Bachelor Week in Australia

So your best friend finally gave you the go-ahead to start planning that week-long bachelor party you’ve been mulling over, for the past month. In a moment of clarity, you remember your first and only road trip a good decade ago, when gastritis forced both of you to make a series of emergency stops beginning with Betoota.

Older and wiser, this time you vow things will be different – there will be no dodgy food or an inebriated soaring rendition of Waltzing Matilda in the Australian outback. You and your best friend want to have fun, but you want both of you to come back in one piece as well.

Enter the Melbourne Crown casino and hotel complex, some 600,000 square meters of fun that includes three tower hotels you can choose from to spend the night. One of the most famous features of the casino is its Atrium which is decked out with one of the most spectacular water, light and sound shows you will come across. The gaming area contains over 500 gaming tables and around 2,600 slot games and video poker, an impressive amount which is important nowadays due to the sheer choice available at online casinos like

Still, if it’s a road trip you’re after, why not drive along the Princess highway to Sydney’s second largest casino in the country, the Sydney Star. This is a huge casino, entertainment and hotel complex which includes many bars, restaurants and night clubs. It cost over a billion Australian dollars to build and certainly has the style to prove it. There are nearly 500 hotel rooms and suites in its three hotels and there is a theatre which will seat an audience of over 2,000.

Like that first road trip, your bachelor party is guaranteed to be a blast – but the good kind.

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