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Signature Fitness Boost in the Spanish summer

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Fitness Experience

Mind, Body & Soul Boost

Andalusia, Spain
7 Days
€ 2,750 combadi price


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Fixed date/Solo friendly
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Jun: 7-14, 14-21 & 21-28 2014

The Combadi Insight:

Getting fit is becoming fun again. Out in the Spanish summer, be introduced into this signature fitness philosophy. By the end of this intense week, you will learn to listen to your body's needs. Looking & feeling better comes in the package too...

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This fitness course will cover all the basic parts of our signature fitness philosophy but will also be a rollercoaster of outdoor experience that will leave you feeling energised, inspired and with a new confidence in your body's ability. The schedule is packed with workshops, movement classes and adventurous training.

You will feel your body changing and will learn the basic tools to transform your training, eating and attitude when you return home.

This course is predominantly group activities although the trainers are around to talk with at any stage. The group size is a maximum of 16 people and the classes will often be split into 2 or 3 to ensure that we can give individualised attention. Exact therapies and skills on offer will vary between courses depending on the team.

Itinerary / Schedule:

Day 1

Arrive at the Cortijo, take in the views and relax!

Day 2

Early morning pole work and animal circuit in the herb circle. An introductory talk covering the core fitness concepts explaining how you will be training for maximum physical and health benefits.

Games and introduction to Wild running. Personalized assessment by one of our experts looking at any postural imbalances and your movement patterns. Discussion of your goals for the course. Introduction to boxing (or advanced class for those returning)

Day 3

Swinging and hanging session in a secret wood. Three hills challenge. Games in the sandy paddock (where horses gallop) Introduction to lifting (or advanced class for those returning) Movement combo (like assault courses, but cooler) in the gardens of the Cortijo Wild Eating workshop - learning what our bodies have evolved to eat. You will find these foods as part of our Wild Menu.

Day 4

Mountain trek – unbelievable views and a challenging ascent up a pristine and dramatic peak, the highest in the area that can be seen from the Cortijo Morning Hip & Shoulder workshop, continuing previous learning on the best way to stretch out muscles and open up joints. Massage. Boxing session in the Lemon tree grove. Wild Living workshop.

Day 5

Lie-in and relaxation massage Optional adventure hike and swim Wild running workshop Mobilisation and flexibility session Combos around the Cortijo. A night out with dinner in the local village and even some Spanish dancing for the brave!

Day 6

A trip to the beach for Lactic lift-off (hard interval training) Lovely assorted picnic lunch – making the most of the scenery. Games on a nearby island with breath-taking views of the sea. Parkour combo, warm down and breathing workshop

Day 7

7 km ‘Run of the bulls’ around the perimeter of the estate with awe inspiring views Practical workshop – teaching you how to continue living the wild values back home. Games Individual re-assessments. Optional boxing or running drills for those who just can’t get enough. Relaxation and stretching session followed by a sunset walk and pre-dinner drink.

Day 8

Boxing Final Wild Talk with discussion and a last opportunity to quiz our incredibly knowledgeable coaches. Optional choice to leave early and visit Seville. Off to the airport, ready to face the urban zoo with renewed vitality!

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Wake up to an early morning pole session and animal circuit in the herb circle. Breakfast of fresh fruit, home-made yoghurt and the Cortijo’s own honey.

An introductory talk on our Fitness philosophy. Some games in the sandy paddock where the horses play. Personal assessments by our experts to discover any postural imbalances and look your movement patterns. Lunch of fresh avocado, orange and almond salad with lime and ginger chicken. A couple of hours down time to sleep or find a secret spot in the garden to read.

Introduction to boxing in the lemon grove (or an advanced session for returners).

Pre-dinner drinks on the terrace surrounded by the evening aromas of jasmine and orange trees. An evening meal of olive and coriander beef with barbequed asparagus and balsamic tomato dressing.

Day 2

Up again for a hanging and swinging session in a nearby secret wood.

