Christmas with family explained

Christmas eve and all around the world the same scenes play out over and over again.

Drunk cousins you only see that one time of year, awkward conversations about way too inappropriate subject matters with your boyfriend’s grandma, and let us not forget the ‘cheerful’ festive Christmas songs…

christmas family holiday travel experience

Every year seems to blend with the previous one, but don’t get us wrong. We enjoy and look forward to Christmas as much as anyone. Every year, we simply can’t wait for all the cheesy songs, the way too much eating and the moments we all spend with our families just because it’s Christmas time.

The most important of all things around this perfect excuse of a week of eating and drinking, is being with family.

christmas family holiday travel experience

We all live way too busy lives and spending even a few days with the people that love you most in the world should not be missed.

Looking back at recent Christmas past myself, it’s these funny and at first look lame Christmas moments that I miss most.

Falling asleep in front of the TV watching the years Top 100 celebrities we all love to hate and waiting for the Ney Year’s countown, listening to music you would never admit to have done so to your friends or being stuck with your 3 year old nephew playing tummy ache for way too long…

christmas family holiday travel experience

Christmas would never be the same without family. Just enjoy it for what it is , precious time with family.

Have a great one from all of us here at Combadi & a Happy New Year!


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