How to cope with the World (Cup) ending

Even marginal football fans have been living and breathing football for the past month of the World Cup. We have cheered and cried for our favorite teams and over the course of a few weeks, good company, frayed sporting nerves and copious amounts of munchies may have slowly, almost imperceptibly, rounded our abs and thighs as well! This calls for a change of plans for the summer… perhaps something to scale back the damage and reveal the six-pack once again.

football volunteer south africa activeAs the World Cup final (Germany-Argentina) draws nearer, if you are wondering how to fill the football sized void in your life, consider volunteering as a football coach in Argentina, helping disadvantaged kids in Buenos Aires develop their skills. Argentina’s passion for football is unmatched in the world and is probably the best way to get to know the country, while actually making an impact, isn’t that nice for a change?

If you’ve had enough of football and need some detox-don’t-mention-the-W-word time out, don’t worry, there are plenty of active holidays for all tastes. Just some examples; you can set off on a fifteen day combined cycling and sailing holiday in Vietnam, or if you prefer adventure, experience a seven day adventure holiday in Slovenia with six extreme activities back-to-back: kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking and climbing!

Bovic Slovenia active rafting biking hiking active

If you’re serious about the six-pack then there are plenty of dedicated fitness holidays. For example, a luxury fitness holidays in the Dolomites, Italy, at 5000 ft above sea level or in a luxury resort in Turkey, with a tailor made fitness program and nutrition.

Many more ideas and inspiration here:

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