Breakfast of chopped pepper, mushroom and tomato omelette. Wild Eating Workshop – learning what our bodies have evolved to eat followed by The Three Hills Challenge.

Lunch of cumin fish cutlets with fruity brown rice and fresh salads. A well-earned massage after the mornings exertions.

A hip and shoulder workshop learning how to mobilise and condition joints followed by an introduction to Wild Running (or an advanced session for returners). A movement combo around the magnificent grounds of the Cortijo. A night out – dinner and Spanish dancing in the local village.

Day 3

A kickstart to the day with a trip to the beach for Lactic Liftoff (a hard interval session).

A picnic breakfast of spinach frittata with fresh fruit juices taking in the views on the beach. Wild-Living workshop offering you practical tips for living the Wildfitness philosophy at home. A mid-morning introduction to lifting. (or an advanced session for returners) followed by games in the garden.

Lunch of steamed chicken in banana leaves with globe artichokes, baby squash and gingered carrot salad.

Mountain Trek – unbelievable views and a challenging ascent up the highest peak in the area.

Sunset drinks and a delicious dinner of Caribbean roast pork with cumin sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables.

  • An initial 15 minute assessment with our coaches that records performance parameters including specific movement patterns and running. We do not recommend that body composition is measured as 7 days is too short a time for us to advise you to aim for a significant change in this.
  • A 15 minute follow up explanation and guidance through the individualised exercises prescribed as a result of this assessment
  • A 15 minute reassessment at the end of the course
  • An information USB to take away with before and after footage of your movement patterns, posture and running plus photos and information on workouts you will learn on the course
  • 2 - 3 training sessions per day
  • 3 workshops covering movement, metabolism & nutrition
  • 1 massage
  • Group sessions of stretching/flexibility
  • 1 morning off
  • All food, transport and accommodation


Our guests stay at the beautiful 17th century Cortijo near the pretty village of Arcos de la Frontera. The Cortijo has 16 bedrooms arranged around a courtyard hung with grape vines and shaded by orange trees. The bedrooms are spacious and comfortable with breath-taking views of the surrounding wild hills; bathrooms are en suite, fitted with hair dryers and some have baths. There are many places to chill out inside and out, with chairs and tables in the gardens, courtyard and by the pool. There are communal rooms with fires, including a library to ‘retire to drink brandy’ (or herbal tea) and the veranda offers an authentic setting for Spanish al fresco dining. The Cortijo is that amazing mix of authenticity, style, functionality and comfort.


Most of the food we source is grown organically in the local area by neighbouring farmers. There are also rabbit and pigeon shot on the estate (although Spring is not the shooting season, so it will have been frozen). Wild asparagus and herbs are grown near the Cortijo, and you can get involved with harvesting them if you feel like it.

The menu provided on the course has been adapted to follow our wild eating principles. We can also provide a personalised menu for vegetarians or those with specific allergies.

How to get there:

Our fitness base is situated a ½ hour drive from Jerez (the closest airport), and a 1½ hour drive from Seville airport.

For Your Convenience

British and all other EU/EEA/EFTA passport holders travelling to Spain do not require a visa provided that the passport is valid for the intended period of stay in Spain. For citizens of other countries please check with the Spanish Embassy.


March and April are usually warm during the day and cold at night. This means that the daytime is great for training, not too hot, but also some good sun and heat during the middle of the day. It also means that at night you need to be prepared with some warm jumpers! It can rain, but it is not likely to rain for more than a short time, but you may want water-proof clothing in case we get unlucky when climbing a mountain.

Recommended Flights

Out-going (on first day of the course) Ryanair (London Gatwick to Seville) 15.55 depart Gatwick - 19.35 arrive Seville Returning (on last day of the course) Ryanair (Seville to London Gatwick) 13.40 depart Seville – 15.30 arrive Gatwick

Please Note - the arrival and departure dates of these recommended flights are the first and last day of your course as it is published. For example, if you book the first course dated 8th – 15th June, the recommended flight arrives on the 8th at 19.35 and departs on the 15th at 13.40.

