Using Meditation While Traveling

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it is easy to find reasons not to meditate while away from home. Like with anything that falls into our daily routine, your daily meditation may be pushed to the wayside while you’re out of your comfort zone. However, this is a time when it is even more important to make time for practicing your art.

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Get away from the stress that comes with even the most leisurely of vacations by using these tips to fit meditation into your travel plans.

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5 meditation trips worth your money

Life can be stressful. The daily demands of work, the family, your friends, the house and everything else that may be on your plate can become overwhelming. Sometimes, you need to find a way to get rid of all of that stress; clear your mind so that you can better deal with these stresses and enjoy a more productive and relaxed life.

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To travel. To fly by the seat of your pants and soar into new beginnings…

In January this year I made a commitment to travelling that has changed my life. My partner, Ricky, had just sold his house and business and wanted to take the opportunity to carve out a new path. Unfortunately when we met I had already made my own big plans to live in LA and so I left the UK with hopes for big things as I started a life in Hollywood. Missing him terribly, I wished him well as he prepared to take off travelling to explore his new found freedom. In my sadness I did not suspect for a moment that he would fly to LA and invite me on an adventure, so when he did – I was elated!