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In many countries not so long ago, receiving the best medical treatment was reserved for the rich who could afford the best clinics at home or travel to a famous and expensive first world clinic abroad. Nowadays, with the global growth of expert medical clinics and international healthcare accreditation, advances in information technology, combined with marked differences in healthcare costs worldwide, the concept of ‘medical tourism’ for all has emerged. An increasing number of patients in the developed world are turning their back on premium prices at home, choosing instead to travel abroad for less expensive, quality healthcare.  And why not combine your health with a holiday and travel to a different country!

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Medical tourism encompasses a full range of health services like non-emergency surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental care, fertility procedures and wellness treatments. The wellness options in particular can be about rehabilitation, either as a necessary step towards patient recuperation, for example shockwave therapy to help chronic pain management. However wellness therapies also include beauty therapies, advanced spa facilities and treatments, relaxation, rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy. Why not combine your full dental work-up with an anti-aging or detox retreat on the Baltic sea for example?

Facilitating medical tourism are the myriad of treatment solutions offered globally by clinics and the availability of cheap airfare and accommodation worldwide. Organizations now offer complete medical tourism solutions that assist patients with choosing between clinics, connecting with expert medical staff to coordinate each case, and taking care of travel arrangements. The result is that treatment abroad has turned into a well informed and dependable choice.

With growing international acceptance and millions of people being treated all over the world, the future of medical tourism looks bright indeed! Exotic destinations, internationally accredited medical personnel, and modern medical and wellness facilities will attract an ever increasing number of patients in the years to come.

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