Holiday photo competition: WIN 100€ on any holiday!

Pair your holiday/vacation snapshot with our caption in this holiday photo competition. The best photo will win 100 EUR off any holiday on!

A new caption will be shown every Tuesday and you will have until Monday to send us yours. You must also either comment “Pimp my photo” on the Facebook post or retweet us!

Photos will be beautified by Combadi (#pimpmyphoto) and top photos shown on Combadi’s social media. Apart from the glory, each week a winner will get 100 EUR to spend on any holiday!!

Email photos to

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What kind of camera should you pack on your next holiday?

With your vacation drawing near, one of the things you’ll start thinking about is how best to capture your next holiday’s photographic moments. As a photographer myself, my advice to you is to dispense with modern and expensive mega-pixel laden mobile technology in cell phones, tablets and point-and-shoot cameras. Take with you an older, less expensive DSLR camera and lens combo!

photograph photography camera

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Guide to Escaping the World Cup (Mind Edition)

With the world cup neigh, many of you will begin pondering the futility of 22 people kicking a ball around a green pasture, under the watchful eye of a 23rd person who occasionally whistles and waves colored cards in the air. That’s OK! You’ll be glad to know we see the futility of it too. That’s why, directing your attention away from the World Cup and its billion-strong frenzied masses, we’d like to remind you about what really matters – with a little help from our Combadi holidays of course.

Istanbul Photography Masterclass

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Why traveling alone might be good for you

Sometimes it’s hard enough for even the smallest group of people to agree on anything – so you can imagine dealing with your friends, or significant other, when the time comes to plan a dream vacation. Your options are two – you can either compromise (maybe the world’s biggest ball of twine isn’t that bad a destination after all), or you can try your luck at a solo escape. Granted, while it may not be the easiest decision to make, traveling alone has its benefits!

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