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"Set sail" for a lifetime experience in Greece

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Sailing Experience

Sailing from A to Z

Greece, Europe
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The Combadi Insight:

Sometimes, when you meet someone you just know. When we met these guys we realised a few things. Their passion and knowledge for sailing is unparalleled. Offering a unique experience from beginning to end is what they are all about. Greece is rumoured to have 6000 islands. Get to know every one of them with their help!

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Sail away in the open Greek seas

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea on the East, the Mediterranean on the South and the Ionian Sea to the West, made up of a mainland and more than a thousand islands, Greece offers a wide variety of attractions to explore.

Wonderful islands, historic sites that span for millennia, idyllic beaches and towering mountain ranges make vacations in Greece an unforgettable travel experience.

The Greek islands with the blue-coloured waters are ideal for cruises and sea-sports activities.

Not only, culinary adventures also await, with Greek Mediterranean dishes made of local products and based on old-time recipes.

This is a comprehensive Sailing experience in the Greek Archipelagos.

The team will hold your hand along the whole way. You will start by discovering the Greek sea, check different routes, pick your favorite destinations. You will not just look at photos, you will learn about the distances, the days needed, get to create your perfect itinerary. Any advice you need, our guys are just a phone call away!

After you have your destination and route sorted, comes the choosing of the boat. Here you 'll check the boat specs, availability and pricing. Just a click away!

Off to sail? Full app support from the team will assist you in your navigation and make sure you keep in touch with family back home through their online platform!


Not ready to go on your own? The team can offer you sailing lessons...

Navigate your experience in 7 steps...

Offered services allow the traveler to have on-hand experience of sailing around the coastal Greece and feeling the genuine Greek spirit and ‘filoxenia’.

The team has developed advanced web and mobile applications that improve the overall planning and enjoyment of the sailing holidays.

The total experience, implemented by the team, consists of 7 stages:

  • Discover the Greek Archipelago. Navigate yourself in our provider's online platform and discover the Ionian and Aegean sea. Find out the various islands and the gulfs through photos and maps. Choose your favorite destinations.

  • Plan your Routes. Ionian islands, Cyclades, Sporades and Dodecanese. We have made various routes for you to choose the most preferable. You can see all the details about the destinations, the nautical miles, the days needed. Modify the route as you prefer by adding new or deleting existing waypoints. All the essential issues are customized under your selections.

  • Book your Yacht. Use the Search form or search in the yacht fleet to find the preferable yacht for your holidays. Check the specifications of the yacht, the availability, the pricing. Book online!

  • Get ready to Sail. Download our applications that assist your navigation and provide further information during your trip.

  • Enjoy the Sun and the Sea. Enjoy your trip , socialize with nearby yachts and keep in touch with your family and friends through the online mobile tracking platform.

  • Review Services. Evaluate the Places you visited, the Events you participated as well as the Yacht, the Marinas and the Operator Services with the Sail Safe quality system.

  • Remember your Moments. Revisit your logbook and order your favourite T-shirts. Upload photos from your mobile phone and share comments with your crew and friends. And why not, think of new Discoveries.

  • The team’s main vision is to promote “safe sailing” and guide the visitor around the hidden beauties of Greece. Explore now the mythical sites of Cyclades, the topaz-colored waters of Ionion and the picturesque beaches of Sporades.Design your own adventure and let us navigate you to the unexpected...

  • Not ready for a sailing trip? The team can offer you also a training week, a combination of sailing lessons and relaxing vacations. Whatever is your desire the team can make it true for you...

The total experience, all 7 stages

We can vouch for these guys! They love what they are doing, you will love it too! The Combadi Team

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The Combadi Insight:

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