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Sail the unexplored central Ionian

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Ionian Sailing Adventure

Greece, Europe
7 Days
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The Combadi Insight:

We highly recommend this uniquely thought out sailing route through Greece's beautiful Ionian sea! Don't have a license? Opt for sailing classes to be taught to you while you sail!

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Take your friends and family members on a 7 day sailing holiday, on your own yacht. The unique and carefully designed itinerary around the picturesque Central Ionian Sea of Greece will see you sailing off the beaten track through the unspoiled beauty of the Greek islands. Get to live the carefree lifestyle and experience the hospitality of the Greek islands! Your yacht can also be turned into a classroom for sailing beginners, helping you acquire your international sailing license by the end of the trip!

Detailed sailing itinerary

Set sail for the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea! Your trip includes Lefkada, Prigiponisia--a complex of small islands--and Kefalonia, all famous for their impeccable beaches. We start from the marina in Lefkada and head to the Ligia and Porto Varko beaches in Vonitsa. You will enjoy traditional sweets in Mitikas, gazing at the mountain of Kalamos, overgrown by tall pines.

In just 15 minutes time, we will proceed to Episkopi, a beautiful village in Kalamos. We will sail to Agios Aimilianos beach, in Kastos known for Fokotrypa, a 30-meter underwater sandy cave and then to Atokos, a deserted island with coves, ideal for moorings. Enjoy the perfect scenery as you sail towards Arkoudi, mentioned by Homer as “Isle Asteris”, a tiny island that will dazzle you with its lush landscapes and quiet beaches.

We will head to the most popular village of Kefalonia, Fiskardo, for coffee, drinks and food in seaside little shops. We will stop in Sivota, the beautiful port of Lefkada, before visiting the gorgeous Meganissi with the natural harbors and bays with crystal clear waters. We will visit Papanikolis cave, famous as the hiding place for a Greek submarine during the WWII. Our last stop will be at Marina in Lefkada, where you'll have fun till morning in the nightclubs spreading around the harbor.

Sailing Skipper Course with certificate equivalent to RYA Coastal Skipper:

Day 1

Theory 2hrs - Boat terminology, types of sailing yachts, types of sails, boat stability.

Practice 3hrs - Familiarization with the sailboat - Demonstration and practice in safety equipment (life jackets, fire extinguisher, life raft) - Preparation for departure and checks. - Familiarization with ropes and knots.

Day 2

Theory 2hrs - Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics. - Maps, map symbols, lighthouses, routes, compasses, spots, electronic shipping (GPS).

Practice 3hrs - Sail handling - Sailing with the main sails. - Preparation for arrival to port and procedures

Day 3

Theory 2hrs ● First Aid - Lifeguard knowledge. ● Documents of vessel. Regulations for preventing collisions at sea. Naval etiquette .

Practice 3hrs - Manipulations and cruising under sail. - Man overboard situation. - Change sails. Reefing.

Day 4

Theory 2hrs - Trimming of (Settings ) Sails. Basic knowledge of race sailing. - Communication in sea, VHF, Danger signals. Naval meteorology.

Practice 3hrs - Use of safety equipment VHF, EPIRB, AIS and steering by compass, use of binoculars. - Practical applications on maps, water hazards, find positioning, control of position with electronic shipping (GPS). - Handling and anchoring in harbors and bays.

Day 5

Theory 2hrs - Naval education. Maritime safety, Life raft demonstration. - Meteorology: awareness of forecasting services and knowledge of Beaufort scale

Practice 3hrs - Manners and customs - Rules of the road - Design and implementation of travel by making two or more paths. - Settlement of the sails and ropes. Secure mooring of the yacht in the port.

Day 6

Exam test in seaman’s skills and theory

The price includes the fees for the professional instructor, tuition as well as course materials. In order to acquire the International sailing boat license, you must pass the exam after the completion of the week long training.

Sailing Skipper Course with certificate equivalent to RYA Coastal Skipper

100 euro per day/person for 6 people (incl. 12-hour theory)

This 7-day course combines vacation with training; it is ideal for beginners and novice sailors who want to acquire an international sailing boat license while sailing.

At the end of this sailing journey, you will not only have great memories from the beautiful Ionian Islands but also a strong skipper knowledge on coastal cruises.
- Theoretical and practical lessons are included in the daily program. - Education program will be adjusted to the main itinerary schedule.

Skippered charter

70 euro per day/person for 6 people with skipper

For those without a valid certificate for bareboat sailing or if you simply don’t feel ready to manage a whole yacht, select our skippered yacht charters! The yacht rental comes with an experienced skipper who will handle the main tasks of sailing the boat. Feel free to ask him anything you want about sailing!! With skippered charters, you are carefree and secure as an experienced captain is on board to make your trip in Greece a wonderful experience!

Bareboat charter for 6 people

50 euro per day/person

Get your own yacht with your family or friends and experience the most wonderful vacations in Greece. Feel free to get in touch and consult with us at any time during your sailing trip! Sail-la-vie team is here for you 24/7.

To rent a yacht on your own (bareboat), you must have a valid International Certificate of Competence (ASA and RYA equivalents may be easily converted in your home country). It is advisable for at least one of your crew members to also hold a RYA Competent Crew certificate or equivalent.

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The Combadi Insight:

Sometimes, when you meet someone you just know. When we met these guys we realised a few things. Their passion and knowledge for sailing is unparalleled. Offering a unique experience from beginning to end is what they are all about. Greece is rumoured to have 6000 islands. Get to know every one of them with their help!