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Social street work: Voluntourism in Athens

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Athens, Greece
From 2 Weeks
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Your skills are valuable for Greece! Do your part for solidarity and the restoration of social well-being in and around Greece's capital, you'll also get to discover the alternative side Athens through the eyes of experienced local guides.

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Volunteer in Greece

Would like an opportunity to make a real and positive impact while you travel? Maybe you are coming to Greece on your gap year or summer holiday and are looking for a meaningful experience where you can truly make a difference?

Your Greek Volunteer Placement

Join a voluntourism program within the Emfasis Foundation, a leading Greek non-profit organization involved in social street work in the Athens and Piraeus areas. You will be giving administrative support to Emfasis' groups of social workers, psychologists, sociologists and medical personnel, saving them precious time they need to focus on providing humanitarian, psychological and financial support to the underprivileged.

Your Greek Volunteer Role

Depending on their qualifications, volunteers will also be selected for hands-on experience in the organization's Athens and Piraeus street work. Emfasis' leading Social Street work programs require the establishment of a serious two way commitment with volunteers. Volunteers are thus expected to abide by Emfasis' ethos and operating standards.

Your office duties involve providing general office administrative support as well as maintaining Emfasis' online presence, researching/documenting activities, and being a first-point-contact for inquiries. The Emfasis Foundation is also in need of professionals with legal, financial, social and arts experience (like graphic artists, musicians, etc.)

Your Athens Tours

Your Greek gap year or Greek summer holiday is not all work! We have organised for you several Athens tours so that you may socialize and become acquainted with Greece's bustling capital. Experienced locals will take you on a series of educational, informative and entertaining tours of Athens. Covering areas such as social movements, arts & crafts, photography, bike tours and night life, you'll get a better understanding of contemporary Greece and its people! Accommodation choices range from the most hip and trendy hostel on the Athens scene to self-catering studio apartments.

Gap Year Volunteering in Greece

Volunteering for your gap year in Greece is a great way to help Greece at a grassroots level. By taking part in a volunteer project for your Greek gap year, you will also make life long friends and experience Greek culture and people like never before!


A 4hr comprehensive training/induction will be given on the first day, explaining the work philosophy of the Emfasis Foundation and finding out about its activities/campaigns. You will receive a customised daily task sheet, entailing your exact duties and reporting lines. Minimum daily commitment: 4 hours excluding lunch break

Social Street work:

A 4hr comprehensive training/induction will be given on the first day, on the principles and methodology of Emfasis Foundation. Social Street work involves hands-on experience in the areas of greater Athens that are included in the pre-assigned areas that we regularly visit and monitor the vulnerable social groups. The shifts last between 3 to 4 hours and are led by senior Emfasis social street workers.

The meeting point is the Emfasis office where the team meets and receives a detailed brief as well as after the completion of the shift, a debrief back in the office. Exact areas will be advised upon confirmation of the period of volunteering. The schedule is daily and varies from morning shifts 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm and occasionally 9pm-midnight.

Tour schedule:

Monday - Grassroots Exarhia-Psyrri Tour (Social movements, Street art, Architecture, Arts & Crafts)

Exarchia is the most intensely politicized areas in Athens. You'll take a historical journey and learn the many different political initiatives, and battles, that the area has born witness to. You'll examine the area's street art as well as it's characteristic modern architecture, creative studios and galleries.

Tuesday - Urban creatives Metaxourgeio Tour (Street art, Architecture, Arts & Crafts)

We'll walk through the artistic and fashionable neighborhood of Metaxourgeio, one of Athens' most central districts, where meany creative individuals chosen to live, work and hang out. You'll get to know Athens older architecture and the way artists use public space to interact with their audience.

Wednesday: Nightlife in Gazi-Metaxourgio

Once a neglected industrial district centered around an old gas factory, this area west of the Acropolis has now blossomed into a nightlife Mecca that hosts an impressive array of bars and restaurants. We'll be bar hopping through some of the more interesting places in the area, so that you'll get an idea of how well Greeks spend their Wednesday nights!

Friday: Nightlife in Syntagma-Psyrri

The Syntagma area, stretching from Parliament down to Monastiraki, retains its cosmopolitan air and remains active day and night! The area harbors no end of stylish cocktail bars and older, more established venues which cater to a wide variety of musical tastes and styles.

Saturday: Downtown Athens Photo Tour

You'll walk and photograph your way through Athens, gaining some useful photography tips in the process! Athen's bustling nature and varied neighborhoods are a photographer's paradise. From the quiet white-washed walls of Anafiotika underneath the Acropolis to the bustling meat and fish markets in Athenas St., Athens offers many of photo opportunities, for both seasoned and novice photographers.

Sunday: Greek music workshop

A fun day exploring the different styles of traditional Greek music, practicing on traditional percussion and wind instruments, and learning to dance Greek dances!

(Optional) Thursday: Acropolis – Acropolis museum tour (Guide price: 110€)

  • Two weeks in Athen's trendiest hostel in the central area of Athens of Psirry
  • 3 Athens Tours and workshops
  • 2 night tours
  • 3 workshops
  • Two meals a day, breakfast at the hotel

ΝΟΤ Ιncluded

  • Extra workshops are available
  • Flight tickets
  • Transfers to/from Airport
  • A fee of €25 for training material per volunteer will be applied
  • Public transportation (14€ / week)

Application process

Due to the sensitivity of this volunteer program, all interested candidates must be available for a one hour teleconference (Through Skype or Google Plus) so as to ascertain each candidates interest and level of expertise.

Once application is approved, you will be required to sign a volunteer's assignment contract, abiding by the rules and ethos of the organisation.

Submission of CV accompanied by a reference letter, explaining why you would be an asset to the non-profit

Necessary Qualifications

Candidates must have

  • A passion to experience grassroots community work and to be part of an inspiring environment.
  • Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel Powerpoint).
  • Very Good working knowledge of e-mail and the web.
  • Competency with social media channels and web-based content management systems.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, including good standard of grammar and spelling.
  • Proven attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Competent keyboard skills/word processing skills
  • Previous work experience in a relevant role would be an advantage.

About the Emfasis Foundation

Emfasis is divided in 3 cells:

  • Social street work
  • Social services
  • Special projects

all run by Greek professionals, specialists and volunteers based at the Greek capital, Athens.

Emfasis Social Street Work operates on a neighborhood level, or at areas where it has been identified that there are vulnerable “pockets” of population. Emfasis applies a personal approach when assessing the essential individual requirements of the person in need – seeking fist to restitute his/her dignity, and provide adequate social, emotional and human support. Emfasis supports any individual in need irrespective of age or race and is committed to:

  • a non-judgmental approach and anti-discriminatory practices
  • respect for discretion and confidentiality
  • adapting constantly
  • act effectively and efficiently without being bogged down to bureaucracy and excessive planning

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