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Himalayas Luxury Camping

Glamping Cultural experience

Ladakh, India
6 Days
€ 2,800 combadi price


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15th June - 30th September

The Combadi Insight:

When something so special comes along, we are honoured to be part of it. Combadi loves changing the way you see the world around you. When you wake up, open your tent and find yourself in the heart of the Himalayas like very few before you, you ‘ll know it will never be the same again.

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Embark on a nomadic journey in canvas luxury. Spend 6 days in India’s Ladakh region, a land of pristine beauty untouched by mass tourism and the rhythms of the modern world. You will explore the region known as the ‘Little Tibet, its centuries-old culture, visit an ambundance of fascinating monuments, quaint monasteries enriched with ancient art forms, and get lost in its fairs and festivals.

Your cultural exploration of Ladakh will start and end every day from the premises of the Chamba luxury tented camp, a unique accommodation location unlike any other in the world. The camps are being set up every year at an altitude of 3,350m in India’s more remote and breathtaking locations.

Every day here will start with you sipping your morning tea with some of the most breathtaking sunrises you are ever going to witness. Just a few of your travel experience highlights will include a visit to the local oracle (yes… you read right), attending a sunrise prayer ceremony at the Buddhist monastery of Thiksey and the chance to take part in a rafting excursion down the Indus river.

A trip packed with memories such as a picnic under the stars while enjoying a traditional dance of Zyabro. Last but not least, on selected dates between June and September you can be witness to a sport close to home that originated in the Himalayas during the 17th century by the region’s Royals. Participate in the excitement, the history and the splendor of Polo.

This 5 day holiday in the Ladakh region is a small window into India’s past with endless possibilities of further discovery and self-exploration. Take this trip during the 1st half of July and experience the world renowed festival of the Buddhist calendar, the Kalachakra festival. Kalachakra is an intrinsic aspect of Buddhism signifying the three ‘wheels of time’ which represent the cyclical changes in our lives; external, internal and alternative.

Last but not least, there is an extension option for our more active travelers out there. Hike for 7 days in the Markha valley in the company of our trusted local experienced guides. You will hike between 2 to 5 hours every day, visit Buddhist monasteries, explore the wildlife and camp under the stars.

This is a journey into one of India’s most magical regions set to open your mind and truly help you rediscover your soul. We can help you tailor your time in Ladakh and make your days here last forever. Get in touch with our team and you won’t regret it.

Day 1

Arrival at Leh

Upon arrival at Leh, you will be welcomed by our representative and immediately ushered to check into Chamba Camp Thiksey, in Ladakh. You will stay and be guests of the Thiskey Monastery. This is your chance to get embrace peace and serenity of the surroundings. Something you cannot afford to do amidst the hustles and bustles of urban living.

Comfortable and luxurious tents are waiting for you. Don’t worry about completion of registrations and check-in formalities; our Guest Relations officer will take care of that. You will not engage in any activity on your first day. This is medically mandated – you are to relax and expend minimal energy for you to acclimatize to low oxygen levels in high altitudes.

Excursion Specialist at Chamba Camp in Thiksey will meet you at your most convenient time to sit down and discuss recommended itineraries and activities to your planned excursions. These can be customized to suit your interests, choices and leisure.

Overnight at Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Day 2

Discover the gems of the ancient city

Following a restful sleep, the morning after, you are free to enjoy the sumptuous breakfast especially prepared for you and walk around the camp. The serene atmosphere will rejuvenate your stressed mind and body. Your tent opens out on to alfa-alfa meadows and provides you with unrestricted view of abundant green fields and poplar trees. Being a witness of the marvels of nature will pull you back inwards and appreciate your spirituality more.

If you are an early riser, you can go bird watching with the in-house naturalist that will help you identify variety of birds flying across the Trans-Himalayan plains.

After feasting over your delectable lunch, you are to proceed on a brief Leh tour orientation, which is around 19 kilometers away from the camp. Maximize you travel time and explore magnificent landmarks such as the Leh Palace. The admiration of local culture and heritage continues as a Ladakhi scholar presents architectural feats of the ancient city. View the entirety of the majestic place at the terrace of Munshi House while sipping the special Ladakhi tea with light snacks. This cultural exploration continues from Munshi House through the old city and ends with a trip to the bazaar.

