Leisurely Taking in the Sights and Sounds of Cyprus’ Party Capital on Foot

Cyprus is in the news for all the wrong reasons.. its time to visit Cyprus for all the right ones.

Discover its beaches, water parks, history and welcoming people

Ayia Napa (or Agia Napa, as the Greeks call it) is one of the best places in the island country of Cyprus. Every holiday maker should visit this extraordinary place. It will quench your thirst for a fantastic night life, food, and sights. The thriving town-slash-resort welcomes many tourists every year, especially those who want to see the fabulous, award-winning beaches.

 Cyrpus beaches sea summer blog holiday travel experience

The town may be small, but it is packed with a variety of sights and activities for any enthusiastic traveller. There’s one good thing about its small land area, though. You can easily walk around Ayia Napa’s scenic town and be enchanted with its culture, history, and people.

Cyrpus beaches sea summer blog holiday travel experience

Just off the centre of the promenade lies a bustling harbour where restaurants and bars can be found.

This is a great place to start for those who have just embarked a long, tiring journey from their hometown to Ayia Napa. Relax here and watch as you take a sip of cold beer. During daytime, you can view a fleet of small boats. If you want, you can even have freshly caught fish for lunch.

Cyrpus beaches sea summer blog holiday travel experience

Continue your holiday by joining one of the boat trips, which can be found off the harbour. Don’t worry; they are reasonably priced and you can use this opportunity to cruise up the coast.

If you are a more adventurous type, choose from a full-sail catamaran or a yellow submarine where you can view the natural sea life.

Your stopover is not complete without visiting the beaches. One notable beach is Nisi, which is approximately two miles along the coast from the harbour area. This is probably a good choice if you wish to walk around Ayia Napa’s scenic town.

Cyrpus beaches sea summer blog holiday travel experience ayia napaThere are plenty of shops and bars along the main road.

You can take the picturesque route right at the new coastal road where quaint bars are everywhere, a perfect spot to have a drink or two with your buddies.

The area around Nisi beach welcomes all age groups, so treat yourself with a beautiful view and perhaps go bungee jumping if you’re up for that kind of thrill.

The waterpark in Ayia Napa is something you shouldn’t miss. Being a winner of many European awards, the waterpark is spotless and well-managed. Toddlers will enjoy the park and undaunted adults can go experience the scream-inducing Kamikaze slide. Of course, since Ayia Napa is the party capital of Cyprus, night clubs are scattered all over the town.

The most famous which keep their music and partying until dawn are in the town square. After partying, you can head to one of the café bars in the square.

Whether you want to party hard or you want to have a relaxing holiday, Ayia Napa will definitely rejuvenate your senses

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