientation on emergency procedures and shark diving information. We depart the this evening for our short cruise to "Tiger Beach". This a great time to sit back and meet your fellow divers. The next morning will be busy with lots of diving.

Day 2

While your co-workers are drudging to work you will be shark diving with Tigers and perhaps if conditions are just right a Hammerhead or two. This morning we awake on Tiger Beach and drop cages. The crew has been chumming since early morning. Tigers start arriving in the morning, typically we see anywhere from 1- 5 sharks, and they are hungry. Tigers are different from Great Whites in many ways. Here we'll be in 15-30 feet of water with a sandy bottom. Benthic shark cages drop to the bottom and we have Tigers chasing after hang baits right up to the cages.

The shark diving operation will last all day long with regular shark rotations for our divers. If we feel like it or the action slows down divers can choose to run over to El Dorado where local populations of Caribbean Reef sharks swim close as you explore this reef. The game plan is to spend the entire day here where ever the shark action is the hottest. Note: Unlike Tigers, Caribbean Reef sharks and Lemon Sharks are considered a "safer" shark species. We do cage-less dives with these animals but always have a safety diver in place and do not chum on these dives if conditions dictate. The encounters here are completely natural and occur because these reefs are pristine.

Day 3

This is another full dive day with 5-10 dives at Tiger Beach. Wake up to breakfast onboard to the beautiful Grand Bahama Banks. We'll make a run over to the "Bull-Pen" it's a 60' dive with Caribbean Reef sharks, groupers, eagle rays if the Tigers are not playing today. From there we go to colorful Hogfish reef, then to Sugar Wreck for an afternoon and a night dive. We frequently snorkel & dive with large friendly turtles on this ancient wreck that was once a 330' sailing vessel. Nighttime we anchor up in a calm area for overnight known locally as Dry Bar....it's only a short distance from our Tiger shark site. Expect Tiger diving and lots of it if conditions and animals permit, this is the main reason we are here!

Day 4

More sharking at Tiger Beach this morning. Divers will spend as much time as they like getting shots and encounter time with these animals. We'll be chumming all night long to keep interest high. This afternoon for a change of pace we are off to discover friendly Spotted Dolphins. These are wild dolphins who love to play and interact with divers and they congregate off the coast a few hours north. Dolphin encounters are snorkeling only, in 15-20 feet of water. The prime dolphin ground is an ocean paradise named 'White Sand Ridge'. Make sure you bring your fins along as these animals like to interact with the swimmers. We have an option to extend the dolphin encounter with lights for a night encounter or jump in on a night dive on a local reef the choice is yours by group consensus.

Day 5

Breakfast around 8:00 am, with our first dive on The Mountains a beautiful 60 to 90 feet dive. We often come across huge turtles, rays, flying fish, large game fish and other open ocean wonders whilst cruising. See colorful sponges, deep water fish, schools of Jacks and tropical fish. In the afternoon we'll make a run to a mini wall that ranges from 40-80 feet featuring big swim through crevices, sponges, and more schooling fish.

Day 6

This morning we will once again explore the ocean environment, spending the first part of the morning at Tiger Beach. If we would like we can also run to another site for a good old fashioned Caribbean Reef shark dive to round out your last day with us here in the Bahamas. In the evening expect a local night dive, and a few Loggerhead turtles and a nurse shark or two.

Day 7

Last chance for Tigers. This morning we will once again explore the ocean environment, spending the first part of the morning at Tiger Beach to say a fond good by to our local Tiger Sharks. If we would like we can also run to another site for a good old fashioned Caribbean Reef shark dive to round out your last day with us here in the Bahamas.

All inclusive shark diving experience All meals & refreshments.

Check the 'Do not Forget' section for items you need to bring with you on the trip & everything else that is included on your trip.

Tigers, Great Whites and Safety

A quick note about diving with Tiger sharks. Some operators have successfully arranged non caged Tiger shark encounters. While they have been successful to date and the images pulled from these encounters nothing short of stunning we have chosen to offer our encounters both without cages and within the confines of a cage for safety reasons.

With cages we can offer this encounter to a much broader range of divers, and couples who value safety and relaxed diving...after all this is your vacation. As well we have discovered many of our divers prefer the safety aspect of caged diving. They feel they can relax and shoot the animals without the fear of "bump and bites". It's the reason that cages are part of shark diving encounters.

