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Everyone can be a farmer, this is your chance

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Sustainable Ecotourism Farm

Sustainable Nature Travel Experience

Peloponnese, Greece
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The Combadi Insight:

There are a few reasons why this experience put a smile on our face. The family running the sustainable farm for more than a centrury. The heart of Peloponnese, a place that has given birth to the legendary civilisations of Ancient Greece. A place combinining mountains, countryside, sea & village life guaranteed to set you free. A place of dreams created with so much love for our planet and ourselves. Be part of it, even for a day...

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This is a beautiful opportunity to find yourself in the heart of Peloponnese, in a sustainable farm proudly run with care from a local family wanting to share with all of you the values of sustainable living, organic farming, the calmness of life in the countryside and discovery of a new way of life in general.

Taking place at the family's ancient olive grove and beautiful herb fields which they cultivates since the 1890's. The idea behind this agrotourism farm is to create a sustainable farming area in southern Greece with the use of homeodynamic agriculture, which is as an alternative organic method of farming, similar to the homeopathic method used for human beings.

The cottages at the heart of the farm, as well as the other hotel facilities, use environmentally-friendly material and have been designed to utilize nature's forces. Great importance is attached to recycling and many different recycling methods are employed: water is recycled and then used for farming purposes, whereas compost is created from all the organic material at the farm, as well as from the hotel facilities.

Furthermore, the buildings are heated and cooled with geothermal power, using heat pumps to minimize the use of petroleum or electricity. The standard-setting natural waste management, based on the root system, will be the first of its kind in southern Greece.

In the future, with the use of solar power, the family hopes to achieve 100% self-sufficiency thereby creating an excellent example of sustainable development.

You are all welcome to stay at our farm and invited to visit us on your way to another destination to experience this sustainable farm and how it can influence your life. If you are an instructor or an artist and wish to hold seminars on different topics such as alternative medicine, yoga, tai chi, philosophy, photography, painting we hope to work with you making your seminar an incredible experience.

Our educational programs for children and schools will provide an important introduction to nature and our responsibility to her. During your stay our fruit and vegetable gardens will be the base for the nourishment providing you with a full spectrum of organic products covering all your needs.

While here, your time is yours and yours alone to discover the sustainable farm, work with the family in their daily farm work, discover how life could be away from the noise and the stress of city life. Besides that, we have put together for you a set of activities and ideas to help you discover this beautiful region of Southern Greece.

Activities & Things to do

Take a walk around our organic farm and pick fruits directly from our fruit trees, hop on a mountain bike and visit the surrounding hills and farms, work with us and pick olives, almonds, grapes and herbs. Relax and lets us take care of your culinary needs with fresh vegetables from our organic garden.

Read your book or paint the amazing Laconic Mountains, Parnonas and Taygetos

Yoga, deep breathing, meditation & intuitive games Workshops among the trees to remember what nature gave you. You will play with the concept that every minute of the day your body and breath are reacting to everything you are thinking and feeling. What techniques are available to help you rejoice in those healthy feelings and thoughts and keep them alive? How can your breath and body clear the thoughts and feelings and impressions that are not healthy or useful to you?

Photography Workouts In cooperation with photography instructors we organize photography workouts for our guests upon request. A photo workout is an intensive outdoor photography workshop, with emphasis on improving your photography skills in practice.

Mountain Biking There are mountain bikes available at the farm that you can use to visit the nearby areas.

Sea Kayak Sea kayaking adventures in Laconia, explore cliffs, beaches and caves with a professional and accredited guide.

Horseback riding If you enjoy horseback riding we can arrange for you to tour the farm and the surrounding areas with expert teachers by your side.


Built in the traditional Greek farm house architecture with modern elegance each of the houses has its own private garden and a large veranda with great view of the farm and the surrounding mountains.

The houses are one with nature bringing the visitor closer to the Greek farming landscape. All the apartments have a bedroom, a living room with a dining area, a fire place and a fully equipped kitchen.

The houses and the bathroom water are heated and cooled through the use of geothermal power providing a pleasant environment and hygienic water. The houses all have televisions, DVD/CD/MP3/USB connection players as well as internet access and satellite television.

Facilities include:

  • In floor heating & cooling
  • Traditional Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Luxury Bathrobes
  • COCO-MAT natural Mattresses
  • Hairdryer
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Direct Dial Telephone
  • Fax Services
  • Flat Screen Satellite TV
  • Entertainment center CD/DVD/USB Player
  • Free Internet Access
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Car Parking

Accommodation Types

Olive Tree House

Our ancient olive grove has inspired us to create one of our houses with color and theme based on the sacred tree of the Mediterranean. The olive tree provides us with its wonderful wood to keep us warm in the winter, to keep our stove burning to cook our amazing Greek diet. Our liquid gold olive oil with its medicinal properties and our full of nutrition olives feed your body and soul.

Vineyard House

This house with its methistic concept relates to our wonderful wine yard with Greek varieties that bring the Greek landscape and nature to your lips.

Lavender House

As you open the front door in the morning after a refreshing sleep you witness our lavender field, the amazing color and smell overtake your senses.

Almond Tree House

As the winter comes to an end right before spring comes with its huge force of life, our almond trees blossom bringing us hope for a superb spring and a crisp summer.

Sunflower House

Yellow, yellow, yellow ... the rays of the sun and plant life come to a unique union and give us a powerful message of optimism for the future.

Organic Products

Feeling the need to approach our relationship with nature with respect and a new ethos, not simply wanting to receive from her but to provide an atmosphere where we give back or at least create the ground where nature can replenish and heal herself, we began to create our organic farm.

We proceeded with this in mind during the design period, we wanted to create a dialogue between the plants themselves as well as the humans working there and visiting. Our wish was to cultivate our farm and create products in a way that it was both beneficial to our human needs as well as the needs of the soil and the plants.

Having knowledge of the medical approach of homeopathy, I felt it was necessary to create a farm that was a complex organism just as the human body is and to view the needs of the farm from a holistic point of view. We planted almond trees along with olives trees in order to create a communication that was beneficial to both of them, and we strengthened this dialogue by introducing pine and cypress trees as well as grape vines.

Each type brings a positive element that alleviates the stress on a monoculture by introducing organisms beneficial to each other as well as minimizing the risk on a single type from an attack. The herb fields where also designed in a similar way by including plant walls with mixed herbs that brought positive forces as well as introduced the necessary pluralism.

In order to support our plants and trees we use homeopathic products created for the use in homeodynamic agriculture a method based on the principals of biodynamic agriculture.

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