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Claim your life back & feel the energy flow in your body

  • Soul

Self Transformation Relaxing Retreat

Treat yourself to a new life

Urbino, Italy
8 Days
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Fixed date/Solo friendly
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Sept 18-25, Oct 5-12, Oct 12-19, Oct 23-30, Nov 16-23

The Combadi Insight:

Changing one's life is not an easy feat. We found this Energy & Qigong retreat and though that where better can you learn to live life to the full than in a restored stone farmhouse hillside estate in the Italian countryside... We were further persuaded when we saw the spectacular infinity pool, the warm hospitality and the handmade italian pasta... Fill your body, open your mind, then your soul will just flourish.

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This retreat has been put together for all of you out there that need the nudge, the extra push to switch off for a week and take real care of yourself. Going to a F••k it week, first and foremost you 'll come back with one thing. To know how to say F••k it to all the tension, the noise and the stress...

There are a number of different life-changing experiences on offer here during the months of September & October:

March 27 - April 3: Gaia's magic frequency

April 3 - 19: Barefoot doctor

April 10 - 17: F**k It Week

May 4 -11: John’s Amazing Qigong

May 11 -May 18: F**k It Week

June 15 - 22: F**k It Week

August 29 - 4: September Karl Grunick Week

September 6 -13: F**k It Week

September 18 - 25: Gaia's Magic Dissolving

October 5-12: Gaia's Magic Truth and Shadows

October 12-19: Barefoot doctor

October 23-30: F**k It Week

November 16-23: Gaia's Magic Women

In this week, in an utterly relaxing but also exciting way, you’ll discover and realize how all of us can do that. You will learn how to follow your instincts and get what you want without trying at all.

The retreats are being held at this spectacular location near Urbino, in the Marche Italian region. This place is really something special, and it feels like it was there waiting for us and you...

Aside from the beauty of the place, and all its features (and very beautiful it is too… there's a style to everything, and an attention to detail that blew us away), what made it clear that this was the right place for us all, was that every time we visited, we would relax instantly and deeply. There is a softness and peace in the place that conquers everyone and everything. You too will relax instantly when you’re there: lying back in the lap of luxury and giving into peace (and plates of handmade linguini with rocket and pecorino pesto too).

Your hosts, left their well-paid jobs and started teaching the F••k It Weeks in 2005. Since then, the weeks have become famous. Their F••k It books are bestsellers and now available in 18 languages.

Apart from the teachings, you will enjoy the famous Italian food and wine which is soul changing in itself...

And that is not just it... there's more, a gorgeous spa out of this world.

A really amazing life experience guaranteed to transform the way your outlook to life looks like...

First of all, there will be no early rising for yoga and chanting. No siree. Rise leisurely and head down for some breakfast in the sumptuous breakfast bar.

Then we’ll start at 9.30am and run through 'til lunchtime (1pm) - and with a tea break of course. There will be sessions on every day during your stay (excluding arrival and departure days, so 6 days), though there will be a shorter session on one day, when you will have the opportunity to have a longer trip out somewhere (such as a walk in the mountains, or a trip to Fano, on the coast).

So your time is your own every day from lunch onwards: and you won’t have trouble filling it with all there is to do (and not do) at the Estate.

So in this week, you'll learn how to achieve anything you want (and we mean anything you want) through simple presence and tapping into the feeling of flow and ease. And you'll learn exercises that can turn back the clock and allow you to heal.

Karl really is a F**k It Master, as you can tell he's not as bothered about things as ordinary mortals are - and when people see this, and understand him (that he doesn’t judge and simply follows his Ki), they feel incredibly liberated to do the same in their own lives.

Such actions (and non-actions) are the basis of F**k It Living, and Karl is the Master of this.

You will be doing around 3 hours of sessions every day during your stay (excluding arrival and departure days), usually in the morning.

  • Accommodation
  • Teaching
  • Full-board

(Many people come on their own and then share with 1 or 2 others, who are also coming on their own.)

Prices (Full Board) (People do sometimes come on their own and then share with 1 or 2 others, who are also coming on their own)

€995 Triple (sharing with 2 others)

€1,295 Twin (sharing with 1 other)

€1,295 Double (you probably come together)

€1,495 Single

€1,495 Suite (double or twin)

€1,695 Suite (single)

How you can pay:

Just enquire & we will get in touch with you!

You can pay in two instalments. How much you pay, when, and in what instalments, is dependent on what accommodation option you choose. We ask for an initial payment, then the second payment is required to be paid directly to the venue 6 weeks before your holiday (or before if you prefer).

