5 types of people to befriend and avoid during your summer holiday

You ‘re off on your summer holiday again. Hanging out with the right crowd will either make or break your summer vacation.

Your 5 best summer friends:

1. The hot surfer dude / dudette. / They know where all the good parties are at and they ll get you in!

Surfing photo

2. The barman of your favourite bar. / Befriend him and the free shots will keep flowing.
3. The guy with the best gadgets at the beach. / He ‘ll know where the good wi-fi spots are.
4. Newly weds. / Find out when the next wedding is taking place. Follow the crowd to the party. Crash it.
5. Arab sheikh on a boat. / Buy a bottle of champagne, share, get invited on their boat

And now for the 5 holidayers to avoid at all costs..:

1. The miserable family with 3 screaming young kids. / The screaming, the food, the toys. Need we say more?
2. The local ladies man. / Avoid unless you to hear funny accents, cheezy pick-up lines, bad alcohol.
3. The backpacker. / They ll try to get a free ride; sleep on your sofa.

Tourists in France


4. B-celebrities. / You ‘ll end up photobombing the cover of numerous gossip sites.
5. Roudy guys playing rackets on the beach. / Noise, danger, simply very annoying.

Now, on to improving this summer holiday or planning the next one. Plan early, avoid the crowds and get ideas with a difference with combadi.com.



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