Why you should go on a sailing holiday this summer

No matter what century they’re in, vacationers will always want to stay in the most spacious, most comfortable and amenity-laden retreat they can afford – but considering the lack of epic poems containing the words  ‘pool’ or ‘complimentary soap’,  sailing the open ocean must certainly have something special going for it. That’s why, we here at Combadi want to urge you to experience the riches and benefits of sailing off inspired, into the wild blue yonder.

sail sailing yacht vacation holiday

A different perspective  - Going on a sailing holiday means that you can reach places most landlubbers will never get to see, like hidden natural splendors and out-of-the way communities. Even a mile off-shore from the busiest tourist trap, simply gazing at the beautiful natural backdrop may help you understand what drew people there in the first place. As an added bonus, some sailing vacations allow you to acquire a sailing license of your own, so that you can enjoy different perspectives time and time again, either at home or abroad.

Easier travel and accommodation - Dealing with road and rail networks as well as internal flights can be a bit daunting when you’re in a foreign country. On the other hand, sailing from point A to point B is a simple and unforgettable experience in itself – you might even wish the journey took longer! Plus, by combining transportation and accommodation, sailing solves two major hassles travelers face. You’ll remember that, each time you disembark at a new destination, carrying only a camera and a hat.

Creating a team spirit - Sailing a boat requires from travelers the ability to live, and even work, together and in relatively close quarters. You can’t just get up and leave whenever you feel like it – by interacting with everyone on board, from your family, friends, crew and even strangers, sailing fosters a team spirit and creates positive lasting memories.

sailing sail holiday yacht vacation

See more of your destination - Your sailing vacation doesn’t limit you to experiencing only the wind and the sea – your trip can be combined with many other kinds of activities like biking, yoga, as well as cultural or culinary tours. You can sail in the mornings, tour in the evenings, and return to the ship for a good night’s rest!

Most bang for the buck – When factoring in food and board in a hotel, renting a yacht may give you more bang for your buck. For about the same price as a week-long hotel stay, you and your friends can eat, sleep, travel, sail and feel merrier than a pirate ship loaded with rum and loot!

Take a look at some of Combadi’s sailing holidays and see how you can spend your summer sailing all over the world!

sail sailing yacht holiday vacation

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