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The great outdoors fitness bootcamp

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Outdoor fitness bootcamp training

Fitness and health bootcamp

Andalusia, Spain
7 Days
€ 730 combadi price


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Sep 7, 2014 to Jan 11, 2015

The Combadi Insight:

Imagine a whole week where it's all only about the physical and the great outdoors. We can already imagine that high that only comes with exercise. Train, compete, surf and horse-ride in the unspoiled nature and sea of Andalucia, Spain and come back changed!

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Do you participate in sports of any kind? Are you serious about exercise and the well-being of your body? Are you ready to challenge yourself? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this Fitness Training Bootcamp in Andalucia - Spain is perfect for you!

This is a Fitness & Health Training Bootcamp for everyone who wants to improve their health, fitness level and well-being in the naturally beautiful and invigorating area of Los Caños de Meca, Spain, located on the Atlantic coast of Spain and unspoiled by mass tourism. Places are limited so inquire now for more details!

The Fitness and Health Training Bootcamp daily training

We run an ambitious training camp aimed at boosting your health, physical condition and performance levels. We focus on highly functional training with the added bonus of your exercises being carried out in a stunning natural environment.

We have around 3 training sessions a day. One low impact such as Yoga or mobility training and two more intense physical ones. Beside the training, we have activities such as surfing, horse riding and massage.

We also focus on teaching you about the connection between health, exercise and nutrition, through evening lectures and workshops.

The Fitness and Health Training Bootcamp diet

We will also concentrate on making the body healthier from within by eating natural nutritious foods. The included diet throughout the course is based on fresh natural foods of organic and local produce. We only use highly nutritious and non processed foods, and your diet is created to secure a well balanced amount of nutrients, including an optimized fatty acid ratio.

The Fitness and Health Training Bootcamp requirements

There is no requirement of fitness level to attend the training camp, however the desire to improve your lifestyle and fitness is a must! Our groups will generally be diverse, with participants ranging from well trained athletes to average Joes and people with lower fitness levels.

What is important is that you: - Bring the right spirit! - Be ready to challenge yourself! - Be open for lifestyle changes!

Leave the rest to us!

Upcoming bootcamps: • 21 – 27 September • 28 Sept. – 4 October • 5 – 11 October • 12 – 18 October • 19 – 25 October • 1 – 7 November • 8 – 14 November • 15 – 21 November • 22 – 28 November 2014 **higher physical level of fitness required

As the camps are aimed towards challenging you on different levels, we do not create a standard or exact program. There may be changes from week to week, depending on factors such as weather conditions, fitness level of participants, etc. We choose not to run a standardised course week after week, instead we adjust the program for the current group. And make room for some surprises as well.

To give an idea, a day during the week could look like:

  • Morning yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Time for relaxation
  • Boxing + strength & conditioning workout on the beach
  • Lunch and time for relaxation
  • Group workout and competition
  • Cool down and deep stretching
  • Dinner followed by workshop on nutrition

Activities such as surfing, horse riding and massage are available throughout the week.

Prices: (House/Hotel)

Shared room (2 persons) separate beds:

7 days – 730/780 Euro

9 days – 860/920 Euro

12 days – 990/1060 Euro

15 days – 1120/1200 Euro

Single Room

7 days – 840/900 Euro

9 days – 1000/1070 Euro

12 days – 1160/1240 Euro

15 days – 1320/1400 Euro

For stays longer than listed, contact us for an offer.

Arrival one day earlier is permitted from 15pm, at no extra cost. However guests will have to arrange for meals at their own cost

Private pickup and return is possible from: Jerez Airport for 30Eur/person, Sevilla Airport for 40Eur/person or Malaga Airport for 50Eur/person. From Conil or Barbate you can get pickup at no cost.

Fell free to contact us regarding using public transport getting here.

Training and Program

Many people have repetitive and less than optimal movement patterns incorporated in their modern daily life. Both in terms of working habits. (Desktop and computer work, etc.) but also often in terms of exercising – performing the same kind of movement over and over again, with standardized equipment and machines.

The foundation for the training at our fitness training bootcamp is highly functional movements performed on a natural terraine, which will secure a much higher variation in the way the muscles are stimulated.

