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Organic farming by the Ionian sea

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Eco holiday in Greece

Agro-tourism on Zakynthos

Ionian Sea, Greece
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The Combadi Insight:

This authentic Greek family welcomes you to their organic farm in stunning Zakynthos island, famed for its azure beaches, beauty of the landscape and historic villages. Be transformed on this relaxing eco holiday, steeped in tradition, nature and sea.

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Inside a beautiful organic farm in a small mountain village of Kallithea on Zakynthos island, this Greek family lives off agriculture. Vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine, grapes, apples, quince, orange lemon, walnut, and many kinds of flowers grow in abundance on the family farm.

The family has opened the doors of the organic farm for eco holidays to people who want to meet a Greek family and even take part in organic farming activities, offering wellness and relaxation through contact with nature, physical exercise and the unimaginable beauty of the landscape.

During your stay at the organic farm you can participate in various agricultural activities of your choosing. For example, you can feed the animals, plant biological vegetable gardens, take care of vineyards and olive trees, produce unprocessed organic olive oil or simply relax.

Alternatively, explore stunning Zakynthos island with many amenities nearby such as the blue flag beaches of Alykes and Alykanas, ideal for families and children.

Agro tourism accommodation

This agro tourism farm offers elegant villas in a beautiful and authentic setting. It is a wonderful option for people who are interested in meeting an authentic Greek family in a traditional, historic Greek village.

The family run their accommodation with sensitivity to environmental protection, organic farming, preservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of local products.

Agrocultural activities

From September to January, gather olives and produce organic extra virgin olive oil- a priceless gift of nature and the greatest treasure of the farm. Harvest the grapes, press and see first-hand the creation of organic wine.

In February and March prune organic grapes, cut the grass, clear the weeds and prune the trees that surround the farm. In April to August, dig the land, plant organic vegetables, plough the fields and harvest raisins.

Please take note that price quote is per villa per night, for Agapi of Fos villas. It can accommodate 2 to 4 guests.

Villa 65 sq (Agapi/Fos): 2-4 persons (possible request for extra bed)

Villa 85 sq (Symban/Zoi): 2-5 persons (possible request for extra beds)

  • Main level: This is where the living room is located. Fully furnished with comfortable couches.
  • Kitchen is well stocked and features modern cooking appliances such as oven, freezer and refrigerator. Cook in your own villa as you please.
  • Bedroom is located in a separate area. It boasts a 160cm x 200 cm large bed with comfortable and clean mattress.
  • Upper level: Staircase from the living room connects it to the air-conditioned bedroom, which has one double bed and one single bed.
  • Amenities exclusively for guest use: coffee maker, safe box, Wi-Fi Internet connection, satellite TV, DVD player, CD player, hair dryer, air-conditioning in all rooms, oven, iron and ironing board, toaster barbeque, playground.
  • All villas are equipped with highly secured windows that shutters and mosquito blinds.
  • There are bedrooms in the attic that feature a romantic setting.
  • There are bathtubs in every bathroom.
  • Outside each villa are wonderful views of the sea and nature.
  • Outside the door of each villa is a private parking space.

While your children enjoy activities on the playground, you can take advantage of the barbecue area as you prepare food for the family. The pergola in the old well is a perfect place where you can have picnic breakfast, lunch or dinner. Those who love life at the farm will be amazed by the skillful hands that grow organic vegetables. We also have domesticated animals, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, rabbits and others.

The owners personally inspect the cleanliness of each room. This is one of their primary priorities. The family consists of Mama Toula, Sia, Kalomira, Tassos, Dimitris and Anastasia. They make themselves available all the time to attend to guests’ needs.

When going to Zakynthos for the holidays, expect beautiful vibrant colours, bright sunshine, sandy beaches and sun-drenched activities. You will also have the chance to see the Caretta Caretta turtles, remarkable ancient monuments, orthodox monasteries and churches, and famous shipwrecks.

Perched in the middle of the island are the villas. This prime location allows guests to enjoy the splendor of nature and take photos of the incredible backdrops of Greece and Zakynthos.

The villas are perfect for family holidays, especially if you are tagging along the children. Honeymooning couples that want to spend quality time in a private and romantic setting are attracted to this place. The location of the farm is fitting for those who love activities, tours to historical places, or a laid-back vacation.

These villas are tucked in an authentic Grecian village. Here, you can experience fun-packed holidays through exciting activities such as water sports, horse back riding, biking, hiking, climbing and even historical tours in museums.

Within a stone throw away from the villas is the mighty village of Kallithea. You can travel here either by biking, walking or a car (which is the fastest; 5 minute drive). The majestic views of the mountain “Vrachionas”, ancient pathways and old olive groves will make this holiday even more unforgettable. The pristine emerald waters of Alykes-Alykanas is so inviting. This sandy beach is child-friendly and is perfect for boating, wind surfing and daytime swimming. Adventure seekers can go diving and explore shipwrecks beneath the seas.

What to Expect?

