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Get Fit, Get Active

Kenya, Africa
9 Days
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Fixed date/Solo friendly
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26 Oct - 3 Nov, 23 Nov - 1 Dec, 4-12 Jan 2014, 1-9 Feb 2014

The Combadi Insight:

This is not just a fitness bootcamp. It is an introduction into a unique fitness & life philosophy. From the way you exercise, the way you eat to the way you move; this will transform your body & your soul. All this in a gorgeous resort in the Kenyan seaside... Need we say more?

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This fitness course will cover all the basic parts of our signature fitness philosophy but will also be a rollercoaster of outdoor experiences that will leave you feeling energised, inspired and with a new confidence in your body's ability. The schedule is packed with workshops, movement classes and adventurous training.

You will feel your body changing and will learn the basic tools to transform your training, eating and attitude when you return home.

This course is predominantly group activities although the trainers are around to talk with at any stage. The group size is a maximum of 16 people and the classes will often be split into 2 or 3 to ensure that we can give individualised attention. Exact therapies and skills on offer will vary between courses depending on the team.

Itinerary / Schedule

Day 1

A stretch on the beach and a swim in Watamu's crystal waters to ease your muscles after your journey. Personalised assessment by one of our experts looking at your posture and your movement patterns. Discussion of your goals for the course. Relaxation massage.

An introductory talk covering the core concepts of our fitness philosophy and explaining how you will be training for maximum physical and health benefits. Sundowners on the panoramic roof at sunset, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Day 2

Early morning boxing session in our open-air Dojo, learning technique and getting sweaty!

Wild Movement workshop, followed by 'Wild' running skills on the white sands of Watamu. Posture and movement workshop, to improve flexibility and help loosen key joints.

Late afternoon primal skills circuits - pushing, lunging, twisting, throwing.

Day 3

Run or walk through the countryside, past local villages (and many waving children!) ending at the Mida creek - Wild Eating workshop, learning what our bodies have evolved to eat: you will find these foods as part of our Wild Menu.

Snorkeling to the marine park opposite Baraka House teaming with fish life and coral. Circuits on the beach, working in pairs to help challenge each other.

Day 4

A second early morning boxing session, developing skills further and revving up your system. Introduction to kettle bell training and pole work. Wild Metabolism workshop, learning the best ways to maintain energy and get lean.

Afternoon off to go shopping in Malindi. Dinner at a nearby open-air restaurant, under the stars. Then a chance to go out on the town if desired!

Day 5

A lie-in today! Then the morning off to spend at leisure relaxing on the beach, swimming across the bay, or for the more energetic a wind-surfing less(extra). A short sea swim to assess skills and extra swimming tips for those who need it. Walk through palm forest and mangroves to do a running speed skills session.

Return in the early evening for a talk from the local expert working for Watamu Turtle Conservation.

Day 6

Sunrise flexibility session on the roof.

A long morning swim across Mida Creek, arriving on the far side of the creek in time for a delicious and well earned picnic lunch on a sand island. Motor boat back to Baraka House.

'Hunter-gatherer' obstacle course on the beach as the sun sets. Dinner is a delicious barbecue of local food on the beach with traditional African dancers.

Day 7

An interval training session in a coconut clearing inland. Further kettle bell skills training in small groups on the beach. Short cooking lesson from our Head Chef William before lunch. Afternoon posture and movement workshops, continuing previous learning on flexibility and opening up key joints. Circuits in the jungle!

Day 8

Third boxing session, more technique plus an intense workout. Re-assessments and individual time with the trainer to discuss your personal development.

Final kettle bell session a chance to get tough! Float with the tide through mangroves in a tidal inlet.Drinks on the roof top terrace whilst the sun sets over the forest a chance to reflect on all your achievements.

Day 9

Early morning Aquathlon using the bays: running and swimming. Deep tissue massage with essential oils. Final talk with discussion. Departure

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  • Arrive at Watamu, head to the white sandy beach and swim in the crystal waters to ease your muscles after the journey.
  • Lunch of orange glazed calamari, served with butter beans, cherry tomato and mint salad.

  • Afternoon personal assessment with our fitness coach to look at your movement patterns and posture and talk through your goals for the course.

  • Sunset mobilisation on the beach to loosen joints and discover lost body movement!

  • Supper on the roof under the stars. Oysters, ginger chicken and lime patties and crunchy salads after a brief introduction talk about the basic principles behind our fitness philosophy.