The Tiger shark is second only to the White shark in number of reported attacks on humans. Its large size and voraciousness make it a formidable predator in the ocean. Tiger sharks can be curious and aggressive towards humans in the water and must be considered with a great deal of respect. While we wish those that choose non cage Tiger encounters continued success, our divers realize that managed risk, and respect for large predators is paramount to a successful dive.

Join us this year and discover the next great marine predator....the Tiger Shark, it's a wild adventure out there!


How? Our charter... yours for a week...

Originally built as a pleasure yacht, the 65-foot Research Vessel was converted to a live-aboard charter vessel in 1986. Safe and comfortable, it is equipped with full amenities including an abundance of hot fresh water, air conditioning, comfortable beds, an entertainment center including DVD, VHS, and CD players, media library, 110-volt electricity, an extensive galley (kitchen), two clean heads (restrooms) with large stand-up showers, and a full sundeck as well as scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling equipment.

In addition to the on board amenities, the vessel is equipped with ample safety equipment including an extensive safe-a-vacation first aid kit, oxygen, full navigational electronics, VHF and SSB radios, life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishers, and an inflatable dingy.

Life on board is informal and relaxing. While enjoying your solitude, you will encounter a stress free atmosphere where dressing down is encouraged and world news is only in the back of your mind. Separated into several clean and sanitary areas including sleeping accommodations, heads, salon, and sundeck. Sleeping accommodations are in two spacious cabins. The bow cabin has two double and four single beds, while the side cabin has four single beds. The beds are upper/lower bunk-style with privacy curtains and individual reading lights. Although there is ample room for guests, please be considerate and pack light.

Each of the heads has large stand-up showers, electric push button toilets, household sinks with hot and cool water, mirrors, and 110-volt electrical outlets. For your comfort, the salon has cushioned benches and single chair seating surrounding two large tables and an entertainment center. On the other side of the salon is the galley. You will find ample space for your camera and video equipment with 110-volt electrical outlets easily accessible for charging your batteries. Regardless if it's sun, gorgeous islands, blue water, amazing marine life, the sundeck offers an ideal location for sunbathing or sight-seeing. Partially covered, there is also space for additional kayaking, diving, or snorkeling equipment. The aft deck has a wide swim platform with a Christmas tree ladder for easy exits and entrances as well as a fresh water rinse hose and camera bin.

Meals on-board include outstanding home-style cooking. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared fresh, while snacks including fruit, nuts, and sweets are always available. Just think... you're on vacation, you don't even have to do dishes. Sample meals include: Breakfast - eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, toasts, cereals; Lunch - soups, sandwiches, tacos, pizzas, and fresh salads; Dinner - chicken, beef, fresh fish, potatoes, rice, fresh salads, pastas; Desert - ice creams, pies, brownies. Refreshments such as ice water, juices, coffee, hot and cold tea, and lemonade are included.

Equipment Checklist for Shark Diving

Cage and shark diving is relatively basic in nature, so your equipment needs will be far fewer than a typical live aboard dive trip. If you follow this list, your expedition will provide you with the maximum reward for the least amount of effort. Due to the nature of the animals we encounter, we ask that divers do NOT arrive with brightly colored wetsuits or dive gear. Bold yellow stripes and half suits are not allowed in the shark diving areas. Basic black, or dark colors are mandatory while at Tiger Beach.

Diving Gear

  1. Proper fitting wet suit (3-5 mm full wet suit, black is sufficient)
  2. Mask, gloves, booties, cyalumes for night dives, safety sausage
  3. BCD, regulators, night lights, air depth gauges, Dive Computer (rental gear is not available)
  4. Cameras, video and still, dry housings

Personal Gear

  1. Cameras, video, extra film, tapes
  2. Overnight personal kits, 2-4 towels 3. Special sleeping pillows (optional) 4. Sunscreen
  3. Warm jackets, thermal fleece jackets 6. Sunglasses
  4. Wide brim hat
  5. Rx drugs
  6. Hawaiian shirts

Do NOT Bring

  1. Weight belt - if you normally use a special weight harness please bring it along 2. Non Rx drugs Identification
  2. Valid U.S. passport for all U.S. based citizens.
  3. Foreign visitor’s passports and visas if necessary-what ever is needed to get you into the U.S. will get you into the Bahamas. No expedition refunds for forgotten or misplaced I.Ds. Liquor

Passengers may bring their own alcohol onboard, but all alcohol must be reported to the Captain. If you over indulge and delay dive times for other passengers, you automatically forfeit your right to dive for the remainder of the day. We also have the option of terminating your passage, if we feel you have harmed other passengers, or caused accidents and other problems due to drinking alcohol. So please be responsible.

