To travel. To fly by the seat of your pants and soar into new beginnings…

In January this year I made a commitment to travelling that has changed my life. My partner, Ricky, had just sold his house and business and wanted to take the opportunity to carve out a new path. Unfortunately when we met I had already made my own big plans to live in LA and so I left the UK with hopes for big things as I started a life in Hollywood. Missing him terribly, I wished him well as he prepared to take off travelling to explore his new found freedom. In my sadness I did not suspect for a moment that he would fly to LA and invite me on an adventure, so when he did – I was elated!

Oman discovered..

Planning one’s honeymoon is always an exciting endeavour.. Especially when you are planning to get away the day after your wedding.. For us, it was a challenge which surely paid off in the end. We wanted to go somewhere different, away from the usual beach holiday. Oman is not your obvious choice for a honeymoon destination, but surely this country deserves a visit from all of us once in our lifetime..

Oman travel experience honeymoon tour desert

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