Day 2

  • Wake up with the sun, a warm breeze and cup of ginger tea.

  • ‘Awaken your faculties’ in our open air jungle hut. This session works on enlivening your perception of balance, responsiveness, and co-ordination.

  • Breakfast of freshly made juice, seasonal fruits, coconut pancakes, and eggs of your choice.

  • Float through a secret magical mangrove channel twitching with bird life. We’ll give you some swim tips and introduce you to breathing techniques which allow deep relaxation and increased confidence under water.

  • Workshop on Wild Eating that covers the biological and evolutionary logic behind the food that we serve you and the behavioural aspects of eating.

  • Lunch of prawns with lime aioli, chickpea salad with fresh coriander and an avocado and red pepper salad.

  • Combo on the wide empty white beach of Watamu. Combos are key sessions that include many natural movements like climbing, jumping, balancing, swimming and throwing… and they get your blood pumping.

  • Beach supper under the stars of Cajun kingfish, tomato and lentil dhal salad, and wild greens with local tribal dancers for entertainment.

Day 3

  • Sunrise barefoot running skills in a coconut clearing. Re-learn the basics of our most fundamental human movement pattern.

  • Breakfast spinach frittata and seasonal fruits.

  • Relaxing massage in our Hush Hut using organic essential oils.

  • Workshop on Wild Living. Here we explore why both rest and intense activity are so important for your body – your physiology, biomechanics and your mental state.

  • Lunch of grilled snapper fillets with fennel & onion salad, nut koftas and delicious fresh salads.

  • Warm up games on the beach. We choose games that are immediately engaging and get you moving with agility and purpose like no other workout can. They are not competitive and they are not contrived!

  • A wild fighting session using boxing and kicking techniques. We focus on elasticity, rhythm and efficient transfer of body weight. The session is challenging but skilful.

  • Evening breathing and mobilisation on the roof as the sun goes down on the nearby Arabuko Sokoke Forest.

  • Supper of seared beef with bean mash, sautéed mushrooms and toasted sesame carrot salad.

The 9-day kick start includes the following:

  • An initial 15 minute assessment with our trainers that records performance parameters including specific movement patterns and running. We do not recommend that body composition is measured as 9 days is too short a time for us to advise you to aim for a significant change in this.
  • A 15 minute follow up explanation and guidance through the individualised exercises prescribed as a result of this assessment
  • A 15 minute reassessment at the end of the course
  • An information USB to take away with before and after footage of your movement patterns, posture and running plus photos and information on workouts you will learn on the course
  • 2 - 3 training sessions per day
  • 5 workshops covering movement, metabolism & nutrition
  • 2 massages
  • 2 group sessions of stretching/flexibility
  • 1 morning off
  • All food, transport and accommodation


For courses in Kenya you can choose to stay in one of three different houses - Baraka House, Forest View House or Siena House.

Baraka House is our fitness hub, where all of the meals, workshops and many of the activities are held. It is an elegant and peaceful retreat that blends into the natural environment, with two panoramic rooftops and comfortable communal areas. It is has five villa-style rooms and each room has a balcony with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. The deserted beach is found at the bottom of Baraka’s garden and an indigenous forest stretches back from the house.

Forest View House is 300m walk inland from Baraka House. It is airy and spacious with boutique features from local artists. Each bedroom has its own unique feel and access to a balcony overlooking the tree tops. It shares a swimming pool with Siena House.

Siena House is next door to Forest View House. It feels like a 'cottage' and its two bedrooms are small but adequate. It has lovely communal areas - a living room and outdoor veranda area by the pool.


The food we serve in Kenya is mostly sourced organically and locally. All fish and seafood is sourced directly from local fishermen. Our water is Kenyan mineral water, our coconuts and cashew nuts come from the surrounding trees (if the monkeys don't get there first) and our salt is sea salt that has not been refined. Prepare to have your taste-buds dazzled!

The menu provided on the course has been adapted to follow our wild eating principles (see our Wild Eating page). We can also provide a personalized menu for vegetarians or those with specific allergies. See a sample menu below:

Breakfast: Choice of eggs, Tropical fruits, vegetables & salad.

Lunch: Red Snapper Ceviche marinated in spicy lime and coconut on cucumber salad accompanied with a big crunchy green salad with chopped green beans.

