Why you should go on a sailing holiday this summer

No matter what century they’re in, vacationers will always want to stay in the most spacious, most comfortable and amenity-laden retreat they can afford – but considering the lack of epic poems containing the words  ‘pool’ or ‘complimentary soap’,  sailing the open ocean must certainly have something special going for it. That’s why, we here at Combadi want to urge you to experience the riches and benefits of sailing off inspired, into the wild blue yonder.

sail sailing yacht vacation holiday

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Combadi presents some of the world’s weirdest food!

Sampling international cuisine is one of life’s great travel pleasures. Sure, your destination’s language might be utterly unintelligible and local customs may be completely alien to your own. Wherever you find yourself though, food will always help you achieve immediate intimacy with your surroundings – right? Well, as we’ll find out today, that won’t always be the case! Chances are, you’ll be hard pressed to go that extra culinary mile, as the locals urge you to try some of their most dubious local delicacies! Do you dare disappoint them?

World Weird Food Cuisine

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What kind of camera should you pack on your next holiday?

With your vacation drawing near, one of the things you’ll start thinking about is how best to capture your next holiday’s photographic moments. As a photographer myself, my advice to you is to dispense with modern and expensive mega-pixel laden mobile technology in cell phones, tablets and point-and-shoot cameras. Take with you an older, less expensive DSLR camera and lens combo!

photograph photography camera

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Ancient spirituality comes to life

When called upon to identify a sacred site, many people tend to point out very particular locations where religious rituals take, or have taken place. Think of churches and mosques, or the immediate geographical importance of the city of Jerusalem for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

spiritual vacation holiday peru

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Combadi summer music sampler Vol. 1

My favorite time of day, sunsets finally stretch out late into the post meridiem as we get closer to summer. To celebrate, I’m compiling a sunset playlist to introduce our COMBADI friends to some of my favorite newer songs – they’re the perfect companions for the waning day, whether you’re all working late, chilling at home or away on a COMBADI vacation!

Mykonos sunset with cruise boat_SMALL

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