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Just say F**k it & go

  • Soul

Self Transformation Relaxing Retreat

Once-in-a-lifetime travel experience

Stromboli, Italy
1 week
€ 995 combadi price


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Holiday Type
Fixed date/Solo friendly
Running Period
May 31 - June 7, June 22 - 29, July 3 - 10, July 19 - 26

The Combadi Insight:

Few people can claim that they can help you change your life. Even fewer can actually do it.. Well, we are very happy and honoured to be bringing you the opportunity to change it all, relax, breath and say F**k it to everything holding you back from being who you want to be.

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This is a completely original retreat for those that want to achieve total freedom in their lives. Going to a F••k it week, and just saying ‘F••k It’ is about slowing down, relaxing, listening to ourselves, and that ‘flow’ & finally following it. In this week, in a thoroughly joyful way, you’ll learn how to do that. You will learn how to follow your instincts and get what you want without trying at all.

The retreat is located on the unique island of Stromboli, off the coast of Sicily. It is in fact the only constantly active volcano in the world: but active in a way that allows you to live just beneath it and witness the eruptions from many parts of the island, safely! The island has only 400 inhabitants!

Apart from the teachings, you will enjoy the famous Sicilian food and wine which is soul changing in itself. And of course there are the striking beaches and the warm, crystal-clear waters of the volcanic island. There is access to the beach just under your hotel which is in typical Strombilian style.

There are a number of different life-changing experiences on offer:

May 31 - June 7: Gaia's magic frequency

June 22 - 29: Barefoot doctor

July 3 - 10: F**k It Week

July 19 - 26: F**k It Week

Your hosts, left their well-paid jobs and started teaching the F••k It Weeks in 2005. Since then, the weeks have become famous. Their F••k It books are bestsellers and now available in 18 languages.

First things first... no early rising for yoga and chanting over here...

Our sessions start at 9.30am after a leisurely breakfast, and run through 'til lunchtime (around 1pm).

There will be sessions every day during your stay (excluding on your arrival and departure days, so 6 days), though we may have a shorter session on one day, when you can have a longer trip (such as a walk up the volcano)…

So your time is your own every day from lunch onwards to do what you love most...Not bad huh?

  • Accommodation
  • Teaching
  • Half-board

(Many people come on their own and then share with 1 or 2 others, who are also coming on their own.)

€995 Triple (sharing with 2 others)

€1,295 Twin (sharing with 1 other)

€1,295 Double (you probably come together)

€1,495 Single

€1,345 Sea view (double or twin)

€1,595 Sea view (single)

How you can pay:

Just enquire & we will get in touch with you!

You can pay in two installments. How much you pay, when, and in what installments, is dependent on what accommodation option and venue you choose. We ask for an initial payment, then the second payment is required to be paid directly to the venue 6 weeks before your holiday (or before if you prefer).

We’ll give you the precise details when you book...

Most of our daily problems are caused by stress and forgetting our connection to our soul. Most of us work too hard on things that don’t give us happiness, stress too much about things that don’t matter much & generally spend our lives doing things that don’t really suit us...

What you will learn with us here

  • Get what you want without trying at all. We have a whole series of physical exercises that show you, categorically, empirically, without a shadow of doubt, that you can achieve more, be stronger, do stuff that will make others gasp, when you give up trying so bloody hard.

  • The Very Ultimate Relaxation Technique. Realize that things aren’t so important; taking things less seriously; and making life more like a game and less like hard work.

  • Relaxing is very important for your health, your healing & your ability to get exactly what you want in life.

  • Emergency relaxation techniques, as well as a form that will change your levels of relaxation for the rest of your life.

  • Qigong (the Chinese energy art). You will learn a form that you can use every day for the rest of your life to relax you, keep you relaxed, heal you, or keep you well, and attract a whole lot of amazing stuff into your life. The advanced levels of the form (which you will learn here) guide you in the basic steps of F••k It: relaxing, listening, trusting, and following.

  • Breathe. You’ll be amazed what can happen when you learn how to breathe properly, and in different ways. And we mean amazed.

  • Follow. Learn how to follow your instinct. Big-time. You will learn how to tune in, in every moment, to what you feel like doing, and follow it. Not like sheep. But like playful kittens.

A few words about Stromboli

This is a unique location. It is in fact the only constantly active volcano in the world: but active in a way that allows you to live just beneath it and witness the eruptions from many parts of the island, safely!

The ongoing volcanic activity is a small emission of blobs of lava shot a small distance into the air called ‘fire fountains’. This makes for a stunning night spectacle, as you can imagine. You really understand here that everything is alive and connected.

The island is a volcano: 900 meters high and 12 Km long, the eastern side is ‘untamed, with roads that are more like country tracks only used by walkers or electric carts (no cars are allowed on the island), little squares with restaurants, beaches made of lavic sand and therefore completely black, set against the turquoise transparent sea. There are no lights on the streets at night, so star-watching and eruption-watching is an unimaginable experience.

The island is completely unspoilt. It has just 400 inhabitants and you are in direct touch with raw nature... you will not feel alone though.. we are here next to you every step of your journey of discovery.

Accommodation in Stromboli

The hotel offers a typical Strombolian way of living: with small white buildings dotted around the green gardens, right above a beautiful bay of black volcanic sand and stones, and the blue sea. Bright-flowered trees cover the white walls of the rooms and restaurant.

The rooms are simple and clean. This is a simple, functional space in a spectacular setting!

The centre of the town is a 4 minute walk from the hotel, the port is 10 minutes’, the larger beaches are all close-by, and there are several small coves right beneath the hotel.

Our lovely food

You are in for a treat here... Sicilian food is heavenly. Just a taster for you...Aubergine caponata; local pizza prepared on a thick bread and covered with fresh tomatoes; the famous arancini, crusty balls of rice with melted mozzarella inside; amazing seafood and the desserts… cannoli (tubular crusts with creamy ricotta and a sugar filling); cassata (a rich cake with almonds and local crystallized oranges); gelati (ice cream) and granite (sweetened crushed ice in about 20 different natural flavours, like almond, lemon or chocolate).

We are half-board at our hotel: Many people will want to go to the beach after the session in the morning, and take a light snack there.

You will mainly have dinner at the hotel, to spend the evening together after the free afternoon. But we’ll occasionally have lunch at the hotel and go out together in the evening to explore some of the restaurants on the island.

Do not forget our striking beaches

The beaches in Stromboli are simply mind-blowing! Pure sparkling black sand or rocks and Caribbean blue water. There are a few long sandy beaches as well a many coves and bays of sand and stone with the lush hillside at your back.

The sea floor is also black.. we are in a volcano, so what did you expect... & the sea-life incredible and plentiful: making snorkelling and scuba diving here very special. It is possible to scuba dive down the lava ridge, which is apparently one trully unforgettable experience.

What our guests have said:

The location is simply perfect, there is a small beach right in front of the hotel. E.V., London

The water - warm and crystal clear. Wish I was still there. J.L., Germany

The hotel is very tastefully designed, lots of flowers and open pathways. I.S., Holland

The location is just sensational and the island wonderful.Stromboli is basic - that is its charm - so don't expect a resort - but do expect to feel that you are on an extraordinary place. M.P., Portsmouth, U.K.

The setting, just above the sea and looking out towards the lighthouse on Strombolicchio, is simply stunning. The room looked beautiful with antique furniture and en suite shower room. J.L., England

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