Dinner: Grilled jumbo prawns, Stir fried veg, Teriyaki Sauce, Big green salad and a Nut roast.

Getting there

Baraka House is situated in Watamu along the north coast of Kenya. Our nearest airports are Malindi (25 minutes drive away) and Mombasa (3 hours drive away). Both are approximately 1 hour's flight from Nairobi where most international flights fly into. Wildfitness will be able to organise taxis for you, from and to Malindi will be £15 each way and from and to Mombasa will cost approximately £60 each way.

If you like we can book your flights to and from Mombasa or Malindi and we can also advise on insurance, thereby delivering the whole package in one.

It is cheaper to book both your international and domestic flights together and travel agents such as Trailfinders +44 20 7938 3939 or The Flight Centre +44 2074865585 are a good place to start for the best deals. The recommended airlines flying direct from London to Nairobi are: Kenya Airways (KQ), British Airways and KLM (via Amsterdam).


All visitors travelling to Kenya must obtain a visa (unless you come from South Africa in which case you don't need a visa). This costs US$50 and can be obtained via a travel agent (e.g. Trailfinders or Thames Consular services 02074944957) or the Kenya High Commission (Tel: 020 7636 2371/5). You can also get a visa on arrival at JK Airport in Nairobi which is a reasonably quick and efficient service (US$50 or £30 sterling) and you also need a minimum of two blank pages in your passport.


For visitors to Kenya from UK no immunisations are required by law, however, it is a good idea to take precautions. Yellow fever is mandatory if returning to the USA, Australia and some European countries (consult your GP for more information). Kenya is a malarial affected area so we advise you consult your GP in regardsing anti-malarial measures. Vaccines generally recommended for Kenya are: Diphtheria and Tetanus, Polio, Typhoid, Yellow fever, and Rabies. Please consult your GP for information on all of the above. A good website for travel health info is: www.mdtravelhealth.com

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory for all our clients to have adequate travel insurance which covers the duration of their holiday. Insurance packages can be found at most high street travel agents or by searching online.


Heat - It is hot in December, January, February and March, but Baraka House is angled to catch the Kaskasi Monsoon's breezes.

Rain - It rains in May, June and some of July, occasionally continuing sporadically into August and September.

Winds - Strong winds come with the Kaskasi monsoon between late May and late September.

Seaweed - You can find patches of seaweed on the beach between May and October.

Dolphin season - Dolphins are often present between November and April or when the sea is calm.


The electricity supply in Kenya is 220/240volts, 50HZ. Sockets are usually three pin square (same as in the UK). It is advisable to ensure that appliances such as video or battery chargers operating on other voltages have a built-in adaptor.

Post Office / Parcel Delivery

There is a post office in Watamu open from: 9am - 12am & 2pm - 5pm on weekdays. If you need to DHL anything to the UK there is also a Securicor office in Watamu.

I've never felt so amazing as after these 9 days! This is the best value for money I have ever spent on myself and I will absolutely be returning! Thank you! Neha Parmar

You should all be extremely proud of what you do. I admired the level of professionalism throughout the course and the way you delivered your knowledge, making it challenging and fun. Steve Bright

I went for a holiday in the sunshine with a bit of exercise thrown in to keep me occupied. What I got in return was the holiday of a lifetime making my body do things it didn't think was possible, having lots of laughs, meeting new people and revelling in the most beautiful surroundings. The result: I have been told I look ten years younger. Everyone wants to know the secret. Jean Wylie

I have never felt so in tune with my body. I had always thought I was fit but this has taught me what the real meaning of fitness is. Stephania Varalli

A true experience of Wildness. A Perfect combination of challenging physical activity under the supervision of inspiring coaches as well as time to relax and excellent food! Katie Bowen

I was taught and learned a lot over the week. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff really completed it. Looking forward to the next time!

Damien Fitzpatrick

Having attended courses in Kenya 3 times already, I can say that it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s inspiring and one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

Hanno Strube

Having done a full blown masochistic ‘Boot Camp’ in 2009, where we were fed nothing, exercised up to 9 hours a day, and shown little mercy for 7 days, it was truly inspiring to come to Baraka to be taught to understand the more physiological aspects of oneself, to blow the myths of calorie counting and cholesterol levels, to learn that “less is more” if done correctly – I may have lost more weight at bootcamp and been fed a lot of propaganda about certain foods, but the ‘quick fix’ was short lived, whereas I believe from here I will return with a more rational understanding of food stuffs appropriate to my well being, and exercise in a more dynamic way using the great outdoors with more imagination etc….. feeling BRILLIANT!

