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Lost for words. 911 driving on ice says it all...

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Porsche 911 Ice Lake driving

Ultimate Driving experience

Sweden, Europe
1-3 Days
€ 2,050 combadi price


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Open dates
Running Period
January to March each year

The Combadi Insight:

We know what you are thinking. This is trully special. Not only do you get the chance to get behind the wheel of a powerful Porsche 911, but you are doing it on a frozen ice lake in northern Sweden. Treat your partner, treat yourself, you only live once after all...

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A truly unique extreme driving experience on a frozen lake in one of the most iconic sports cars ever made – a Porsche 911. The pristine beauty of a frozen lake in Are region of northern Sweden is the ideal setting for dedicated adventure driving enthusiasts. To conquer this frozen landscape, an optimized and winterized Porsche 911 prepared by Tuthill Porsche is yours to control through the tight slaloms of a custom-designed ice driving course.

Learn from the best as the included instructor gives you all the driving tips needed to keep a powerful Porsche 911 under control while driving on ice. This ultimate extreme driving adventure is a great bachelor gift idea and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for that special thrill seeker in your life. One and two-day options are available, as are custom ice safaris through the beautiful winter forests of Sweden, at an additional cost.

This is the ultimate ice driving experience for drivers of all abilities, from the fun-seeking novice to the seasoned competition professional. We will teach you to master a specially prepared 300 brake horsepower Porsche 911 on an ice covered lake in Sweden surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery in Europe.

Running between January and March, every year, this is an amazing opportunity to take part in an experience of a lifetime. Learn, practice & master driving at extreme conditions in one of the most powerful cars in the world.

Our instructors are of world class caliber and will focus on keeping you behind the wheel for as long as possible. All our 911s are equipped with fully studded competition tires to maximize your experience on the ice.

We operate near Åre in northern Sweden, the largest ski resort in Scandinavia. Our ice tracks are designed to our exact specifications and we have the exclusive use of a privately owned lake.

One Day Ice Driving

Arrive at your hotel the evening before your ice driving experience to relax before the action starts. Breakfast at your hotel before being picked up and taken to the track facility.

09.00 – 15.30 hrs After a very short briefing from your instructor you will start your first session on button studs, learning the rudimentary but vital skills and techniques of car control. The slalom is tight and run at comparatively low speed, but what you are learning is to steer the car using the throttle rather than the steering wheel. Once you have mastered the basics, things get serious.

You then transfer to the first lake circuit, which allows you to feel the incredible sensation of drifting a rally car from corner to corner. After a short break for lunch, it’s onto fully studded competition tyres where a whole new world opens up. The grip, as the studs bite into the snow and ice is phenomenal.

The feeling has to be experienced, as it’s hard to put into words. Suffice to say the levels of traction are inordinately more and the power, and degree of control, is addictive. You will learn about weight transfer, throttle control, left-foot braking and other techniques that will stand you in good stead for a lifetime. As well as an essential life skill, many have said it is the most fun that you can have behind a steering wheel.

Two Days Ice Driving

Day One (09.00 – 15.30 hrs)

As with the one-day experience, your first day starts at the purpose-built track facility where you will be taught the skills and techniques needed for driving on ice using button-studded tyres. You’ll find out what ‘steering with the throttle’ really means as you slalom over this unique surface driving one of the world’s most iconic cars.

The point of the exercise is to get the back end moving and the car sliding, with direction changes instigated by the merest hint of steering coupled with plenty of throttle. Then, to feel the heat of competition on this Arctic wasteland, the stopwatch comes out for a short time trial.

Every corner turns into a controlled skid and after a while catching the 911’s back end and modulating the angle of attack using the throttle, becomes almost second nature. The unique weight distribution and layout of a 911 will flatter anybody’s skills as a driver: contrary to popular belief, these are not difficult cars to drive. Change to full competition-studded tyres for your next session on the frozen lake and spend the afternoon perfecting your skills before being taken back to your hotel to relax and prepare yourself for day two.

