10 ways to avoid getting depressed at the end of your holiday

You ‘re back. It was a great summer.

The meetings, the conference calls, the deadlines; they all seemed a thing of the past. The end of your holiday need not be a reason for you to get depressed and start the winter on a low.

Combadi has compiled a list of the best 10 ways helping you avoid getting depressed on your first day back at work. Here we go – give us a smile:


1. Plan your next holiday.

It is still warm in the south of Europe. Check your holiday allowance and even if you have 1 more day left, book a 3-day getaway for the end of September and why not jet off to a swimming holiday in Spain, a culture trip in Greece or a cycling holiday in Sicily.

2. Organise a team meeting and ask everyone to share their funniest holiday story.

Don’t forget that everyone is feeling as miserable as you do. A bit of relaxing and daydreaming will help improve the office mood.


3. Call your friends still on holiday

Ask them to share a photo and tag you on it. You ‘ll feel you ‘re there with them too!

4. Post a holiday photo after the end of each conference call on your 1st day.

crete yoga 1

5. Take a long lunch. Sit under the sun. Close your eyes for a minute.

6. Research winter sun holidays. There are places close, far, further.. from Morocco, SE, Crete, SE Asia, Australia.

7. Start a hobby. Take up cycling, join the gym, learn painting. And then practice your new hobby on your next holiday.

slovenia swimming-09

8. Leave work early and have a drink. Have a second one.

9. Plan something special for the weekend. Treat yourself to a posh dinner, buy tickets to a good play, visit your nearest beach (if you have one).


And now… for the biggest stress-buster of them all:

10. Flirt. Just smile to someone on your way home. If they smile back, you never know..

Now stop reading and do some work! And don’t forget to visit combadi for your next holiday travel inspiration.

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