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Volunteer to combat food waste in Greece

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Volunteer for Food Security

Athens, Greece
1 to 4 weeks
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Increase food security for those most vulnerable in Greece by volunteering with one of the most energetic and talented Greek non-profits. In this voluntourism experience you'll learn about, and participate in, the organization and distribution of surplus food throughout Greece while enjoying a most vibrant and interesting city of Athens.

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Volunteer in Greece

Do you speak Greek and would like an opportunity to make a real and positive impact while you travel? Maybe you are coming to Greece on your gap year or summer holiday and are looking for a meaningful experience where you can truly make a difference?

Your Greek Volunteer Role

Spend your gap year or summer holiday in Athens, from one week to several, in a voluntourism program to aid in the distribution of surplus food to those most in need. You'll be volunteering with the successful and energetic non-profit BOROUME that is tackling the logistics of sending out 2,500 meals a day throughout Greece, and helping to relieve the effects of the most unprecedented economic crisis in history. By expanding the non-profit's network and finding new donors, you'll do your part in supplying food to welfare institutions, soup-kitchens and municipal social services - food that would have otherwise been thrown away!

Your Athens Tours

Your Greek gap year or Greek summer holiday is not all work! We have organised for you several Athens tours so that you may socialize and become acquainted with Greece's bustling capital. Experienced locals will take you on a series of educational, informative and entertaining tours of Athens. Covering areas such as social movements, arts & crafts, photography, bike tours and night life, you'll get a better understanding of contemporary Greece and its people! Accommodation choices range from the most hip and trendy hostel on the Athens scene to self-catering studio apartments.

Gap Year Volunteering in Greece

Volunteering for your gap year in Greece is a great way to help Greece at a grassroots level. By taking part in a volunteer project for your Greek gap year, you will also make life long friends and experience Greek culture and people like never before!

After an initial orientation, you'll be spending ~ 4-6 hours in the neighborhood daily speaking to potential food donors.

Tour schedule:

Monday - Grassroots Exarhia-Psyrri Tour (Social movements, Street art, Architecture, Arts & Crafts)

Exarchia is the most intensely politicized areas in Athens. You'll take a historical journey and learn the many different political initiatives, and battles, that the area has born witness to. You'll examine the area's street art as well as it's characteristic modern architecture, creative studios and galleries.

Tuesday - Urban creatives Metaxourgeio Tour (Street art, Architecture, Arts & Crafts)

We'll walk through the artistic and fashionable neighborhood of Metaxourgeio, one of Athens' most central districts, where meany creative individuals chosen to live, work and hang out. You'll get to know Athens older architecture and the way artists use public space to interact with their audience.

Wednesday: Nightlife in Gazi-Metaxourgio

Once a neglected industrial district centered around an old gas factory, this area west of the Acropolis has now blossomed into a nightlife Mecca that hosts an impressive array of bars and restaurants. We'll be bar hopping through some of the more interesting places in the area, so that you'll get an idea of how well Greeks spend their Wednesday nights!

Friday: Nightlife in Syntagma-Psyrri

The Syntagma area, stretching from Parliament down to Monastiraki, retains its cosmopolitan air and remains active day and night! The area harbors no end of stylish cocktail bars and older, more established venues which cater to a wide variety of musical tastes and styles.

Saturday: Downtown Athens Photo Tour

You'll walk and photograph your way through Athens, gaining some useful photography tips in the process! Athen's bustling nature and varied neighborhoods are a photographer's paradise. From the quiet white-washed walls of Anafiotika underneath the Acropolis to the bustling meat and fish markets in Athenas St., Athens offers many of photo opportunities, for both seasoned and novice photographers.

Sunday: Greek music workshop (OPTION-NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE)

A fun day exploring the different styles of traditional Greek music, practicing on traditional percussion and wind instruments, and learning to dance Greek dances!

Price quoted is for one week for the hostel option. You can choose to stay as many weeks as you like. Make an inquiry for a quote for other accommodation options.

  • 7 nights accommodation in Athens' trendiest hostel in the central area of Athens of Psirry
  • Two meals a day, breakfast at the hostel
  • 2 Athens Tours
  • 2 night tours
  • 1 workshop

ΝΟΤ included

  • Extra workshops are available
  • Flight tickets
  • Transfers to/from Airport
  • Public transportation (14€ / week)

Application process Due to the sensitivity of this volunteer program, all interested candidates must be available for a one hour teleconference (Through Skype or Google Plus) so as to ascertain each candidates interest and level of expertise.

Necessary Qualifications

You should have a good working knowledge of Greek. Most of all, you should be optimistic, full of positive energy and communicative.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Good written and verbal communication skills (Greek required), including good standard of grammar and spelling.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office, e-mail and the web.
  • Competent with social media channels and web-based content management systems.
  • Proven attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Previous work experience in a relevant role desirable.


What is BOROUME?

BOROUME is a non-profit organization that combats food waste in Greece by coordinating food donations (and other food donations) to a network of over 800 welfare institutions, soup kitchens and municipal social services all over Greece.

What kind of food does BOROUME accept?

Companies and individuals will donate food that is in perfect condition but which would otherwise have landed in the garbage. Some companies even donate daily meals solely with BOROUME in mind! Examples of leftover foods are anything remaining after a reception, as well as fruit, produce and other meals that stores remove from their shelves.

How is food transported?

Receiving organizations pick up their food directly from donors on the same day that a food donor will inform BOROUME. BOROUME simply coordinates the donation process.

From whom does BOROUME accept food?

BOROUME accepts food donations from restaurants, bakeries, fruit-markets, hotels, pastry-shops as well as from private and corporate events. Other institutions, such as schools and companies, also organize food runs while individuals and large groups will also prepare and cook food and with the sole purpose of donating it to BOROUME.

Who do does BOROUME help?

With the help of Greek municipal social services, BOROUME donates food to destitute families and individuals that rely on the support of churches or welfare institutions. Food is also donated people who frequently visit soup kitchens or who make orphanages, nursing homes, shelters, their home. BOROUME currently sends food donations to over 800 welfare institutions, soup kitchens and municipal social services across Greece.

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