The spectacular views of the stone strewn landscape at Shanti Stupa are a fantastic way to end your tour. As you gobble a hot cup of traditional Ladakhi butter tea watching the setting sun, amazement will just seep through your veins. This is indeed a once in a lifetime experience.

Overnight at Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Day 3

Unravel the secrets of Thiskey and Hemis Monasteries

Kickstart your day with a visit at the olden Thiskey Monastery. This quaint worship center is just a stone throw away from your camp. It has an enormous statue of Maitreya Buddha that has been a centerpiece of this pristine touristic destination. From here, you will have unrestricted view of the valley. Inside the monastery, you will have the chance to join early morning prayer with the monks. Continue on a guided excursion of the monastery, visiting the stunning prayer room that boasts several handwritten and painted books. There is another portion that is dedicated to goddess Tara alongside 21 images imprinted in glass-covered wooden shelves. Small shrines to celebrate other divinities are peppered within the city.

A leisurely breakfast is waiting for you at the camp. The rest of the morning is yours. Allow yourself to take pleasure in the magnificence around you. Cycling trips within the vicinity of Thiskey Village is something you can also enjoy. Or, fulfill a mystical fantasy of meeting an oracle. Yes, your heard it right, a séance session with the Oracle. Please take note that a confirmation from the oracle is needed at least one day before your excursion.

In the afternoon, you can explore the jewel in the crown of the Drukpa lineage, the Hemis Monastery, the premier and oldest monastic institution of Ladakh. It is located around 20 kilometers away from Thiksey. Tucked in a secluded valley, the monastery belongs to the Drukpa School or the Dragon Order of Mahayana Buddhism. In here, are interesting stories of the institution established under the reign of King Senge Namygal in the 13th century. This period is when young lamas are taught literature, history, philosophy, yoga and tantra.

The beautiful adornments of statues and mural paintings along the monastery halls will take your breath away. Enjoy a drink while witnessing the sun disappears on the horizon.

Overnight at Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Day 4

Follow the footsteps of the Buddha

The fourth day of your expedition takes you to the hidden monastic treasures of Ladakh. Driving through charming landscape along the River Indus, arrive at the legendary Alchi Monastery, which was built in the 11th century. Built by Ringchen Zangpo, the Great Translator, the Alchi Gompa parades a Kashmiri influence in both art and architecture. Inside the monastery, you will see picturesque Tibetan and Gandhara murals of Ladakh, paintings and imageries of the Buddha.

Before heading back to Alchi, stop by the Basgo Fort. This 16th century monument literally means “Bull’s Head” in local dialect. This used to house the seat of power of the region. The ruins of the fort bear the horrendous signs of the assaults and invasions of the Mongols. Relish a picnic lunch before an astounding backdrop.

A rafting excursion is a good alternative itinerary for adventure-seekers. The day starts with a drive through the rustic countryside, disembarking at the put-in point. A gentle rafting trip down the Indus River, floating past traditional Ladakhi villages, relishing the spellbinding sights and the contrast between the vegetation of the Nimoo village from one bank to a barren landscape. A picnic lunch is set prior to your trip back to the epic Alchi Monastery. You can either watch or join locals as they dance Zyabro to the tune of local rhythm and music. Overnight at Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Day 5

Play like a Royal

An hour drive to the Stok Palace is the first item in your itinerary on Day Five. This enchanting medieval cradled the Queen Mother and Prince of Ladakh. A section of this Palace has been transformed into a museum that is now home to some of the most remarkable and priceless collections of the Royal family. Feel free to admire the exquisite Royal perag (headgear) embedded with expensive coral and turquoise. The museum also displays Royal costumes, rare coins, photographs and paintings.

The narrow lanes along the beautiful village culminate at a pretty Ladakhi house, where you can relish a nice cup of tea. Return to the camp for a sumptuous lunch.

