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Samos Mystical Vacation

Greece, Europe
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The Combadi Insight:

Tap into the Samos mystical energy and beauty to recharge your life force. That is why so many choose to hold their life enforcing seminars and retreats here.

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Located in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Asia Minor, Samos island offers the visitor everything: dazzling beaches, fertile vineyards—where the famous local wine is produced, green-clad mountainsides with waterfalls and a mountain that tries to reach Olympus.

In this land of fertility and energy, to the northwest of the island awaits your magical retreat. Here, greens and blues fight over which one will prevail, and the jubilant sunrises and majestic sunsets paint the horizon and bathe the soul in light and colour.

Since 1998, we have opened up our space and services for the accommodation of groups and individuals from all over Europe. The centerpiece of our retreat is the spacious, 90m2 purpose-built seminar hall—surrounded by green woods—offering a unique high natural energy environment. The interior of the room is simple: large windows looking out at a full pallet of blues provided by the sea and the horizon. It exudes an atmosphere of serenity and strength simultaneously, enchanting visitors and directing them to their inner silence.

This energy, amazing views in combination with our hospitality and genuine interest, provide all the conditions for a successful retreat, seminar or holiday with deep experiences and unforgettable memories.

We offer our retreat to:

  • instructors, teachers, trainers or artists for their seminars or workshops

  • groups needing assistance organising their holidays with activities such as trekking, yoga, tai-chi, chi-quong, breathing exercises, horse riding, rock climbing, diving, daily excursions around the island, museum visits, ancient historic places, traditional music and dance festivals.

  • individuals who would like to participate in some of our already organised activities and seminars or

  • individuals who want a holiday according to their own schedule.

To the east—located a mere 50 meters from your room, is a beautiful pebbly beach. To the west—a mere 10 minute walk from the property, you will find a smaller, private beach. Whether alone or in a group, all are welcome to experience the tranquility and various activities on offer on this magical island. Take part in as much or as little as you like. The choice is yours.

Seminars for 2014:

The Divine Dance of Life

Everything is the dance of life...every action, emotion, every thought. Everything is the "Leela", the cosmic dance. Mantra chanting and awareness work bring you to your self, into silence, into satsang.

From 28MAY to 01JUN: SILENT RETREAT SAMOS Satsang, mantra singing, painting and consciousness work
Cost: 390 Euro

June 4th to 13th August HOLIDAY-INTENSIVE SAMOS

Satsang, meditation, singing, a painting day and sun, sun, sea... Single sessions possible (space is limited) Cost: 270 Euro

Feldenkrais and Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi to begin and end the day

  • 2 Awareness Through Movement™ group lessons (ATM) each morning

  • 1 private Functional Integration™ lesson during the week

  • Free time during the afternoon

  • 1 day off to enjoy an optional guided hiking tour (extra)

  • 1 optional evening with Greek dance (extra)

Cost: 325.- Euros for the teaching program

Teaching languages: English (Tai Chi) & German (Feldenkrais ATM) Translation if needed.

Dates: June 09-16 2014 & June 16-23 2014 – international week! Teaching language: English. Help in French & German available.


June 21st to July 1st. In German.

Trainer: Yoga team Berlin

Magic Movement

All participants invest quite a lot of energy into this seminar (time, money, preparation …) and it is conventional received wisdom. The more energy you put into a ceremony, the more depth and sustainability will result. The wonderful island, the summer and the sea are an invitation to come down to the basics of human being. The highlight of the seminar will be the outdoor meditation during the night, in the nature of Samos.

There will be one to two meditations every week. The rest of the time allows for free time which you can spend on your own.

Date: 07-28JUL

Language: English with translation into German and Greek

Suffi s Dances

Language instruction in German

Date: 05-19AUG

Yoga For All

The workshop is for:

a) Those who want to practice or want to learn how to practice Yoga

b) Those who want to train as Yoga Teachers

It includes for everyone: Two daily yoga sessions, with Asanas, breathing, deep relaxation, meditation and other techniques, which enrich the lesson with added interest, benefits and pleasant surprises.

