6 Combadi stag experiences

Congratulations! You’ve been selected as the best man and it’s up to you to organize the stag weekend! With this great privilege, also comes the responsibility of finding the best way to celebrate your buddy’s last days of freedom! That’s why you’re sparing no expenses and considering all options in your search for the perfect stag vacation! Thankfully, we have a few alternative ideas here at Combadi to help inspire you:

Canyoning Stag Weekend

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6 Tips for open water swimming

With niche holidays growing in popularity, many avid swimmers are taking their passion with them on vacation! For swimming lovers that are thinking of graduating from the pool to the wild blue yonder, it’s important to remember that the ocean presents new challenges! That’s why, if you want test yourself out in the open water, here are six important things to keep in mind.

Swim Greece Milos Open Water

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Guide to Escaping the World Cup (Mind Edition)

With the world cup neigh, many of you will begin pondering the futility of 22 people kicking a ball around a green pasture, under the watchful eye of a 23rd person who occasionally whistles and waves colored cards in the air. That’s OK! You’ll be glad to know we see the futility of it too. That’s why, directing your attention away from the World Cup and its billion-strong frenzied masses, we’d like to remind you about what really matters – with a little help from our Combadi holidays of course.

Istanbul Photography Masterclass

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Romantic travel-three heart shaped islands

It’s Valentine’s day and I found my self wondering if there are any heart shaped island in the world. As it turns out, yes there are! However I discovered only three are truly breath-taking and also visitable! Imagine what a perfect wedding, engagement or simply amazing romantic travel. Here are the three islands for romantic travel:

Lover’s Island, Croatia

Valentine day islands Romantic travel

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