Illegal Substances

Use of any illegal substances will immediately terminate a diver’s expedition. Passenger(s) indulging in illegal substances will pay own way home from wherever passage is terminated.

Diving Regulations

Divers dive at their own risk. They do their own dive planning and table calculations. Log books are required. In addition, all divers will need a recognized certification card or should obtain one from an insured instructor during the trip.


All divers are required to have dive insurance prior to boarding with us. Check your insurance policies for medical coverage. Diving accidents are expensive. The U.S. Coast Guard does not answer “all-calls” anymore. Since we will be operating 50 miles off shore, evacuation can cost up to $5000 per person. Be prepared for care wherever you are. D.A.N. insurance is acceptable in Bahamas, for more information call (919) 684-2948.


The Bahamas Tiger Shark experience is exciting to say the least. However it is not without its hazards. Please be advised that divers must be open-water certified and comfortable with their dive gear in and around large animals. Also due to the nature of these animals, we cannot predict exactly when a Tiger Shark may (or may not) arrive. Nature is truly wild at this site and nothing should be taken for granted. We’ve had days when the waters surrounding the vessel can be commonly described as a “shark soup” and days when one or two sharks arrive to thrill our divers. We are at the right place at the right time, with the right gear to encounter sharks. So stay alert while at the Tiger Shark site...you never know who is going to show up, or when!

Night dives, wreck dives, and alternate diving are at the group’s discretion. We may elect to spend more than the allotted days at the Tiger Shark site, or we may decide to move on to other sites. The schedule is very flexible and we ask that you be flexible as well.

What To Bring On Your Dive Trip

Your Charter provides tanks, weights, weight belts, and unlimited air. This is a checklist used by one of our customers for several trips on the charter. While no warranties are expressed or implied about its fitness for your use, you might find it a good place to start packing. See below for things not to bring.

Diving gear bag:

  • BC Vest
  • Safety Sausage
  • business card
  • compass
  • depth gauge
  • dive computer (optional)
  • dive tables
  • dive watch
  • fins
  • flashlight (optional)
  • gloves (optional)
  • knife
  • log book and pen
  • mask
  • octopus
  • pressure gauge
  • regulator
  • slate + pencil (optional)
  • snorkel w/snorkel keeper
  • spare bulb (optional)
  • spare hoses (hi/lo pressure) (optional)
  • spare light batteries (optional)
  • spare mask/fin/knife straps (optional)
  • spare mouthpiece (optional)
  • spare o-rings (optional)
  • spare snorkel keeper (optional)
  • suntan lotion
  • swim suit
  • thermometer (optional)
  • towel(s)
  • wet suit boots
  • wet suit jacket
  • wet suit powder (optional)
  • whistle


  • light jacket
  • pants (one pair is more than enough)
  • shirts (only need a few)
  • shoes (for boat, for sand, for travel)
  • shorts (one pair might be enough)
  • socks (optional)
  • underwear as appropriate
  • warm clothing (if nec.)
  • Miscellaneous:
  • certification card
  • money
  • passport
  • pillow (optional)
  • towels
  • slide show materials (optional)
  • tickets
  • toiletries

What Not to Bring

Some items are inappropriate or illegal on our dive trips. Here's a list: Illegal drugs

You may see pricing for similar Tiger expeditions that seem like they are less than what we charge, but you'll soon see why our cost inclusive pricing is the better way to go. Instead of offering one price and then tacking on fuel surcharges, port fees, and more, we give you a set price upfront that's all included. We also offer more actual days at sea with sharks and take fewer divers. In the end we offers a better value, more water time, and a base of operations in the Bahamas helping to directly support local business there.

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