Later in the afternoon, a short distance drive from the camp will give you the opportunity to witness the traditional fanfare and glamour associated with the game of Polo. For your information, Polo originated in the Western Himalayas within the kingdoms of Baltistan and Gilgit. King Singge Namgyal, son of a Balti princess, was totally impressed of the thrilling sport. He was the one responsible in introducing Polo in the region of Ladakh during the 17th century.

How is the game played? Each team comprises of six players. The game escalates into fast and furious state in this rugged terrain. The excitement builds up as both sides strike goals. Each goal is accompanied by a burst of song and music from the surna and daman, traditional Ladakhi musical instruments.

Overnight at Chamba Camp, Thiksey.

Day 6

The time to say goodbye

You are forgiven to show emotions this time around as you bid farewell to the hospitable people that have become part of your journey. If you think that six days is not enough for you to explore Ladakh, you may review many interesting tour extension programs offered by us.

Inclusions - Main 6-day tour at Chamba Camp

  • Accommodation: Double or Hollywood twin bedded tents
  • All meals included in the itinerary (with tea, coffee and soft beverages)
  • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle: airport arrival, departure and transfers, sightseeing trips as cited in the program
  • Experienced English-speaking guides
  • Tips to guides and drivers
  • Still camera fees (not professional)
  • Appropriate government service tax of 3.09% on the total package price

Hiking extension Chilling to Shang Sumdo

  • Accommodation at Apricot hotel (all meals included)
  • All meals included in the itinerary (with tea, coffee and soft beverages)
  • Transportation by an air-conditioned vehicle for round trips
  • Experienced English-speaking guides
  • Water during all treks, excursions, entrance fees, still camera fees at all monasteries
  • Tips to the ground team
  • Ponies during the trek and applicable permits for the trek, first aid box with oxygen cylinder

Special notes

  • The Polo Event is requires a minimum of 10 in house guests.
  • Prices are variable depending on Government Tax and Infrastructural policies
  • Rates are valid from 15th June to 30th June, and 15th July to 30th September 2014
  • Treks would be dependent on weather conditions and local Guides will make the final decision whether to push through or not

Polo excursions are restricted and only available on the following dates: June 2014: 19, 23, 27 July 2014: 19, 23, 27, 31 August 2014: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 September 2014: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 25, 29

Plan your trip accordingly!

For the period of 3-14th of July, you have the opportunity to visit the Kalachakra festival

Day 5

Join the Kalachakra Festival at Choglamsar

You will have the opportunity to visit the Kalachakra 2014, a world-class event in the Buddhist calendar, located within a stone throw away from the camp. Kalachakra is a core element of Buddhism demonstrating the three ‘wheels of time’ and cycle of life: external, internal and alternative.

The external and internal wheels characterize the external world and our bodies respectively. The alternative wheel symbolizes the gain of liberation from the other two wheels or from the material world. The Kalachakra will be held for 12 days, from July 3 to 14*, and will be presided over by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama.

A festive lunch awaits at the camp. In the afternoon, you will be ushered into a majestic trip to the Stok Palace. This enchanting medieval cradled the Queen Mother and Prince of Ladakh. A section of this Palace has been transformed into a museum that is now home to some of the most remarkable and priceless collections of the Royal family. Feel free to admire the exquisite Royal perag (headgear) embedded with expensive coral and turquoise. The museum also displays Royal costumes, rare coins, photographs and paintings. Overnight at Chamba Camp, Thiksey

6-day hiking extension

Valley to valley - Chilling to Shang Sumdo

The onset of the trek will give you an idea of the fun and excitement waiting ahead as you ride across the Zanskar River on a wooden trolley system. This hiking extravagance will allow you to come to terms with amazing views of the flora and fauna, old ruins of monasteries, forts, and the magnificent sights of the passes. The mountains will definitely have you asking for more every day.

Day 6

Chilling to Skiu Village (4060 meters), 4 to 5 hours

Following an early breakfast, you will drive for an hour and a half and begin your trek by taking a trolley across the Zanskar River, where ponies await to bring your camping equipment. Wildlife abundance will mesmerize you as you traverse the two valleys. In fact, you might just spot a heard of blue sheep, locally called 'bharal’. Hereon, the track road weaves its way into Skiu. The erstwhile royal family as a rest stop en-route to Srinagar once used this. The track for the day is easy and gets you introduced into the trek in a gentle manner. Overnight at the tented camp at Skiu.