A lot of the training is based on challenging competitions, often working in groups. In the training you will find components of some of the following:

  • : Calisthenics/Bodyweight strength and conditioning training
  • Boxing training
  • Kettlebell work
  • Running & sprinting (Trail and off track, barefoot, sand, etc)
  • Parkour
  • Muscle release techniques
  • Yoga and mobility work
  • Various challenges, drills, games and competitions

During the week we also have activities such as surfing and horse riding.

The Diet

The diet throughout the course is based on natural foods of organic and local produce. We only use highly nutritious and non processed foods, and your diet is created to secure a well balanced amount of nutrients, including an optimised fatty acid ratio.

The diet mainly consists of:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Free range meats and eggs
  • Seafood
  • Nuts and seeds as well as healthy oils

The diet is put together based on what the body is designed to live on, rather than what is available in the modern supermarket. For many this will mean a diet with a lower ratio of carbohydrates than their usual intake, and it may take a while for your body to adapt to this as it has alter its metabolic systems. This can sometimes be felt as cravings for sugary foods.

The benefits of such diet changes are many, including improved insulin sensitivity, better body composition in terms of ratio of muscle and body fat, improved hormonal balance.

Seafood will be a large part of the diet, so if you do not like seafood or are allergic to certain types of seafood, please let us know in advance, so we will have the chance to arrange an alternative for you.


You can chose between accommodation in either our rustic houses, or at the hotel. The houses each contain a bathroom, living room and kitchen, a wood burning fire place, as well as 2 bedrooms.

In both houses and hotel there are options for double bed or seperate beds. If accommodated in houses you’ll have free access to the hotel swimming pool, and other facilities as well The distance between the houses and the hotel is only around 100 meters.

Usually our meeting point before training and activities is at the lawn of the houses.

You will find wifi at the hotel, and the hotel area. However we recommend that you limit your time in front of a laptop or device as much as possible.

Location and Getting There

The Camp is located in the small coastal town Zahora in the Area of Caños de Meca, at the Andalucian Atlantic coastline – Costa de la luz. The coastal area here is one of the least spoiled in Spain, still not affected by mass tourism. The bootcamp is located at the foot of the national pak La Breña.

Getting here

There are various ways of getting here:


By bus to either B.Vejer or Conil. From here you can get pickup for free.

Car lift

If you are looking for a cheap way to travel, the car sharing site blablacar.com is an option. It’s very popular in Spain, and if you have a little flexibility regarding times, it should be easy to find a lift to either Conil, Vejer or Barbate, from where you can get a free pickup.


If you do not wish to do any planning regarding the travelling, you can also order pickup turn/return from any of the airport cities: - Jerez Airport for 30Eur/person - Sevilla Airport for 40Eur/person - Malaga Airport for 50Eur/person

Choice of transport

Transportation is on a global scale causing a big release of greenhouse gasses, which influences the climatic balance, and is related to big consequences for the earth eco systems and overall health.

We support people who choose to travel by train, or similar transport, instead of flying, with a refund of the ticket of up to €100 Euro (depending on distance traveled and length of stay). Contact us for more information regarding this.

Thanks for a great “vacation”! It was very inspiring. Everything from the food to the training. I’ve certainly gotten some great tools, which I’ll continue to use.” Julie

“My 7 days at the camp was a true eye opener and learning experience for me. Halfway through the first day, I thought I wouldn’t make it. But I did:) I was challenged on my physique, but I needed that kick. I could both feel and see the improvement towards the end, and I’ve implemented many of your diet patterns since I came home.” Ninna Henriksen

“Thanks for a great stay and a different holiday, which I’ll never forget. I miss the wonderful place, the grilled Doradas and our training at the beach.” Anders Nielsen

“I had a wonderful time. Relaxing and very hard at the same time. I enjoyed the mix! It seems like we found the key to my shoulder problem. It’s been almost completely pain free ever since.” Shireen

“Thanks for the pleasant and exhausting hours, we’ve had together this year. It was a holiday, which made a great impression! We hope to see you all again!” Ine & Peter

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