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Northern Greece Cultural Discovery

Mystical Monument Hotel Experience

Kavala, Greece
5 nights
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The Combadi Insight:

There are a few places in the world where as soon as you walk in, a feeling of awe overtakes your soul. A monument with a rich history spanning more than a thousand years and the footprints of Roman, Greek and Arabic civilizations. Every moment at the Imaret will change you forever.

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Combadi has created in collaboration with Imaret hotel, a unique Islamic monument authentically restored into a thematic hotel, an unforgettable travel experience.

This special 5-night package offers you the opportunity to be a part of history and experience luxury and pampering of supreme quality. Feel like a king, for a few days, walk in the steps of Mohamed Ali, the former of newer Egypt & indulge in a gastronomical feast prepared for you by renowned chefs.

Discover its authentic Islamic hammam and its signature spa treatments. Let your mind, body and soul become one. The hotel offers a mystical experience of ultimate relaxation. After all, only chilldren above the age of 12 are allowed. You are here to relax and relax you will.

The hammam is unique and one of the very few still authentic in the world. The renovation of the Imaret hammam was completed with the guidance & study of Professor Lowry Heath (Princeton University of New Jersey-Ottoman studies) which was compiled for the latest renovation phase.

Especially for our 5-night stay, get the chance to discover the history of Northern Greece with a number of tailored Combadi-Imaret exclusive trips in the region. From a visit to the Mountain Athos and the Orthodox monasteries, sailing around the historic city of Kavala, a 1-day trip to nearby Thasos, a visit to the Mudbaths set to heal a number of ailments, a discovery tour of Thessaloniki to a wine & gastronomy tour of the region.

The region offers the opportunity for a unique cultural travel experience.

Imaret, the jewel of the Aegean, is a special place that merges two natures, those of a monument and those of a hotel, featuring 26 accommodations, each one uniquely designed and decorated. The rooms surround 3 distinctive inner gardens, reflecting the charm of original Islamic gardens set in the past.

Our Treasure Suites are characterized by impressive architectural details with built-on wooden beds and mosaic bathtubs or exposed-stone domes and massif marble tubs overlooking the sea or courtyard. The Dome Rooms are elegant accommodations spread across Imaret's gardens with some of them radiating from the internal courts while others overlook the sea through the byzantine fortress.

The original hamam treatment with the scrub and light massage will add to your luxurious recreation and a swim in our private secret cistern will pamper you even further. As for our special massage treatments, we leave it to your imagination.

The latest unit of the monument hosts the dining room. An ideal background for an unforgettable candlelight dinner, based on Mediterranean cuisine. Our salads, vegetables, fruits and herbs come fresh, from our own organic garden.

Enjoy our old fashion breakfast served in original Haviland-Limoges porcelain, named after the Empress Eugenie, to remind the romance of an Egyptian ruler and the European Empress.

Every moment has been carefully put together with only one thing in mind, your satisfaction and pleasure.

Your stay at the Imaret will be an unforgettable experience of luxury offering you a deep historical and cultural insight into its history and heritage. Besides your stay here with us and the Imaret experience Combadi & Imaret offer you the following exclusive travel experiences.

The following excursions are tailormade and organised according to your wishes..

  • Mudbaths excursion; with the Imaret minivan
  • Sailing around Kavala; Sailing boat ride around the city with an experienced captain
  • Day Sailing trip to Thasos; Sailing boat ride around Thasos Island with an experienced captain
  • Thessaloniki Tour; With the Imaret minivan
  • Wine & Gastronomy experince including a one hour winetasting at “Ktima Vivlia Hora” in Kavala, with 2 wine labels accompanied by cheese & a winetasting seminar at “Ktima Lazaridis” in Drama, with 2 wine labels.
  • Boat ride to Agion Oros: Sailing boat ride from Kavala or with the Imaret minivan till Mount Athos. Duration of 7 hours (2 hours to/from destination and 3 hours tour of the premises)

Besides the above experiences, Imaret offers a variety of cultural events depending on the period that you visit us. Just a few of them are viewings of the Metropolitan Opera performances, lectures from renowned professors of the Islamic world at the Institute of Mohamed Ali in the city of Kavala.

  • 5 night stay in a Deluxe Dome Room or Treasure Suite
  • Daily Imaret Breakfast
  • Hamam treatment for 2 (on a day of your choosing, please reserve in advance)
  • Cistern rose Tea for 2 on a day of your choosing
  • 20% reduction in our Spa treatments
  • A 3 course dinner a la carte for 2, served in our restaurant (beverages excluded)
  • A 3 course secret dinner selection served in our romantic private terrace (beverages excluded, please reserve in advance)
  • Imaret's unique goodnight service

The tailormade experiences have been especially created for Combadi customers.

Please enquire with us or the hotel and make your visit unforgettable.

Landmarks worth visiting while at Imaret with us

  • Old town of Kavala
  • Archeological site of Philippi (Byzantine& post Byzantine Monuments)
  • Byzantine Walls and Castle
  • Mohamed Ali Museum
  • Kavala Port
  • Archeological Museum of Kavala
  • Municipal Museum of Tobacco
  • History and Folklore Museum
  • Thasos Island
  • Beach of Kalamitsa
  • Megas Alexandros Airport of Kavala
  • Macadonia Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG)
  • Old Town of Xanthi
  • International Wetland of Nestos River (& Vistonida Lake)

Imaret is situated in the city of Kavala, 30km away from Kavala International Airport. Kavala is located 125km from Thessaloniki, Greece's second biggest town renowned for its rich history and its being a cultural crossroad between the Ottman, Byzantine & Jewish civilization.

Just 440km from Istanbul, Imaret can be your perfect backdrop for an exploration of Northern Greece and Turkish cultural visit.

For any questions, assistance with flight bookings, special request, let us know and we will help you make your Imaret experience a life-changing moment.

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