Day two (09.00 – 15.30 hrs)

After breakfast we will shuttle you to the lake for day two’s driver’s briefing. The next level is to take on our very own Ice Rally Stage. Running around the perimeter of the lake, this technically demanding track is 6km long and only a fraction wider than your car. You will warm up on the lake circuits before spending the day using all the skills that you have learnt in previous sessions trying to conquer this high-speed track.

We will stop briefly for lunch before trying again in the afternoon. If the weather permits and you would like to, our instructors will give you a short break and an introduction to what is considered by many as the ultimate driving experience that even world champions rave about: a high-speed passenger ride down a genuine Swedish rally championship special stage. Lined with endless snow banks in the middle of a picturesque forest, a world away from reality and your soundtrack the roar of an air-cooled Porsche engine – what could be more authentic?

  • The use of a Porsche 911 rally car prepared by Tuthill Porsche, including all tyres, fuel and incidentals
  • First-hand instruction from world class rally driving professionals
  • Beverages by the lake and a hot lunch in our Swedish Hunting Lodge
  • All venue hire fees and track preparation
  • Car insurance (subject to a £2,500 excess)
  • The provision of a comprehensive spares package together with support vehicles and technicians to service the rally cars and keep you behind the wheel for as long as possible.
  • Transfers to the lake from your hotel and back
  • An unforgettable experience guaranteed to provide tremendous fun!

NOT Included:

Flights, Airport Transfers and Accommodation


Half or whole day snowmobile safaris can be arranged, starting at the lake, or depending on where you are staying, right from outside your hotel. The safaris can be tailored to your mood with scenic trails through the beautiful local woodland to screaming around the mountainside. (3 Hour Safari is GBP 200 per person and the 6 Hour Safari is GBP 300 per person)

Travel & Accommodation

There are regular flights from the UK and the rest of Europe with SAS and a number of other operators. You have the choice of flying to either Östersund via Stockholm, or Trondheim via Oslo. Östersund is closer to Åre and is only an hour away by car. Trondheim is a little further and is about 2 hours by car. Both are easy drives through the beautiful Scandinavian countryside. Hire cars can be picked up at either airport.

Åre and the surrounding area offer a variety of very comfortable spa hotels. Although accommodation is not part of the package price, we have an excellent relationship with a number of the more popular hotels in the area and so have negotiated their best available prices for Below Zero customers.

Corporate Events

Ice driving is the ultimate activity for corporate events, whether rewarding your staff, entertaining your clients or launching your latest product. We typically cater for parties of 12, but has comfortably managed groups of 24 drivers with 12 cars in the past. Drive days can be organised to fit in with any schedule, larger groups usually have two days on the ice and a Snowmobile Safari.

Our recommended local hotels offer excellent conferencing facilities and some unique ways of making your event extra special. There are many ways we can make your event stand out from the rest – perhaps VIP arrival at Östersund airport with your own terminal and baggage conveyor or have one of our rally cars parked in the hotel during an arrival reception or presentation dinner. It’s all possible!

Tuthill Porsche, who prepare our cars for the season, have been rallying in Sweden for many years and so have an excellent set of contacts on the ground who can pretty much make anything happen.

Ice driving is a weather dependent activity. Full terms and conditions are available and drivers must be over the age of 25.

“Wow what a brilliant weekend!! You have improved the whole thing over and above Norway and I thought that was fantastic: the lake is better and thus the longer stages etc are just brilliant – well done. The crew were superb – all of them really on the ball, professional but at the same time really good fun to be with. From the driving perspective Martin Row is a very good and patient teacher which as we know is not a skill every pro driver possesses.” AH, London UK

“The whole team were superb and the focus on our enjoyment and us directing the day rather than being told what to do was a correct and refreshing approach. The cars were superb and prep was faultless. Would I do it again? Hell yes!” PBE, Hertfordshire UK

I will definitively be back. I simply couldn’t say where else I would be able to find such quality instruction adapted my personal level and at the same with the potential for as much effective driving time to build up skills.” JB, Åre Sweden

“Thank you for a really fantastic couple of days. None of us have ever had so much fun in a car in a lifetime of trying. Truly, a great experience, although it did take me a while to tuck my eyeballs back into their sockets after a quick trip up and down your special stage with Ryan Champion at the wheel. Something to aspire to…I guess.” SC, London UK

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