  • We live in an ecological farm. We are a duly certified organic farm from TUV HELLAS, Member of TUV NORD Group.
  • We partake in activities of ecological groups with the goal of conserving natural resources in the planet.
  • We are active members of Eco Zakynthos, Union Agritourism of Ionian islands and for all Greece.
  • We avoid wasting resources, especially water. We closely monitor consumption.
  • The intelligent architecture and design behind the villas made these cool and comfortable.
  • We unload Mother Nature of unnecessary environmental burdens as much as possible. We keenly track usage of electricity especially during summertime.

There is a card system installed in every villa for home safety and energy saving. When you take that card out, all appliances automatically goes off except for the refrigerator.

We are aware of the adverse effect of detergents in our environment and water. This is why we only use mild and eco-friendly detergents when washing linens.

We recommend our guests to use the clotheshorse located in the villa’s terrace to hang dry their towels to save on energy and detergent use.

Note that the family is extra sensitive of the needs of the guests. They are always ready to replace and replenish stocks when needed.

**Kallithea is the Island’s Heart and Soul **

The centerpiece of the island is no other than Kallithea. This serene and beautiful village takes pride on its hospitable residents that have innate love for welcoming visitors and attending to their every need. There is also folk music and traditional dancing that you can be a witness of or actually join.

Kallithea has a vast and affluent heritage and culture. They have been successful in preserving their traditions amidst the modernity and ever-changing times. Exploring caves and pre-earthquake village located at the foot of the Mountain Vrachionas will connect you more with the locals and let you appreciate the history of Kallithea. This is also where you can find the family’s well-loved organic farm. The ancient olive groves are impressive structures that have withstood the test of time. Up until today, these produce high quality olive oil. This has been a family tradition for generations. The taste and texture of olive oil being produced here just keep getting better and better. The 17th century church of St. Marina can be found on the side of the mountain. While ruined, the main doorway and bell tower are still intact. The original olive production site is within striking distance from the church. This is where the freshly harvested olives were taken to produce olive oil. The traditional building and equipment still standsto this day, although production now takes place in a modern factory located in the lower village.

Walking from the village of Kallithea across the old path of Mount Vrachionas, you can find herbs, say hi to the chirping birds and small animals, and pass by old traditional villages of Gyri and Louha.

The Village Gyri is a small picturesque old village on the mountains. Traditional houses are peppered within the village. You can navigate through the narrow streets and visit the Church of the Prophet Elia.

The Village Louha is the smallest local community of Zakynthos. There are only 81 residents in here. It boasts stone houses that bear traditional folk architecture of the mountainous island. The entire village, which was built during the 15th century, remained untouched by the devastating earthquake in Louha's roman tomb. The settlement has been identified as interesting (OG /t D/1986).

These two villages are a must-visit. When you get there, you can drink coffee or eat in the small traditional tavernas and cafes of the village.

When you plan to hike the mountain you will come across the legendary black caves, which are just above the old village of Kallithea.

Within Kallithea is a brand new medical centre that is open everyday and has a small A &E department. General doctor and a pediatrician are available round a clock.

The community has its own Pharmacy, Mini-market and Bakery.

All Year Long Farm Activities

During the months of September, October, November, December, January, we gather the olives of our farm to produce organic extra virgin olive oil. This constitutes a priceless gift of nature to man and the farm’s greatest treasure.

  • February and March: Pruning of organic grapes and vineyards happen during these months. This is a must in order for the farm to raise the best quality of raisins and grapes.

  • March: Major cleanup happens during this period. We cut the grass, clear the weeds and prune all the trees around the farm.

  • April: We cultivate the land, plant organic vegetables and plough the fields.

  • May : We cut the greens that serve as food for the farm animals. We store them in animal houses

  • July: We cut the large shoots of the vines to get vineyards more air and sun.

  • August: We harvest the raisins. Thereafter, we spread them in enormous threshing floors to dry.

  • September: We sun dry both sides of raisins. When dried, we clean from the small stalks and put them in large cages and immediately transfer them to the dealer. Harvesting and pressing of grapes also happen in September. You will be able to witness firsthand the creation of our organic wine from our famous Zakynthian grapes.

We celebrate as we produce wines just like the ancient festivals of Dionysus. In Greece, the celebration of the wine production is always coupled with dancing and festival. During these days, our farm is filled with music playing from loudspeakers. We gather all our friends after we have collected the grapes in a place called "linos". We step inside linos after washing our feet thoroughly and we tread and trample the grapes with much laughter and joy. We take the first pure juice or extract called "mustos". Thereafter, we start drinking this delightful juice that springs cheer and health. After drinking the first drawn juice, we press with more enthusiasm and strength. This is a unique experience that you should not fail to try.

Once pressing of grapes and putting “mustos” in the barrels are done, we feats over sumptuous food and drinks. This is also the time where we get to taste the wine we produced a year earlier. "Mustos" will be left in the sealed barrels until the 26th of October – barrels will be opened this day and another round of festivities will take place. Those who partake in pressing it will get to taste the wine.

Whatever activity you wish to join, you are guaranteed to have a unique experience that will be etched in your memory forever.

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