We’ll give you the precise details when you book...

The spa, set in a converted barn, is stunning. The main feature is a delicious indoor heated pool (with a swim jet). The pool is included in the price of your holiday (guests usually have to pay extra for this).

Then there is a sauna, steam room and a relaxing series of pools and jets with chromo-therapy that you walk through. Upstairs, there are loungers to nap in, and an area for massages and treatments.

The Infinity Pool

The Estate has a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the hills and vineyards. To make it even more enjoyable, you’ll find one of the oldest building of the borgo right next to the pool: a little building from 1300. This building now functions as an organic bar, where - shaded by a cherry tree - you can drink organic juice (or more likely a cool beer or one of the estate wines.)

A word on the accommodation... previous guests told us that if it weren't for the classes, the spa and the amazing location, we might have forgotten to come out of our room.. explains it all!

Here is a secret that we would love to share with you! The two weeks offered by Master Grunick are really something worth looking into!! Master Grunick is a master of energy. He’s taught the power of energy (Ki) for several years at John & Gaia's retreat: demonstrating how relaxation and ease can create miracles in your body and your life.

He usually teaches this through physical exercises, done in pairs, that you have to see (and experience) to believe. Over days of doing these exercises, you realize that what is impossible to achieve through strength, will and force, is easy when we give up, relax fully and assume what is possible.

"We discover that, when we're in ki, we're amazingly strong and grounded. So much so, our partners can't budge us from the spot or hold us if we choose to move. Over the next few days, we practise dozens of these startling exercises - we melt away a vice-like grip, float through a tight crowd of people and, yes, effortlessly flip people off our legs. When in Ki, everything flows and we can achieve anything we want." Health & Fitness magazine

He also teaches Qigong exercises (the Chinese energy art) that help rejuvenate you. One part of his vast experience and training in the energy arts was with two Chinese Qigong masters, a mother and daughter, who had developed a specific rejuvenation sequence of Qigong exercises.

Both looked 20 years younger than their actual age – and they were certainly not using any Botox. The idea of this rejuvenation work is that a harmonious flow of energy in the body can not only keep us well, and heal us when we are sick, but actually turn the clock back, and reverse some of the apparently irreversible aging processes.

Pamper, Pamper & more Pamper

The Estate provides both a wide range of massages, and a choice of beauty treatments.

Prices vary depending on the length of the massage (30 minutes or 50 minutes) or type of beauty treatment, and you can get a special price if you want a few. You can book everything directly at the Estate’s reception.

The massages include Aromatherapy; Acupressure; Reflexology; Shiatsu; Revitalizing, Relaxing or Sports Massage and more.

The beauty treatments: Manicure, Pedicure, Cleaning, Make up, Face Scrub and Massage and more. So you’ll leave the spa feeling very relaxed and looking very pretty indeed (particularly the men).

Your Rooms

The rooms are gorgeous: large, stylish and luxurious. They have the facilities of a hotel – with TV, mini-bar, phone, internet connection (if you have to) – and the style of a boutique hotel. Each room has its own bathroom and even these bathrooms are magical.

In short, you’ll have everything you need to enter a zone of deep rest and comfort, short of being tucked into bed (though you may able to convince someone in the group to do that for you anyway).

The Food

The Estate is well known in the area for its superior cuisine. Not just scrumptious Italian food, but prepared by top chefs with high quality, local, fresh organic ingredients. We are, after all, in the middle of organic land and vineyards. So you’ll be drinking the amazing organic wines of the estate, and eating organic products from the farm.

And you’ll get your gnocchi with pecorino cheese and pears; your home-made tagliatelle with red-wine-meat ragù; your mushrooms and wild garlic pizza rustica; and your home-made croccante ice-cream with dark chocolate sauce… do you want us to go on?

The Estate caters for food intolerances or other requirements, just tell us in the enquiry form when you book.

The estate will also organize an afternoon cookery lesson, run by one of their chefs, where s/he will teach you how to make a full Italian meal. So you’ll be able to cook like an Italian when you get back home.

Your stay is full-board, with a buffet lunch and a three course menu dinner. Lick lips… now.

The Group Space

The estate has a wonderful large group space, with a large opening leading onto lawns and herb gardens. It’s very peaceful. Though we will occasionally make lots of noise (it has a great sound system). You will feel safe in this space: we’ve checked it all out with our divining rods… and though there’s no water underneath the room, it’s overflowing with good energy.

