How to cope with the World (Cup) ending

Even marginal football fans have been living and breathing football for the past month of the World Cup. We have cheered and cried for our favorite teams and over the course of a few weeks, good company, frayed sporting nerves and copious amounts of munchies may have slowly, almost imperceptibly, rounded our abs and thighs as well! This calls for a change of plans for the summer… perhaps something to scale back the damage and reveal the six-pack once again.

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What kind of camera should you pack on your next holiday?

With your vacation drawing near, one of the things you’ll start thinking about is how best to capture your next holiday’s photographic moments. As a photographer myself, my advice to you is to dispense with modern and expensive mega-pixel laden mobile technology in cell phones, tablets and point-and-shoot cameras. Take with you an older, less expensive DSLR camera and lens combo!

photograph photography camera

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Bachelor Week in Australia

So your best friend finally gave you the go-ahead to start planning that week-long bachelor party you’ve been mulling over, for the past month. In a moment of clarity, you remember your first and only road trip a good decade ago, when gastritis forced both of you to make a series of emergency stops beginning with Betoota.

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2013 Travel photography magic

Today, we woke up with a very wonderful surprise. Browsing in the morning the latest exciting travel news, we stumbled upon some of the most beautiful travel photographs we have seen for a while. Published by the Daily Mail, were some of the winners and runners-up of the Travel Photographer of 2013.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite travel photographs with you.

Photograph by Justin Doest taken in Japan - A mother monkey with her child

Photograph by Justin Doest taken in Japan – A mother monkey with her child

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A lesson on how ‘Not’ to place European countries on the map…

Who would have thought that geography could be so much fun.. And the best type of fun.. the embarrassing kind.

Trying to place European countries on the map is not an easy feat for anyone. But when Buzzfeed went out and actually tried it, the results were simply amazing!!

We loved what they did and if you haven’t seen it already, here is a selection of the best and funniest of efforts.

geography lesson americans european countries funny test travel

Obviously a fan of conspiracy theories.. since most of the countries of central Europe seem to be fake…

geography lesson americans european countries funny test travel

Feeling guilty has been quite a common theme.. Love the Rafa Nadal arrow!

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