Date: 23-31AUG

Language instruction: English and Greek

Taoistic Breathing

Breathing well is vitally important to your health. No other health practice is capable of producing such dramatic and life-changing results, for the amount of effort put in. It is essential that we consciously practice breathing with our entire body in a relaxed, circular manner, without holding our breath.

Date: 31AUG - 07SEP


Trainer: Sach Amrit Singh & Paivi Kaskimaki

Language instruction in Finnish.

Date: 16-23SEP

Where prices are not indicated, please enquire.


There are also a range of activities on offer at our centre. Choose from:


Samos has one of the largest networks of foot-paths on the Greek islands—more than 40 trails await your exploration and luscious pine trees provide enough shade for a walk or hike, even in the summer. The duration of the trails varies and can be anywhere from one hour to a complete day. Walk to relax and enjoy the huge variety of flora and fauna on offer, or more serious trekkers can explore the wild and rocky Kerkis Mountain or green covered mountain of Ambelos (Karvounis).

Cost: 50 Euros for one and 10 Euros each additional individual, this can be a group or individual activity.


This is a Japanese natural medicine practice. By applying pressure on specific points or areas of the body, using the specially trained practitioner’s fist, palm of the hand, forearm, elbow, knee and foot, can have a therapeutic effect on the body, allowing your body to naturally be strengthened and your system’s lost balance to be re-established. Some examples of areas that can be helped include:

• decreased energy

• increased awareness of the body

• relief from tension and anxiety

• deep relaxation

• reduced pain

• strengthening the immune system

• increase flexibility

• rehabilitation from injuries resulting from sports, dance

• improves psychological and emotional stability

• Musculoskeletal problems (middle, neck, arthritic pains…)

• Digestive problems

• Improves Libido (sex life)

• Problems with menstrual cycle

• Harmonizing the body with the mind and spirit

A session in our retreat is undertaken with the patient lying down on futon or mattress, fully clothed in special loose clothing.

Cost: 50 Euros for a 50 or 60 minute session

Craniosacral Therapy

A complete philosophy and way of life, soft and gentle touches are applied to the body, spine and skull to help encourage and prepare the body to cope better with further stresses, illnesses, stresses and ailments that will come about in every day life. Treatment always begins with simple touches and occurs gradually, allowing for a degree of confidence to develop. Gradually there is a state of relaxation, the nervous system starts to cool off, the body takes courage and becomes receptive.

More information can be found from Natascha Green & Daruma Hatzinasios of the qualified Teachers of Neo-Craniosacral Therapy.

Cost: 50 Euros for a 60 or 75 minute session

Tai Chi Chuan

This can be practiced as a martial art or form of meditation. A therapeutic and natural regime, the aim is to exercise and harmonise the body through a stream of simple, choreographed movements to co-ordinate the limbs, spinal chord and pelvis. Benefits include improvements to the circulatory, lymphatic, neural and myoskeletal systems. It is especially helpful for spinal chord and joint problems as it builds flexibility and strength in these areas. Therapeutically, tai chi influences our whole organism by changing the brain waves and modulating our hormone chemistry.

Cost: 150 Euros for one and 30 Euros for each additional person, this can be a group or individual activity and requires six days of 5 hours of exercise daily

Taoistic Breathing

This practice helps us to develop whole body breathing consciously in order to dissolve and release energy blockages in the mind/body, thus enhancing well-being and spiritual awareness. This simple act is vitally important to our health—no other therapeutic practice can have such an effect on our every day lives.
You will learn to:

• Facilitate oxygen intake and balance the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in the body

• Fully expel carbon dioxide

• Retrain your nervous system to relax

• Improve the workings of your internal organs

• Increase chi reserves in the body.

Cost: 100 Euros for one and 30 Euros for each additional person, this can be a group or individual activity.

Chi Quong

“Marriage of Heaven and Earth”—this practice is best known for its healing properties for back and spinal injuries. It encourages our body to open and close—pulsate and circulate—naturally.

