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Spiritual sailing across the Greek islands

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Spiritual Sailing Adventure

Aegean Sea, Greece
8 Days
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The Combadi Insight:

The spirituality of the Aegean is all pervading, an experience that transforms those who look to follow in the footsteps of the seafaring pilgrims of antiquity.

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Experience a sailing adventure spanning 8 days, 6 islands and 2500 years of religion in the Aegean, with Combadi's Spiritual Sailing Tour. Sailing from the southern Athens marina of Alimos, you will set off to explore Greece's spiritual island treasures onboard large cruisers ranging from 40m (131ft) to 50.5m (165 ft).

The Aegean sailing tour features visits to Hellenistic, Byzantine and Modern Orthodox religious sites, churches and monasteries located in the islands of Kea, Andros, Tinos, Paros, Syros, Kythnos and Aegina. This unique religious holiday combines the excitement of island hopping without the hustle of packing your suitcases from one spiritual experience to the next!

You'll visit the well preserved 2500 year old Temple of Aphaia in Aigina, the Panachrantou Monastery situated up on the mountains of Andros, Greece's most important Byzantine era church - the Church of Ekatontapiliani in Paros, and the immensely popular Our Lady of Tinos Church in Tinos. The Our Lady of Tinos Church houses a miraculous icon purported to have performed many miracles. Every year on August 15th, the church is flooded with thousands of pilgrims from Greece and all over the world.

You're sure to enjoy the limitless blue of the Aegean and the many picturesque island towns with their characteristic narrow alleyways and whitewashed walls. Between voyages, you'll always have time to go to the beach, shop many traditional arts and crafts, and sample the local island cuisine. Let the Spiritual Sailing Tour foster your spiritual growth and healing!

Day 1

Voyage from Athens Alimos Marina to Kea Island.

An exceptionally picturesque island. On the south side of Nikolaos Bay - which was a pirate stronghold in the 13th B.C. - is the little port of Korissia, built on the side of ancient Korissia. There are remains of the ancient town walls and a Sanctuary of Apollo. The famous lion - carved from the native rock in the 6th c. BCE - can be seen just north-east of Kea town. Another highlight is the beautiful anchorage of Poleis, a highly recommended stop during your Greek Islands Sailing vacations! Vourkari is a small bay with many traditional taverns, small shops and bars and is certainly worth a visit.

Day 2

Voyage from Kea to Andros

Agios (Saint) Petros Tower, Hellenistic era (4th-3rd century B.C.), is one of the best preserved in Cyclades islands. It has cylindrical shape and its height is 20m. The base diameter is 9.40m and is made of local schist. In the interior there is a helical stair, which in the past was leading to at least five floors. The tower is built at an ideal location, since it overlooks Gavrio area and the sea routes. In the nearby area there are copper extraction installations, in function till mid 20th century, with indications of ancient similar activities. Obviously the purpose of this monument was the control over land and sea.

The largest monastery in Andros island is Zoodochos Pigi or Agia, as it is locally called. It is not known when it was built. According to unverified information, during Byzantine era it functioned as a School and transformed into a monastery in 842 by empress Theodora.

The monastery Panachrantou Monastery which, according to some information, was built in 9th century by Byzantine emperor Nikiforos Fokas, is situated high up the northern slope of "Gerakones" mountain. It has a fortification and many notable relics worth seeing. Here, you will admire the magnificent view to Andros (Hora) and the hospitality of the two monks.

Day 3

Voyage from Andros to Tinos

The windswept island of Tinos, located in the Cyclades archipelago, has been settled for well over twenty-five hundred years. An island of many battles and different peoples, mountainous Tinos has been ruled by Ionians, Persians, Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians, Venetians, Franks, Turks, and Russians as well as experiencing the ravages of Arab and Barbary pirates. Now a peaceful island of forty whitewashed villages and more than 700 churches and monasteries, Tinos is famous throughout the Greek Orthodox world for its huge Church of Panagia (Virgin) which has a miraculous icon and is attracting thousands of pilgrims from all over the country on the 15th of August, feast day of the Virgin. Its traditional cuisine and way of life attract more tourists every year.

Day 4

Voyage from Tinos to Paros

Paros Greece has been inhabited since 3200 BC as are proving the excavations made on the islet of Saliagos, located between Paros and Antiparos, probably forming one single island during ancient times.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Paros became part of the Byzantine Empire and its inhabitants converted to Christianity, explaining why numerous churches, chapels and monasteries were built during those times. Among those, the most famous is the Church of Ekatontapiliani in Parikia.

Considered as the most important Byzantine monument of Greece, this church is believed to have been built according to the orders of Saint Helena, mother of Constantine the Great.

Day 5

Voyage from Paros to Syros

The capital of Syros is Ermoupolis, an affluent, lively town of elegant neoclassical mansions, squares, marble paved streets and chic boutiques. As your boat sails into the harbor you will catch a glimpse of the Catholic settlement of Ano Syros to the left, and the Orthodox settlement of Vrodado to the right, both situated on hills with Ermoupolis spilling down to the harbor, it is an impressive sight. Ano Syros is a medieval settlement with narrow alleyways and whitewashed houses. It is a fascinating place to visit.

Day 6

Voyage from Syros to Kythnos

Kythnos is extremely popular with Athenian holidaymakers. The villages, Hora and Dryopida are typically Cycladic with their winding streets and windmills. There are a number of pretty little bays all along the coastline. On the northeastern side of the island lies Loutra, a popular summer spot renowned for its thermal springs.

The best beaches are on the southeastern coast, near the village of Kanala. Below the monastery Panagia Knanlia There are also several sandy beaches located north and south of Merihas, such as Episkopi and Apokrousi and Flambouria

Day 7

Voyage from Syros to Aegina / Agia Marina

Aegina Town, on the west coast, is the island's charming and bustling, main capital and port. Its harbor is lined with colorful caiques and several of the town's crumbling neoclassic buildings survives from its days as the Greek capital. North of Aegina Town in Livadi is the house where Nikos Kazantzakis wrote Zorba the Greek. The splendid, well preserved Doric Temple of Aphaia, erected in 480 BC, is the major ancient site of the Saronic Gulf Islands. The east coast town of Agia Marina is the island's premier tourist resort.

Day 8

Voyage from Aegina to Alimos

Marina - Overnight in Alimos Marina

Price advertised is low season, for 8-10 people.

Price Includes:

  • Charter of the Yacht for one week
  • VAT
  • Yacht equipment & insurance
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Cooking gas
  • Professional Skipper
  • First & last night at the marina/port
  • Autopilot
  • Dinghy & outboard engine

NOT Included:

  • Food & drinks
  • Water
  • Fuel about Euro 200 to Euro 400 depending on the size of the yacht and the use of sail & the weather.
  • Marina & port fees
  • Hostess Euro 140 per day + food
  • Final cleaning Euro 25 per cabin.

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