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When called upon to identify a sacred site, many people tend to point out very particular locations where religious rituals take, or have taken place. Think of churches and mosques, or the immediate geographical importance of the city of Jerusalem for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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Yet, in many parts of the world, sanctity cannot be defined in terms of historical events or a particular location within four walls. Take, for instance, the Hindu reverence for the river Ganges, the Australian aboriginal reverence for Uluru, a large sandstone rock formation, and the many sacred Native American lands in North America.

Each of these large swathes of land is characterized by a broader spiritual value, having given birth and shaped a people’s myths and traditions. The truth is, if we aim to build a spiritual connection with cultures, even our own, we need to go far beyond pointing out the sanctity of the immediate that surrounds us.

That’s why we love the Sacred Journeys series of our holidays, where experienced guides take you on an expansive cultural journey full of knowledge and spirituality.

Maya Sacred

In Mexico, you can go on a spiritual discovery with Maya master teacher Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros. Having studied for 17 years next to a Mayan elder and wisdom keeper, Miguel will guide you through sacred Toltec and Mayan sites, sharing with you the knowledge of The Feathered Serpent, a powerful symbol amongst Mesoamerican civilizations representing the Sacred Knowledge of the Ancient Ones.

In Peru, you can join Puma Quispe Singona, Andean medicine man, healer and wisdom keeper on a spiritual exploration into the heart of Pachamama. Visit Incan temples and spiritual sites, with a man described as “magical, compassionate and wise beyond his years.” Your trip will culminate in the celebration of the spring equinox, at a seldom visited but sacred Incan ceremonial site.

In Turkey, Phil Cousineau, experienced writer, presenter, scholar and accomplished storyteller takes you on an epic cultural journey that spans nine millennia. With Phil at your side, you’ll discover the ancient civilizations and cultures that flourished in Turkey, and gain an understanding of the country’s modern soul.

The immersive character of all three tours can be likened to a voyage of self-discovery, with each of your guides inviting you to explore your own spirituality, to gain a better understanding of your own place in the world. In our ever expanding quest to find experiences from which you’ll come back different, these definitely top the list.

Turkey Blue Mosque sacred

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