Pulsing is good for your health and relaxation. It enables you to:

• Increase chi circulation

• Improve the circulation of fluids in your joints

• Smooth and release physical, mental and emotional blockages

• Deeply relax and reduce the effects of stress and tension inside your body

• Develop energetic awareness

Cost: 150 Euros for one and 30 Euros for each additional person, this can be a group or individual activity and requires six days of 5 hours of exercise daily.

Time Therapy

Created by Manuel Schoch, Time Therapy—the bridging of psychology with spirituality—is a therapeutic perception based on the following:

• Everyone has positive qualities and needs to focus on them rather than their weaknesses

• The role of the past is not as important as we believe or make it out to be

• We are influenced more by our fear of the future rather than our fear of the past, which means better to start taking more responsibility instead of blaming the past

• The majority of illnesses, especially psychological ones, are the result of having a lack of perspective

• The expression of love is not dependent on first receiving love

With a combination of oral psychotherapy, modern meditation and energy exercises, you will be able to become in touch with your spiritual side, thus bringing about inner peace, stillness and vitality.

Cost: 50 Euros per 60 minute individual session

Modern Meditation

In this day and age, with the acceleration of society and technology, meditation is more a need rather than a luxury. The mind fails to be still and quiet, driving us gradually to psychological imbalance and physical illness. Modern meditation is nothing more than a re-designing of the meditation of old—an attempt to meet the Western way of life today. With a deeper dialogue between the heart and mind met, it is a procedure that will lead one to attain compassion, happiness and good health.

Cost: 30 Euros for one and 10 Euros for each additional person. This can be a group or individual activity.

Take part in as many natural and gentle therapies as you wish, or simply enjoy the nature Samos offers by relaxing on the beach or at our retreat—there is no pressure, take your holiday at your own pace.

A double room costs approximately 65 Euros per day (depending on the type of room, number of people and specific dates). This includes:

  • Breakfast

  • Use of common areas

  • Use of Jacuzzi

  • Breakfast prepared with homemade goods and local produce

  • Wireless Internet

  • A 45 minutes (7:00 – 7:45) of light physical exercise every morning, for those interested.


All accommodation at the retreat is self-catered.
Choose from 4 studios at 30m2 with capacity to sleep up to three people or 3 apartments starting from 40m2 in size, capable of sleeping up to four people comfortably. All have balconies and are colourful, restful places to relax in at the end of your day.

All towels and linens are provided.



Take a dip in our Jacuzzi. Whilst swimming is one of the best ways to rid yourself of anxiety, to relax and strengthen your muscular system, nothing can compare to the deep relaxing experience that a Jacuzzi can offer. The hot water opens the pores of the skin, helping to rid it of toxins. It also relaxes spasms, relieves sprains, back pain and fatigue. This, in combination with a powerful hydro massage offered by jets which have been properly positioned so as to focus the massage on the back, legs and other muscle groups, enhances your deep relaxing experience.

Seminar Hall

As described, our Seminar Hall is the centre point of our retreat.

Relaxation Zone

Surrounded by green woods, covered in lavender and overlooking the sea, our zone is especially fashioned for exercise, relaxation and sunbathing. It awaits you for group activities, or simply for a quiet get away moment for yourself.


With views to the East and the small cove of St. Nicholas, you can savor your breakfast or meal, delight in some friendly conversation or simply be left to the murmurs of the waves and the whispers of the mountain.


Legend has it that the island emerged from the waters of the southeastern Aegean as commanded by Tethys and Oceanus, who were designated as nurses of the goddess Hera. So that it may be a worthy birthplace of the goddess of fertility, Samos was brought to heights above all the Aegean islands and was enriched with every landscape, every wind and weather, every plant and animal.

Located east of Asia Minor, it is separated by the Samos (Mikali) Strait, with a minimum width of 1650 meters. To the north is located the peninsula of Eritrea, to the northwest is Chios, to the west and southwest is Ikaria and the group of islands called Fourni and to the south are the Dodecanese islands, the closest of which is Agathonisi or Arki and Patmos.

With 33, 814 inhabitants, Samos Town is the capital. Located nearer the Turkish boarder, Samos can be reached by air from Athens and regular ferry services from Piraeus in the summer (12 hours regular ferry, 6 hours speedboat)

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