We would also like to highlight how strict Ryanair are on luggage – the hand luggage must fit the specified size and can’t be more than 10kgs. You have to buy extra cabin luggage if you want it and the standard bag is 15kg not 20kg. They are super strict and can be an unpleasant start to the holiday if you cross them – trust us, we have made this mistake!!!


British and all other EU/EEA/EFTA passport holders travelling to Spain do not require a visa provided that the passport is valid for the intended period of stay in Spain. For citizens of other countries please check with the Spanish Embassy.


No special immunizations or medications are necessary for most trips to Spain although Tetanus and Hepatitis A are recommended. Please consult your GP for more information. A good website for travel health information is: MD Travel Health

Travel Insurance

Adequate travel insurance for your trip is required. Insurance packages can be found at most high street travel agents or online.


June is usually a warm month with temperatures ranging between 20 and 35 degrees – warm days and cooler nights. There is virtually no rain and it is shirt sleeve weather all the time, evenings included.

Packing list

We recommend: - One or two pairs of running shoes, well-used and comfortable, (if you are buying new shoes you may like to buy lightweight flat-soled shoes that are suitable for "bare-foot style" running, which you will be taught on the course). - Six / seven pairs of exercise clothes - One or possibly two swimming costumes or bikinis - One light thing to sleep in - Evening - casual and comfy clothes recommended - Going out stuff - 1 nice outfit in case we decide to go out of an evening - Hat (wide-brimmed recommended) - One pair of good quality swimming goggles one beach bag / rucksack - One pair sunglasses - High-factor 30+ sunscreen - Alarm Clock - Stopwatch (or phone / watch with stopwatch) - for taking your heart rate. We do not recommend you bring Heart Rate Monitors - One camera and a large memory card - Torch (not mandatory). - Boxing gloves (10-14oz) - if you are sensitive to wearing other people's boxing gloves or are attending one of our longer courses, you may like to bring your own gloves (not mandatory and we have lots) and these can be purchased at many sporting shops or on line at: www.fitness-superstore.co.uk. - A pair of simple protective gloves to prevent blisters on sensitive palms, when swinging from beams or monkey bars. - Toiletries - we provide soap, shampoo and conditioner, (but not ‘leave-in’ conditioner). - Medical Kit - we provide plasters, disinfectant, anti-histamine cream and pills, E45 cream, Vaseline and antiseptic cream, but feel free to supplement this with you own preferred supplies if you like. Note: if you are concerned about a bad tummy, we recommend Bio Care Travel Guard capsules - they contain a probiotic, garlic and antiseptic herbs to help maintain intestinal health and fight off bugs. - Books - 1 big or 2 thin, depending on the length of your stay & your reading speed!

As always I am returning home feeling full of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. I feel totally de-stressed and ready to face the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Bridget Gisby

Good company, good food, motivational and inspirational. Leave your gym and go do what you are designed to do. Alistair Linford

What an amazing sense of adventure. Having just had a baby (a year ago) I needed a boost in terms of detox, diet, exercise and all over wellbeing. Coming here gave me all this and I feel so much lighter, clearer in my mind, radiant and more importantly ready to take back a lot of the values I learnt at the retreat. Maya

My third time back and better than ever. The instructors get more out of you than you even believe was there, but more importantly give you a road map to bring fitness home after the course for fitness, eating and living. Robert

A week later... I feel strong, physically and mentally. I’ve never worked so hard, laughed so much and had an education in fitness and nutrition all at once. A spark has been ignited for a healthier life to come. Tiffany

I will take away a real understanding of how to exercise in a more balanced and relaxed way and that will make a huge difference. And I come back to my life with total renewed energy and vitality. Lewis

This holiday will sets you on the right path when it comes to thinking about the way to train, eat and rest. I would recommend to others who need a push in the right direction. James

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The Combadi Insight:

When a visitor comes back with these words to share, we listen: "True magic! Everything from exquisite grounds to skillful therapies and treatments to astounding cuisine is accomplished with such love. It’s an authentic place at the highest level, created with real simplicity and great care."