Why traveling alone might be good for you

Sometimes it’s hard enough for even the smallest group of people to agree on anything – so you can imagine dealing with your friends, or significant other, when the time comes to plan a dream vacation. Your options are two – you can either compromise (maybe the world’s biggest ball of twine isn’t that bad a destination after all), or you can try your luck at a solo escape. Granted, while it may not be the easiest decision to make, traveling alone has its benefits!

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Your budget – you scrimped, you saved, you worked your fingers to the bone and raised just enough for the plane tickets, room and board. You’ll be stuffing bread rolls into your pockets, from your hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet. You’ll be taking the cheapest transportation everywhere you go. Traveling solo, you don’t have to go all Beckham on your holiday, like your co-traveler and successful doctor might just do.

Your time - your vacation time is precious, or maybe it isn’t – either way, you won’t have anyone dragging you out of bed at 6:30 a.m. after a grueling international flight, or sleeping like a hibernating bear through most of  that same vacation. For chrissakes, you’re there to [insert your verb here], not [insert your other verb here].

Your loved ones - they love you and you love them, but maybe ‘getting away from it all’ means not having to hear your best friend complain about their ex while you’re admiring the flag-trees of the Tierra del Fuego. Leave your loved ones behind, befriend the locals, and gain some unique insight into your destination and its people – you’ll return home with some great travel stories to add to the conversation.

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Your quest - you’ve always wanted to see yourself arrive alone, by backpack, weather-beaten and hungry in a local mountain village. The trip will have taken two days by foot, during which you’ll have slept under, and spoke to, the stars. Everyone you know thought it was a crazy idea, but you’re just glad you didn’t listen to them, and reached into the very depths of your newly expanded soul.

Yourself - there’s no better way to find out who you really are than to, if only briefly, break from everything you’re familiar with. From no-guilt hennah body tattoos to skinny dipping at 4 a.m., the only eyes now trained at the lone traveler are celestial – the sun, the moon or the myriad of eye-blink stars – and they never expect, nor do they judge. The only voice you’ll hear is your own voice.

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