Sophie de Roeper

I had high expectations as a friend had recommended this holiday to me and they were significantly exceeded. Excellent trainers, food and overall approach. I will be encouraging all my friends to do the course.


A holiday that provided the inspiration I needed to revolutionise my approach to active living. ** I have lost weight, improved posture, got stronger, tried many new activities, made new friends**…. And had a lot of fun the process!


I didn’t know I had it in me. ** In 9 days you’ve cleared away 9 years of problems!** Result. Thank you.


The only holiday I have ever taken that will continue when I get home.


I would recommend this holiday to anyone wishing to kick start their lives via exercise, diet, and a new philosophy for living. It will change the way you eat and exercise. It really is an experience for all and one which I can say I am happy to have experienced! Give it a go!


An amazing experience that starts off as a holiday and ends as the beginning of a whole new way of living!


If it were possible I would have liked to stay on for the longer course and I will be back! The best break ever from city, office, family life! Hours spent exercising in the great outdoors in the most awesome location with a very professional, fun, and dedicated team! Thank you!


It’s an experience that you have to go through at least once in your life.


If anyone has tried a lifetime of diet fads or quick weight-loss boot camps and wants to find a way that really changes the way you eat and workout for life that is easy to follow and makes sense, this is it. I can’t wait to get back and continue the good work I have started and already see and feel the results at the end of a 9 day course. Trust me, I’ve tried them all!


Too often we can become stuck in our own lifestyle regime. This holiday showed me that there is an option which allows me to eat good tasty food and not exercise until I drop everyday. Changing a few little things has/will help make big differences, both in how I feel and work. Thank you very much.


As an ex-olympic athlete I thought I knew a lot about fitness but this taught me a lot more. If you’re interested in getting fit and feeling fit, this place is an inspirational way to do it. Beautiful scenery, great instructors and a lot of fun.


I arrived stressed, unfocused, with reduced fitness and no sense of direction. I am so thankful to the entire team & camaraderie of the group to lead me back on track. And they brought the person I want to be back. It has changed my life!


I was looking for a place to recharge my batteries and get into a rhythm in terms of exercise & eating well. Little did I know I would find that and be able to give up caffeine for 9 days! I feel great and would recommend it to anyone interested in getting fit, whether they are very athletic or couch potatoes.


I am leaving feeling confident and fitter after some punishing work-outs in idyllic locations – having arrived feeling as if were a “worn out old wildebeest” I am leaving feeling more like a “young springbok”. THANKS EVERYONE.


It was an amazing experience.It’s a week of self challenge, team work, laughter and fun. The team are 100% professional, supportive, and really help you to achieve your goals.


This is a course of the highest quality with trainers of a standard you will not find better anywhere in the world. I arrived with severe muscle and joint pain and left without pain and with the confidence to manage my fitness better in the future.


If you’re tired, stressed, a tad overweight and not eating well, then you are probably looking for time away in a warm climate. But to lose that weight, learn about how to eat better and how to de-stress, where do you go? Here is where – simply stated it will change the way you eat, sleep, feel and exercise forever. An outstanding team of fitness professionals will guide and cajole you through a tough but realistic course of exercises that in only 9 days will change your body shape permanently. And the healthy food is amazing! Do it. Book today!


The course was a great and fun experience. Virtually everyone I know would benefit from this course. I can imagine what it would be like if the majority of people in Britain took up the great lifestyle – de-stressed, healthy, and smiling all the time.


A re – education of the mind, the body and the soul! Loved it and can’t wait to come back for more.

Emma Sheldon

The best antidote to the stresses of work imaginable – after only 9 days I feel fitter, healthier and more relaxed than I have in years.


Body felt & looked 10 years younger after 9 days – another week and who knows what we might have achieved!!


The beauty of this course is that it is so well planned and thought out. The setting is beautiful, the care and attention to service allows you to focus on your fitness goals. Do this course and you will learn about your body and what you can do with it!!

Stephanie Bourke

There isn’t a more wonderful setting for a highly invigorating, instructive, and productive way to get fit. I got so much out of the course which was run by an infectiously enthusiastic team.


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