Talking of group spaces, there are several places at the Estate that you can hang out as a group. We will be using, for example, the rooms of one house on the Estate that has a lovely open fireplace: so whenever it’s cooler weather, we can head down there to roast some marshmallows. The same house has another lovely group room where we can put out board games for those of you who might get bored sitting around talking about the meaning of life.


Do people come on their own? Yes. Actually, many of our guests come on their own. Of course, some people come with their partners… some people come in small groups… but most people come on their own (sometimes leaving partners and families at home as they get a bit of me-time). You’ll meet a group of like-minded people and, in our experience, make friends for life.

What is a typical day like? The sessions take place in the morning (after breakfast, and running up to lunch-time), the rest of the day is yours, so there's plenty of time to explore the fabulous estate, have massage or sit around in the spa.

When do the sessions start? The first day is your arrival day, so there are no sessions then, just a welcome in the evening at 6.30pm and chance for you to settle in and relax.

The first session then starts on the following day in the morning. In the same way your final day is your departure day and there are no sessions on this day – just breakfast and tearful goodbyes.

Do you do yoga at your retreats? We don’t run yoga retreats... And we don't teach classic yoga in the Fk It Weeks, though we do **teach Qigong, which some people call the Chinese yoga.

It doesn't involve asanas, but involves slow movements, breathing and energy practice.

Many people who do Qigong and are also yogis, say that it deeply benefits their yoga (with Qigong you become much more flexible and more in touch with Prana and Breath).

We also do breathing work in the Fk It Weeks, which will have an effect on the yoga breathing. But most of all Fk It Weeks are great fun and they change your life.

_Are F**k It Retreats child-friendly?_ Generally we would say no to anyone under the age of 18, not for the adult content but because they generally just don't engage with it. Also there is no specific childcare or provision for younger children at the venues.

What are the weeks like and how are they run? The weeks are certainly transformational, but not in the way that we'll make you (or you'll make yourself) a better person, but that you will realise that you are okay as you are, and that your life can be an expression of that, rather than an attempt to improve or prove something to you or others.

When people see that, they also see the poetry of life, or its spirituality, as they lose this feeling of searching and striving, and general hard work to get somewhere: making space for the beauty of what is. This beauty is always there, it's just that often we can't see it. Just like our beauty. It's always there.

What age range are your weeks? We have guests in their 20's and others in their 70's. The rest are somewhere in between. Age doesn’t matter on a F**k It Retreat: it’s the state of mind that matters.

Is there disability access at the venues? The main house has a lift (going straight to the bar and lounge) to take you from your room (with its accessible bathroom/wet room). The spa is then close by and their staff can help whenever you want. They'll have the restaurant on the ground floor. And they have a golf cart, if you want to explore their vast estate.

On what days do I arrive and leave? If you look at the course dates, you arrive and leave on those dates. So if the dates are Thursday to Thursday (which some of them are), you arrive on the Thursday afternoon, and leave on the following Thursday morning. There are then sessions on the six days in between.

What time should we arrive and depart? For arrival, it’s best to check in between 3 & 6pm. For departure, please check out before 11am.

Can I buy train tickets at the stations? Yes you can use the automatic machines if you fancy: there’s an option for English. In Italy you usually have to get your ticket stamped before you get on the train, using machines dotted around the station. You’ll probably see other people doing it, so just follow their example.

Is there parking at the venues? Yes

I'm trying to work out the specific details of travel to the venue once I leave the airport. Do you have any more tips on how to get there? We do offer some more detail about your getting to the venues in your holiday pack, which we send to you a couple of weeks before your holiday. But I’m afraid we can’t give details for all possible journey variations.

Weather and What to Bring with You

_What should I bring with me on a F**k It Retreat?_ We will send you a holiday pack a couple of weeks before your holiday with ideas of what to bring.

What should I wear to the sessions? It depends on your week, but many of the sessions involve some light exercise, so do wear loose comfortable clothing.

Other Questions

Can I stay at the venue a couple of extra nights? Yes, you usually can. Just ask us and we’ll get a good price for you from the venue.

Everything was just absolutely amazing and I am definitely coming back H.W. London

The setting is 360 hectares of magnificent hills, vineyards, gardens, and fields, with stunning views of pastoral hillsides in all directions. The buildings are beautifully restored old stone farmhouses, with 21st century Italian modern design interiors. The gardens and flowers are lush, and the infinity-edge swimming pool with the distant views is a place one could spend all day and evening. Breakfast and dinner were delicious, and the estate-bottled wine is wonderful. H.E. New York

A wonderful place to say the least. Tasteful. Luxurious and very relaxing H. W. Germany

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