Guide to Escaping the World Cup (Body Edition)

With the world cup neigh, many of you will begin pondering the futility of 22 people kicking a ball around a green pasture, under the watchful eye of a 23rd person who occasionally whistles and waves colored cards in the air. That’s OK! You’ll be glad to know we see the futility of it too. That’s why, directing your attention away from the World Cup and its billion-strong frenzied masses, we’d like to remind you about what really matters – with a little help from our Combadi holidays of course.

Italy Tuscani Bike Cycling

According to modern western thought, we’re a bit complicated – trisected, rather, into mind, body and soul. While what matters might be a different combination for each of us, in the end it all comes down to experiencing ourselves, each other, and the world. This is the reason that, here at Combadi, we offer unique experiences for each and every part of our trisected selves!

This is the second installment of our three-part series, where we’ll focus on how Combadi can introduce your body to wonderful new experiences! Let your body take our advice – we guarantee that it’ll come back different because, at Combadi:

You’ll trek through Ladakh, “The Land of High Passes,” and the most majestic landscape of  the Indian Himalayas. On the way, you’ll explore historic temples, learn the Buddhist way of balancing body and mind, and take in the many amazing sights and sounds of the Indus valley and its people.

You’ll ride on horseback along the Inca Trail to Machu Piccu, while staying in luxurious lodges along the way. Your trusty steed will get you safely through the Peruvian mountain roads and glacier valleys to your final destination,  the famous ancient Inca city high in the clouds.

Peru Inca Peru Horse

You’ll cycle through Italy’s Chianti region, on bike routes that take you over rolling hills and through towns unchanged since medieval times. Staying at a wonderful Tuscan estate, you’ll set off each day to discover the delights of Chianti – from famous archeological sites, pristine vineyards and delicious local cuisine, you’ll let your body experience it all through pedal power alone.

You’ll recharge, restore and rejuvenate your body in Greece, in the one of the Top 10 Thermal Spas in the world. Pampering yourself with a wide range of wellness and therapeutic programs on offer, you’ll return home not just rested and relaxed, but reborn! What greater gift can you give to your body than to spa in a luxurious Mediterranean setting?

For more holidays that will help your body escape the world cup, click here!

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