Living and travelling in Europe and its stereotypes

Stereotypes are out there whether we like it or not, so when we read today the 20 ways to slice the European continent, we thought you ‘d like to have a look too.

Atlas of Prejudice 2 - by Yanko Tsvetkov

Atlas of Prejudice 2 – by Yanko Tsvetkov

Original content seen & loved from Yanko Tsetkov’s Atlas of Prejudice 2.

Some of them are pure bliss, some of them are just wrong, most of them are just fun ideas of how all of us Europeans, are so different but so similar at the same time.

Splitting Europe according to their drinking preferences is genius, Southern Europeans do love their wine, central Europe and the Brits spend quite some time in the pubs and vodka warms the Northerners.

The split between good and bad cuisine really got us smiling! The split between Olive oil or butter and Tea or coffee is so true!

Thinking about it, for me personally, all of these stereotypes are the some of the reasons why I love spending my days between the 2 extremes, Greece and the UK. I love the good cuisine of the south, I do need a plumber for almost anything that breaks at home and indeed love my coffee and olive oil. On the other hand, I do eat while walking, beer is my drink of choice and I like some quiet time occasionally.

I think that this is exactly what’s so great about Europe. The fact that we are so different but it all makes sense. And surely, makes Europe the most exciting place in the world to live and visit.

Stereotypes aside, the only way to know is to visit Europe yourself. So, a trip in old and new Europe, a trip between classical and modern, revolutionary and traditional, sunny and cloudy, is a trip you will come back different from.

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