Day 7

Skiu to Markha (3710 meters), 7 to 8 hours

Soonafter your breakfast, you will leave early to restart trekking. Your trail is fairly leveled as you follow the Markha River along its course, crossing Sara and Chaluk villages a few times. You will pass by holy shrines and the Mani walls built of stones engraved with Buddhist prayers. The river’s left bank will show you the way to the exquisite campsite surrounded by willows. Lucky you, this is where you will be spending the night. The campsite is striking distance from Markha village, but you will cross the river to it in the morning when the current is calmer. Overnight at the tented camp atMarkha

Day 8

Markha to Hankar (3900 meters), 3 to 4 hours

You are advised to leave early. Current is gentler in the morning. You will also walk for some 20 minutes with the aid by the team, cross the river to reach Markha - the largest village in the Markha Valley. Markha cradles around twenty houses, an old monastery and a ruined castle. The trail continues past the castle and old stone-mills and the Techa monastery suspended atop a soaring cliff. If you do not fear heights, by all means, you can visit this place. Following your Umlungyou exporation, get your first glimpse of the Kang Yatse peak (6400 meters). You will again walk for another two hours (or more) to reach Hankar. Located here are a monastery and a ruined fort, which you will visit after lunch.

Overnight at the tented camp at Hankar

Day 9

Hankar-Tchangungtse (4200 meters)-Nimaling (4700 meters), 4 to 5 hours

The grand expedition continues with an uphill trail and an hour later, you are at the adorable green pasture of Tchangungtse. Take a well-deserved rest and drink before a marvelous view of the Zanskar Range and Kang Yatse. After a breather, you’re back on the trail, which turns east until you reach the plateau of Nimaling. Nimaling is the summer grazing ground for the yaks, sheep and goats of Markha and is also the highest camping ground on this trek. Overnight at the tented camp at Nimaling

Day 10

Nimaling to Shang Sumdo (3560 meters) via Kongmaru La (5200 meters), 6 to 7 hours

You will ascend towards Kongmaru La. The trail gets steeper and more challenging as you approach the pass. The ridge on top of the pass will reward you with the grand views of the Indus to the north-east and the Zanskar range to the south. The two-hour long descent to Chogdo Village (3810 meters) is similarly steep, but it gets more relaxed as you enter Shang Gorge – a place known for the strange rock formations. There are a few more river crossings before you arrive at Chuskarmo, and finally Shang Sumdo by early evening. You will head back to Chamba camp in Thiksey (75 kilometers, 2 hours) via Hemis. Overnight at the Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Day 11

Parting Time: Bid farewell to the land of the lamas

Every good story must come to an end. Today is saying goodbye day to the captivating and spectacular mountainous and rugged terrain of Ladakh. You will be transported back to the Leh airport and board your flight to your onward destination.

Child Policy

  • Single child (9 years - 15 years): Travelling with parents will be accommodated in the Luxury tent or Presidential Suite. You will only pay 50 % of the half-twin adult tour price and is subject to sharing the tent with parents.

  • Two Children (9 years - 15 years): Travelling with the parents will be accommodated in the Luxury Tent or Presidential Suite. First child pays 50% of the half twin adult tour price and the second child will have to pay 75% of the half twin adult tour price. In the Luxury tent, one child will share the same bed with the parents and the second child will be provided with a separate bed. In the Presidential Suite, both children will be provided with separate beds.

  • Children between 5 years to 8 years are free

The Chamba Camp, Thiksey is situated in a mountainous terrain. While it allows and accommodates children, parents are requested to be mindful and responsible of the safety of their young ones. For reasons of safety, children below 9 years will be allowed to travel with their parents on the main tour only.

  • For activities like rafting, cycling, hiking and the extensions to the Lakes and Nubra Valley, only children above 11 years of age will be allowed to join.

  • On the Trekking extensions, only children above 15 years will be allowed to join.

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